7,50 €

Pure mother-of-pearl sewing button Reflections of beige white and shell veins French made, from Méru, vintage

7,50 €

Sewing button jewelry Pale yellow mother-of-pearl Round and its turtle-shaped edges French production

5,50 €

Pink mother-of-pearl like candy Old but new button series beautiful and magical reflections  French and vintage

6,00 €

Delicious buttons to sew Pink beige mother-of-pearl Chiseled bubble pattern Made in France

18,00 €

Crazy charming button Pink gray mother-of-pearl Chiseled in checkerboard French manufacturing, vintage

5,00 €

Chiseled mother-of-pearl with symmetrical effect Satin cream white Vintage and french

13,00 €

Imposing black and mother-of-pearl button Galalith base with large revert Beige irregular mother-of-pearl center French exclusivity BUTTONS PARADISE PARIS

9,50 €

Vintage Haute Couture Pink mother-of-pearl button with a thousand reflections With a pink glass cabochon set in brass at the heart French origin

8,50 €

Beautiful jewel button Alliance of mother-of-pearl and glass Beige white mother-of-pearl and half ball in central silver gray glass

1,50 €

Pearl button imitating mother-of-pearl Refined creamy white metal tail Vintage and french

7,50 €

Generous French mother-of-pearl button Cream color and iridescent texture Lapel border with 4 central holes Vintage and French production from the beginning of the 20th century

9,00 €

Haute couture Overwhelming beauty Abalone mother-of-pearl gray pink blue reflections Encapsulated in translucent purple resin

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