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7,50 €

Beautiful resin button trimmed with faux fur Beige brown taupe Sublime series of designer buttons, French vintage 80s At your place within 72 hours!

3,90 €

Pretty set of flower-shaped buttons Superb molded glass and a hand-painted silver center Vintage Original Series Also available in green At your place within 72 hours

5,00 €

Coat or jacket buttons Graphic design in molded brown resin Original vintage 60s At home in 72 hours

5,30 €

Stylish little dress, vest or jacket buttons Beige brown ram horn in the shape of a flower French origin, vintage series of the 2000s At home in 72 hours

13,80 €

Beautiful high fashion buttons Stylish beauty, real jewelry of the garment Exclusive vintage series, made of glass (circa 1920) At home in 72 hours

6,50 €

Designer buttons Raspberry wood brown tawny Exclusive style for a coat or a jacket At your place within 72 hours

7,00 €

Beautiful Haute Couture buttons In dark chocolate brown horn Buttons in the manner of blazons for coat or jacket At your place within 72 hours

14,50 €

Iconic design buttons For coat, jacket or accessory as a hat Trendy outfit accessories with this stitched spun effect in Galalith resin At your place within 72 hours

5,80 €

70s and graphic style for these beautiful jacket, pants or dress buttons Lucite with inclusion of resin imitating mother-of-pearl in the center Elegance guaranteed, French manufacturing At your...

6,90 €

High fashion button ... deliciously beautiful series Candy-shaped chocolate brown Bakelite Vintage Original Series Also available in khaki green At your place within 72 hours

9,60 €

High fashion jewel button Bakelite brown amber Art Deco design 1930 Original Vintage Button Series Also available in lime green At your place within 72 hours

3,20 €

Contemporary button design Ideal shirt, cuff or spencer button Resin ABS copper patina Made in France - at your home within 72 hours

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