3,90 €

This delicate and chic sewing button is crafted with a harmonious blend of simplicity and luxurious style!

3,90 €

With its pure and clear lines, this sewing button with a contemporary design has just the right touch of elegance.

10,80 €

Large handmade ocean blue mother-of-pearl button Beautifully crafted in square lines in the center Original vintage 50s series French origin

15,40 €

Blue mother-of-pearl Eldorado Exceptional jewelry button rare by its large size Small original vintage series French made

14,60 €

Mother-of-pearl button with multicolored shades Very rare series of sculpted buttons Original vintage and natural French art work

8,70 €

Charm of delicately tinted mother-of-pearl Convex button in the manner of a dome Lovely pink with a touch of fuchsia in places Vintage and French

8,70 €

Large natural jewelry button Beautiful mother-of-pearl of density and curves Beige and satin white tint Small and rare original vintage series

5,20 €

Precious union of resin and mother-of-pearl Pure 68s early 70s fashion buttons BUTTONS PARADISE exclusivity, original vintage series Fast delivery

5,20 €

Fan of the 60s 70s fashion? Mouse gray resin buttons and their mother-of-pearl heart BUTTONS PARADISE exclusive, vintage original

10,20 €

Wonder of Haute Couture jewelry button Face in brown and pink mother-of-pearl like a jewel Inlaid on a magic translucent resin and marbled brown base At home within 72 hours!

7,50 €

Sublime jewelry buttons, minimalist design Amber orange Bakélite resin Inclusion of gray mother-of-pearl in the center Very rare series, original vintage 50s At home within 72 hours!

9,00 €

Elegant vintage mother-of-pearl buttons from the 1900s Gray pearl with spikes of blue, sublime Each button is unique At your place within 72 hours

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