16,00 €

Haute couture in its forms Button neither round nor rectangular but much more Shiny black in Galalith Vintage French manufacturing

7,90 €

Fashion and graphic button Duo of klein blue and light azure in 3 dimensions See other colors available here Vintage, certified French manufacturing

11,00 €

Large, hypnotizing Haute Couture button Graphic black blue with white lines French manufacturing and vintage original

13,00 €

Exceptional coat button Marbled brown galalith Luminous mother-of-pearl in central cabochon French and vintage

8,00 €

Beautiful flower-shaped button Minimalist aesthetic Captivating charcoal black Series of vintage buttons from the 30s

16,00 €

Stylish button Central bevel cut In shiny black Galalith French manufacturing, vintage

15,00 €

Large and light like a bird Haute couture button with delicate curves Vintage and French

7,50 €

Combination of Galalith and mother-of-pearl Round, small but thick High fashion style French made

10,50 €

Prodigious button, high craftsmanship Intense red galalith steel gray metal mesh half circle French made

8,00 €

All in roundness with a slit like a slice of watermelon Brown marbled green galalith Two holes on the back on cross paste Rare Art Deco model of French manufacture

6,00 €

Button with an assertive style Beige and a brown S-shaped engraving Round with a generous thickness French made

8,50 €

Subtle timeless button Black with boater cut With a cream mother-of-pearl center Rare vintage and French

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