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6,00 €

Capsizing curved button Gold concave center, mouse gray border Vintage, French

7,00 €

Beautiful ceramic button Bright, rounded warm yellow on the face French manufacturing, vintage

4,50 €

Trench or coat button Dark marbled brown resin, camel brown border French made

120,00 €

Eclectic and joyful jewelry Important golden metal clip in the shape of a bunch of grapes Revisited on bright yellow patent leather UNIQUE PIECE, Handmade in Paris, in the workshop

6,50 €

Poppy red vintage button Transparent dome-shaped resin Also available in luminous green HERE French made

7,50 €

Pure mother-of-pearl sewing button Reflections of beige white and shell veins French made, from Méru, vintage

5,00 €

Sewing button that sparkles Sparkling silver glass of mini stickers Divine vintage and French

75,00 €

Pretty expressive fibula with its eye-shaped loop And its little mouth-shaped button UNIQUE PIECE, handmade in Paris, in the workshop

16,00 €

Remarkable button with generous shapes Matte black with tiny furrows Vintage and French

6,00 €

Splendid two-tone oval button Decorated with a curved gold center and shades of white at the edges Vintage, French

6,00 €

Sublime oval button Two-tone with gold curved center, mineral blue on the edges Vintage 1930 and French

270,00 €

Feminine-style belt Vintage original chick yellow bakelite buckle Pearl gray patent leather ribbon lined with leather Handmade in Paris, LIMITED EDITION

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