6,00 €

Baguette button that looks like a cocoon Matte and shiny silver metal Vintage and French

6,00 €

Longiline baguette button Semi-matte silver metal Vintage and French

12,00 €

Couture and jewelry style Translucent resin placed on grooved metal Sublime gold and black Vintage button, French origin

48,00 €

Magnificent set of diamond buttons Golden metal with cloud decoration Minimalist jewel-like geometric style French and vintage

11,00 €

Masterful large matte gold button Rose floral decor Original 80s French and vintage manufacturing

9,00 €

Domed semi-matte gold button Beautiful spiral shape like a nautilus Original 80s French made

4,00 €

80s disco chic mixJewelry button in gold stamped brassFrench madeAvailable diameters: 11, 14, 18, 20, 23, 28, 35, 40, 45mmAlso available in a 4-hole button versionAt...

4,50 €

Nice series of sewing buttons Original 70s Mix of silver metal and cinnabar red cabochon French manufacturing

6,50 €

Beautiful zamak metal flower button Chic shiny gold Exclusive BUTTONS PARADISE series French manufacturing

5,00 €

Large zamak metal button in the shape of a gold star Beautiful series of contemporary ready-to-wear buttons Made in France At home within 72 hours!

6,50 €

Charming little sewing gem Star shaped metal button With a fake diamond in the center Vintage and French

10,00 €

Chic sewing button Gunmetal blue metal heart Encapsulated in a burgundy red shell French sewing button series

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