3,90 €

With its pure and clear lines, this sewing button with a contemporary design has just the right touch of elegance.

0,50 €

Precious union of resin and mother-of-pearl Pure 68s early 70s fashion buttons BUTTONS PARADISE exclusivity, original vintage series Fast delivery

0,50 €

Small cotton crochet buttons See also the others available by clicking here BUTTONS PARADISE original vintage series French made

4,50 €

Neoclassical style Bakelite graphic button Round and a thickness that densifies it with beauty At home within 72 hours!

5,90 €

Vintage Bakelite buttons Chic gray and brown color trio Three-dimensional volumes

5,00 €

Ultra graphic garment jewel Very couture-style button in bakelite Chic beige brown neutral tones Baguette-shaped (length 35mm, width 10mm) with bevelled faces

5,10 €

Nice series of vintage buttons Translucent bakelite marbled with yellow and reddish brown French made At home within 72 hours!

6,20 €

Small sculptural button, minimalist chic Haute couture button in Bakelite Original 30s with a trio of black, brown and beige At home within 72 hours!

5,90 €

Traditional large jacket or coat button Resin imitating beige blond horn marbled with brown At home within 72 hours!

3,60 €

Minimalist chic craze Split leather button Cognac brown At home within 72 hours!

3,30 €

Basic chic and must have 4-hole resin button in the manner of the horn Made in France

6,30 €

Haute couture arrogant jewelry button Golden brown chrome metal square Exclusive series BUTTONS PARADISE, French manufacturing Also available in gunmetal blue At home within 72 hours!

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