5,50 €

Ladybird style with no dot Visual and attractive button Red and white metal Vintage, made in France

11,00 €

Imposing haute couture button Satin gold openwork gold metal Braid pattern in the form of an openwork crown Made in France

9,50 €

Beautiful volumes Slightly marbled dark blue Galalith button Metal heart forming a half ball Vintage and French production

9,50 €

In the style of Schiaparelli Golden metal in Zamac, round with an inlaid flower Nice vintage series of French manufacture

12,00 €

High fashion button Royal crown shape Golden metal French made

2,50 €

Hypnotic bright blue button Smooth and soft metal Metal tail on the back French made

7,00 €

Superb jewel button Gold-tone metal paired with a luminous prairie green enamel Exclusive to BUTTONS PARADISE

21,00 €

Fabulous jewel button Domed and high face Silver plated Exclusive to BUTTONS PARADISE

21,00 €

Majestic jewel button Wide domed shape Blue metal rimmed with gold Exclusive to BUTTONS PARADISE

21,00 €

Beautiful and large high fashion button Generous dome Golden metal, light, refined  Exclusive to BUTTONS PARADISE

3,60 €

Stylish button Golden metal, cylindrical shape Also available in Blue, Silver, Bronze French made

3,60 €

Modernist cylindrical knob Bronzed metal See also the other colors gold, blue and silver French made

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