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150,00 €

Unparalleled style cuff bracelet Adorned with a black Art Deco bakelite dress clip Mounted on white grained leather LIMITED SERIES, ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE Handmade in Paris At home in 72 hours

4,20 €

80s disco chic mixJewelry button in gold stamped brassFrench madeAvailable diameters: 14,18, 23, 26, 28, 35, 40, 45mmAlso available in a 4-hole button versionAt home within 72 hours!

80,00 €

Jewel bracelet like an oversize watch Pale yellow patent leather Adorned with a French buckle in tawny brown square resin LIMITED EDITION, ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE Handmade in Paris At home in...

4,20 €

Pure design inspired by the 80s4-hole stamped brass buttonPlastic shell on the back, Made in FranceSee also the jewel version without holeAt home within 72 hours!

6,40 €

Beautiful zamak metal flower button Chic shiny gold Exclusive BUTTONS PARADISE series, French manufacturing At home within 72 hours!

199,00 €

Women's belt with an exclusive new style Mounted on pink lined café au lait patent leather Adorned with a vintage 70s psychedelic jewelry buckle Magnetic clasps for a seamless port Handmade in...

150,00 €

Bracelet for an all-season wardrobe Luxury black grained leather Adorned with a grooved silver metal jewel clip from the 90s UNIQUE PIECE, ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE Handmade in Paris At home in...

5,20 €

Arty style for sure Resin engraved with a graphic stylized flower motif BUTTONS PARADISE exclusivity, French manufacturing At home within 72 hours!

5,30 €

Fun and small series of square buttonsOriginal 70s inspired by plantsResin with inclusion of pale purple flowersBUTTONS PARADISE exclusivityAt home within 72 hours!

120,00 €

Mid 70s mid 80s style pendant necklace Splendid vintage buckle in the shape of an ellipse Translucent pale yellow polymer resin UNIQUE PIECE, ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE Handmade in Paris At home...

8,30 €

Beautiful jewel button in black resin with shiny effectEach button is signed with a gold thread knotExclusive BUTTONS PARADISE series, made in FranceAlso available in fawn brown...

10,40 €

A must have jewel buttonFawn brown square resin with a gold thread tied on the faceExclusive BUTTONS PARADISE series, French manufacturingAlso exists in blackAt home within 72 hours!

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