19,80 €

Unique and surprising material, mesh metal buttons Rare original model manufactured at the end of the 60s for the couturier Paco Rabanne Small vintage series, French manufacture

8,80 €

Large zamak metal button in the shape of a gold star Beautiful series of contemporary ready-to-wear buttons Made in France At home within 72 hours!

4,20 €

Pure design inspired by the 80s4-hole stamped brass buttonPlastic shell on the back, Made in FranceSee also the jewel version without holeAt home within 72 hours!

4,20 €

80s disco chic mixJewelry button in gold stamped brassFrench madeAvailable diameters: 14,18, 23, 26, 28, 35, 40, 45mmAlso available in a 4-hole button versionAt home...

5,60 €

Very original with its golden metal corners Beautiful button in molded blue marbled resin with a zest of white Original vintage series French made

8,10 €

Elegant square button Golden openwork aluminum, ultra-light French made

5,60 €

Vertigo of the 70s Square button in ABS resin in the manner of metal On which is encrusted a spiral in volume Original vintage, French manufacture See also the black and silver version

14,90 €

Great garment wonder Butterfly wing button Precious, golden and light aluminum French made

7,20 €

Surprising haute couture button Superb golden aluminum Original shape like a pretzel French made

6,90 €

Charming pinkish beige button With a curved center in gold Original vintage series French made

6,90 €

50s jewel button archetype Golden metal flower with its central beige dome Original vintage series French made

5,50 €

Beautiful old gold plastic resin in the manner of metal Typical 80s fashion buttons Exclusivity BUTTONS PARADISE Original vintage series

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