6,50 €

Classic chic button White mother-of-pearl 4 holes Italian made

8,50 €

Masterful sewing jewelry Patinated old gold metal with its molded sun French made

5,50 €

Charming shimmering blue button Round with a central edge and curved on both sides French made, new vintage

6,50 €

Jewel style and haute couture button Gilded zamac metal, old gold style French made

6,50 €

Gourmet sewing button with irregular shapes Elegant marbled green resin Vintage from the 60s, French manufacturing

11,00 €

Round shiny black haute couture button Two holes covered with eyelets in the center French made

5,00 €

Pretty flower sewing button Black center and white petals Vintage from the 60s/70s

4,00 €

Stylish sewing button Orange edged with silver Signed letter H in the center 70s vintage haute couture series

6,50 €

French oriental style Matte gold metal composed of arabesques French made

8,50 €

Shiny gold metal dome Half-ball shaped curve French made

6,50 €

Majestic haute couture button Gold metal and light beige enamel Symbolic pattern in metal wire forming a knot

7,00 €

Beautiful haute couture button Shape of double openwork circles like wings Gold metal

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