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6,00 €

Pretty soft green sewing button Round shape like a cup Original 60s series, French origin

120,00 €

Pop arty style flower bracelet White resin flower on patent leather strap lined with leather Limited Series by BUTTONS PARADISE Handmade in Paris, 100% produced in France

6,00 €

Exceptional small sewing button Elegantly curved square shape In blue and gray glass with tiger patterns

3,00 €

Superb sewing button Curved border, glossy black Original vintage series from the 70s French made

11,00 €

Sublime haute couture button Abalone mother-of-pearl rimmed with bakelite French manufacturing, vintage

240,00 €

Chic women's belt Original 80s buckle in full gold and silver metal Taupe gray patent leather ribbon UNIQUE PIECE, Handmade in Paris

6,00 €

Mother-of-pearl chiseled in symmetry Soft old pink French sewing button

8,00 €

Beautiful abalone mother-of-pearl button 4 holes, gray pink and green reflections Vintage but new button, original 30s

4,50 €

Round, chocolate brown base with orange borders Honeycombed pattern Old sewing button from the 50s French made

220,00 €

Luminous fashion bracelet Adorned with an original 70s buckle in gold metal, white cabochon Mounted on fuchsia pink recycled leather UNIQUE PIECE, in this color, handmade in Paris

6,00 €

Exceptional little sewing button Square shape curved like a wave In black and pink tiger glass

11,00 €

Masterful sewing button Gray mother-of-pearl with slight pink reflections Four holes, with a contoured cuff

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