21,00 €

Very rare series of large glass buttons Glossy black with subtle reflections of green like caviar Refined luxury, haute couture, designer buttons At your place within 72 hours

1,90 €

Charming little jewelry buttons Glass bead Beautiful green larch, silver painted back Original Vintage - Rare series - Price per unit At your place within 72 hours

3,90 €

Chic series of molded glass jewelry buttons Chinese hat button-shaped  Exclusivity BUTTONS PARADISE Original Vintage 30's At your house within 72 hours - Minimum quantity per order: 2

5,60 €

Translucent button series in Murano glass Unique style, beautifully crafted, metal handle Exclusivity BUTTONS PARADISE Original Vintage At your place within 72 hours - Minimum items per order: 2

3,90 €

Beautiful series of jewelry buttons made in France dress, jacket or blouse buttons faceted glass with blue reflections night and green very beautiful quality, original vintage At your place within...

4,50 €

Charming series of round and conical buttons Shirt, dress, cardigan, twinset buttons Sky blue glass grooved with white French made At your place within 72 hours

4,50 €

Round and conical as it should Pretty set of shirt or dress buttons Red and white stained glass French made At your place within 72 hours

18,00 €

Iconic coat or jacket button, chic and original Haute Couture & Vintage 1950s In trimmings and dark brown satin, encircled with large brilliants Rare for sale, only one button available French...

21,00 €

Beautiful cloak or cape button, rare and trendy. Haute Couture and original vintage 1980s Round brown resin, rimmed with braided brown ribbonwith a brilliant stone at the center Only one piece...

28,00 €

Superb sewing button in yellow resin with multicolored inlaid sequins! Oversized round jewelry button High class and vintage Unique and rare button available for sale Home delivery within 72hours

29,00 €

Exceptional sewing button in painted gray, blue and silver glass. Exclusive high fashion button series Graphic and stylized patterns hype and chic Only 4 buttons available for sale Perfect to mix...

7,90 €

Stylish and original couture button in the manner of a block of ice. Translucent molded resin Cylinder-shaped button log Very light and easy to sew on with its two button holes Made in France Home...

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