3,90 €

Jewelry design button, ethno-chic style In matte resin with honey beige white color effect Sublime movement of color and genre At your place within 72 hours

34,00 €

Amazing jewelry design buttons to wear like pins Amber yellow lucite lined with precious wood Exclusivity BUTTONS PARADISE Vintage Prototype - Price for the set of 3 buttons At your home within 72h

3,90 €

Arty button twisting the garment Matte resin with shades of black, white and gray Beautiful brush effect and color movement At your place within 72 hours

6,50 €

Designer buttons Raspberry wood brown tawny Exclusive style for a coat or a jacket At your place within 72 hours

2,10 €

Precious little jewelry buttons Pearl buttons of mother-of-pearl Ruby red with some pink 100% Vintage - Rare and luxurious - Unit Price At home in 72 hours

2,10 €

Divine jewelry buttons Pearl of blue mother-of-pearl With hints of brighter blue in places Pure Vintage - Rare Premium Series - Unit Price At home in 72 hours

2,20 €

Delicious little jewelry buttons White mother-of-pearl like bead buttons Pure Vintage - Rare Series - Unit Price At your place within 72 hours

1,80 €

Round and smooth small buttons in Corozo or vegetable ivory Natural Beige like Corozo Seed Original vintage At your place within 72 hours

6,80 €

Pretty set of 70s original flower buttons Beautiful petals in metal and cherry red resin heart French made; Also available in green or orange series At your place within 72 hours

5,00 €

Beautiful haute couture buttons in Galalith resin Openwork pattern of oriental inspiration To wear iconic on coat, cape, jacket or buttons of adornment on kimono Original vintage - Only 3 pieces...

6,50 €

Pop refinement for these original 70s flower couture buttons Fir green resin and shiny silver metal At your place within 72 hours

7,00 €

Rare Galalith resin buttons Openwork pattern of Asian inspiration To wear as an iconic pin on a coat, jacket or hat ... Original vintage - Only 2 pieces, 1 by indicated diameter At your place...

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