12,00 €

Beauty of the big button in its pure state Sublime and rare natural mother-of-pearl Only 3 pieces available At home in 72 hours

9,50 €

Striking set of glam buttons Egg shell white Galalithe resin with a shiny silver metal addition Awesome 90s vintage series At home in 72 hours

7,00 €

Haute Couture buttons, original luxury style Coated with beige resin and yellow striated daffodil in the center 90s vintage exclusivity, new! At home in 72 hours

4,50 €

Vintage fantasy button series A classic for your all-season outfits Molded resin like pearl with subtle gray reflections At home in 72 hours

4,80 €

Sewing button as a breastplate White resin with two molded pellets velvet paste in the center Original vintage 60's At your place within 72 hours

4,80 €

Pretty set of jacket or coat buttons Resin imitating the white pearl milk Original vintage 60s, never worn At home in 72 hours

5,00 €

Coat or jacket buttons Graphic design in molded brown resin Original vintage 60s At home in 72 hours

4,50 €

Cute buttons 70s Faceted brushed metal Original vintage At home in 72 hours

13,50 €

Stylish buttons like a chocolate boulder Black with in the center, an inlaid rhinestone Galalith Resin, vintage series 90s At home in 72 hours

14,50 €

Large master coat button Galalith resin of rare magic 80s vintage series At home in 72 hours

9,00 €

Beautiful buttons with bright red Chic graphic, contemporary design Resin mixed with silver white tips At home in 72 hours

5,30 €

Stylish little dress, vest or jacket buttons Beige brown ram horn in the shape of a flower French origin, vintage series of the 2000s At home in 72 hours

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