13,00 €

Exceptional coat button Marbled brown galalith Luminous mother-of-pearl in central cabochon French and vintage

8,00 €

Beautiful flower-shaped button Minimalist aesthetic Captivating charcoal black Series of vintage buttons from the 30s

5,50 €

Chic look with sparkling bands Dark gray tinged with blue Pressed glass Vintage French button series

5,50 €

Unusual ceramic button Yellow and gold rectangle Card Game Decor Vintage and French

6,00 €

Pretty fruit shaped button Small shiny steel blue gray beads Handmade and sewn on silk Vintage and French

11,00 €

Masterful large matte gold button Rose floral decor Original 80s French and vintage manufacturing

9,00 €

Domed semi-matte gold button Beautiful spiral shape like a nautilus Original 80s French made

5,50 €

Domed Transparent resin button Bright green French manufacturing, vintage

8,50 €

Captivatingly charming button Molded glass Sublime and rare blue and gold reflections French manufacturing, vintage Art Deco

7,50 €

Sublime button with two subtle reds Nice thickness and square just right French manufacturing, vintage

6,50 €

Domed gold sewing button Material effect like coral in the center Original 70s, also available in silver French made

6,50 €

Domed and openwork button Silver ABS molded resin Original 70s French manufacturing, vintage

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