8,90 €

Beautiful series of early 90s buttonsBrushed silver effect metal with 3 Swarovski baguette strassMade in France buttonsAt home within 72 hours!

4,80 €

Industrial and elegant shiny silver metal button Beautiful contemporary series Round button with beautiful curves At home within 72 hours!

4,80 €

Very nice silver zamak metal button Contemporary look with soft, wavy volumes Metal tail on the back At home within 72 hours!

4,80 €

Glittering button in white gray Simple but branded with its gold and silver glitter With this button, everything is in motion At home within 72 hours!

9,80 €

Large sewing button of indecent minimalist beauty Like a camellia flower gray pearly resin that catches the light Rare series of chic and vintage buttons from the 50s At home within 72 hours!

44,00 €

Splendid button to adorn a jacket, spencer or coat Oval shape, in black Bakelite with an Art Deco motif in polished chrome on the face Rare and elegant model of the 30s, original vintage At home...

6,50 €

Beautiful timeless original 70s button Ringed with silver tinted resin and satin black resin Minimalist style with elegant roundness At home within 72 hours!

6,90 €

Button with futuristic and graphic lines but original 70s Vintage Ready-to-Wear Series Black and silver resin At home within 72 hours!

5,30 €

Avant-garde fashion with a luxury style Waffle coat or jacket button Sublime shape effect, superb bluish gray silver metal At your place within 72 hours!

8,70 €

Unique look for this 90s coat button Silver metal in the shape of an escutcheon Beautiful series design and haute couture At your place within 72 hours!

4,80 €

Stylish buttons in shimmery style Black molded glass embossed and stained silver Exquisite and radiant vintage buttons series At your place within 72 hours

5,50 €

Unusual very elegant button Mix of silver metal chain rolled Molded on a resin shell Rare and vintage jewel button At home in 72 hours

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