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3,30 €

Very special button for 50's fans Purple galalith imitating fabric tunnel tail

2,70 €

Typical 50's button In dark gray Galalith tunnel tail

2,40 €

Nice galalith heart button style Metal tail on the back Vintage exclusivity

64,00 €

Original vintage 70's Openwork gold metal in places Central rhinestone in pink, turquoise, sky blue or citrine yellow

6,60 €

Chic basic with its beautiful resin imitating the hornSlightly curved buttonExclusive series BUTTONS PARADISEFrench manufacturingTail Glued to the backAt home within...

2,60 €

Oval and soft shape In white opaline, tunnel tail Exclusive to BUTTONS PARADISE Original Vintage

110,00 €

Classy minimalist Cuff bracelet decorated with a golden metal ring Adorned with patent leather and lined with leather LIMITED SERIES, handmade in Paris

2,00 €

Pretty delicately engraved buttons Crystalline Lucite (Cellulose Acetate Resin) Engravings representing rooster wings Original Vintage

2,00 €

Charming little buttons Lucite (cellulose acetate resin) transparent With engravings in the shape of grains of white rice Original Vintage

190,00 €

Floral jewel necklace Sky blue grained leather on one side and sand beige Togo leather on the other Adorned with an original 70's openwork cabochon on each flower UNIQUE PIECE in this color,...

6,80 €

Gorgeous high fashion button style Rosewood base With resin hazelnut brown checkerboard French made

9,10 €

Architectural high fashion button Black resin, central edge with two pearly gray panels Exclusivity by BUTTONS PARADISE Original Vintage

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