14,60 €

Flamboyant and elegant button Small series (12 pieces) in raffia and gold metal Combination of natural fashion and street style At home within 72 hours!

5,00 €

Charm of golden metal struck with a beautiful shine Contemporary design button in zamak Made in France At home within 72 hours!

8,80 €

Large zamak metal button in the shape of a gold star Beautiful series of contemporary ready-to-wear buttons Made in France At home within 72 hours!

8,90 €

Imposing sewing button in gold zamak metal Its embossed checkerboard shape gives it a beautiful elegance Contemporary button series made in France At home within 72 hours!

5,20 €

Glittering button in white gray Simple but branded with its gold and silver glitter With this button, everything is in motion At home within 72 hours!

3,70 €

Nice series of small sewing buttons from the 30s Round with its base in gold metal covered with dark green Smart combination of green with a golden center and border At home within 72 hours!

48,00 €

Stunning pair of Art Deco buttons In lucite with a golden parrot in the background Rare 20s button jewelry in sublime condition At home within 72 hours!

7,80 €

Beautiful bronze button as there are too few Metal striated on the face and with irregular borders Typical vintage button from the 80s At home within 72 hours!

5,80 €

Buttons jewelry 90s vintage high fashion series Glossy ocher resin inlaid with golden bubbles At your place within 72 hours!

6,80 €

Sewing button combining transparency and bright color Translucent resin with bright green center and gold Sublime series of 70s coat or jacket buttons At your place within 72 hours!

4,90 €

Small faceted glass buttons, beautiful and stylish The back of the buttons is delicately painted which explains its diamond effect Beautiful vintage series, in perfect condition and rare! At home...

7,00 €

Beautiful designer buttons In Galalith with center made of golden metal threads French vintage 90s series At home in 72 hours

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