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5,90 €

Beautiful effect button on fabric Transparent yellow bakelite with inclusion of brown lines Vintage and timeless original series French made

7,60 €

Round shape with kinetic effect Beautiful black and white circled button French made

160,00 €

Luminous women's cuff on the wrist Original 66s buckle in metal and resin Mounted on leather of all colors! LIMITED SERIES, handmade in Paris

20,80 €

Charming set of two buttons Golden metal 70s pop style flower Made in France, the price is for the two buttons

7,10 €

Glamorous 70s button Orange-red molded resin Arty-pop style French made

210,00 €

Sculptural Choker Fine and long crystal beads Surrounded by two faceted diamond-like crystals MINI LIMITED SERIES, two pieces created, handmade in Paris

6,90 €

Its pink is graceful like candy Curved center in high fashion gold Vintage original series French made

4,00 €

Crazy style and real gem button Hat shape and minimalist conical look in pine green Original vintage 30s, new and sublime quality

240,00 €

Unique and beautiful gem fashion waist accessory Original 70s gold metal buckle Mounted on silver patent leather lined with pink leather Handmade in Paris, UNIQUE PIECE

8,20 €

Minimal graphic style Orange-red bakelite and shards of shiny beige plexi Guaranteed vintage series, Original 30s

8,20 €

Stylish, graceful and elegant button Dark chocolate brown bakelite with shards of beige glittering plexi Vintage and French series, Original 30s

140,00 €

Round and joyful cuff Adorned with an eye-shaped buckle Mounted on leather lined leather MINI LIMITED SERIES, handmade in Paris

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