110,00 €

Pastel pink vinyl leather woman cuff Dressed in a lucite yellow sun clip, original 30s Exceptional contemporary jewel ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE Handmade in Paris Fast delivery (72h)

140,00 €

Stylish bracelet like a giant ring, a real wrist jewel 70s original round buckle in sublime white beige galalithe resin Lace leather vinyl pink, green or white lined beige leather Handmade, limited...

110,00 €

Vinyl leather jewel bracelet Adorned with an original 80s clip of embossed metal with oval red galalith Exceptional piece ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE Handmade in Paris Fast delivery (72h)

110,00 €

Alabaster beige vinyl leather design bracelet Adorned with a cherry red and silver glass clip Unique piece ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE Handmade in Paris, exceptional craftsmanship Fast delivery...

65,00 €

Sublime contemporary ring Unique piece in olive wood and large swarovski rhinestones Handmade in Paris At your place within 72 hours!

180,00 €

Stylish jewelry design bracelet like a minimalist ladybug Large bakelite buckle mounted on black vinyl leather Two pieces available Handmade in Paris, exceptional craftsmanship At your place...

90,00 €

Beautiful bright woman bracelet, pop style Leather red cherry vinyl lined black leather Fashioned with an original 70s loop in resin imitating the wood Limited edition, 100% handmade in Paris At...

50,00 €

Beautiful carved cabochon ring Composed of a nineteenth bone button Ethnic style, one-of-a-kind jewelry design At your place within 72 hours

210,00 €

Mid-length necklace with oversize pendant Pendant-Loop original 70s in translucent resin tinted brown copper Inclusions of small circles in sublime woven metal Adorned with a round plum grained...

160,00 €

Glass buckle cuff marrying vintage material and recycled leather Mounted on cherry red vinyl leather lined soft leather olive Jewelry set, original; it perfectly fits the wrist Handmade, limited...

50,00 €

Unique piece, minimalist style Oversize ring, real gem of hand Designed from an original 70s pyrographed wood button At your place within 72 hours!

160,00 €

Unique designer jewel, ultra-trendy minimalist style Cherry red vinyl leather strap With a vintage jewel buckle in black and white chiseled glass Handmade and fashioned in Paris At your place...

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