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8,70 €

Superb big button in beige and white horn Perfect curvatures and waving games that play with the material Beautiful and rare design and haute couture series of 90s At your place within 72 hours!

6,90 €

Rare, charming floral theme button Beige resin with center, wooden beads strung in a crown Sublime series of 60s fashion buttons At your place within 72 hours!

6,50 €

Seductive trench or coat button Pop graphic style with stripes like a sailor sweater Very nice Bakelite haute couture series original 50s At your place within 72 hours!

5,60 €

Sublime shirt or cardigan buttons Indigo blue Murano glass Beautiful series of vintage jewelry buttons, France origin At your place within 72 hours

5,80 €

Stylish buttons like houndstooth Pink Galalith Resin with a mirror metal face Beautiful vintage fashion accessory, from France At your place within 72 hours

149,00 €

Refined and subtle accessory, a chic design belt Marbled resin vintage buckle yellow, red and beige mounted on straw yellow patent leather Magnetic clasps for the 'seamless' wear ONLY TWO BELTS...

4,50 €

Beautiful series of ribbed glass buttons Glittering Majorelle blue Exclusivity BUTTONS PARADISE, original vintage Also available in grey lavender blue At your place within 72 hours

75,00 €

Unusual rare jewelry brooch Made of a Bakelite buckle designed for the Universal Exhibition of Paris in 1937 transformed into a brooch This version is a UNIQUE PIECE Handmade in Paris, at the...

4,50 €

Sublime marbled purple mauve button series Galalith resin with an original tie Beautiful vintage series, France origin At your place within 72 hours

6,80 €

Sewing button combining transparency and bright color Translucent resin with bright green center and gold Sublime series of 70s coat or jacket buttons At your place within 72 hours!

149,00 €

Statement belt very feminine, original style Adorned with a bakelite loop 70s original vintage Mounted on pale pink patent leather lined with white leather Magnetic clasps for a seamless wear...

12,00 €

Button design and jewelry button Translucent Bakelite Resin Subtle Green Oval and hyper-elegant curved shape Original vintage 70s At your place within 72 hours

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