39,00 €

Jacket buttons or coat buttons to wear in monochrome New look style; Available in Red / Blue version Original vintage 1950, Made in France At your place under 72 hours; Price for the set of 3 buttons

39,00 €

Unique set of 3 buttons Original style and design; also available in beige / brown and Red / Blue Original vintage 1950, French production At your place within 72 hours

3,90 €

Series of design buttons in Parisian minimalist style Slightly domed and satiny square shape; available in red and black Made in France; For wholesale, please contact us At your place within 72 hours

3,40 €

Flamboyant series of unique style buttons Resin imitating metal, silver and satin white French made At your place within 72 hours

5,60 €

Translucent button series in Murano glass Unique style, beautifully crafted, metal handle Exclusivity BUTTONS PARADISE Original Vintage At your place within 72 hours - Minimum items per order: 2

7,50 €

Beautiful series of sewing buttons Shirt, dress, jacket or coat buttons Molded domed resin, slightly translucent green anise and white French manufacture, original trendy style At your place within...

4,50 €

Charming series of round and conical buttons Shirt, dress, cardigan, twinset buttons Sky blue glass grooved with white French made At your place within 72 hours

4,50 €

Round and conical as it should Pretty set of shirt or dress buttons Red and white stained glass French made At your place within 72 hours

28,00 €

Statement button to enhance your look Magistral coat or adornment button  Matte and satin-finished Galalith resin on the edge Exclusivity BUTTONS PARADISE, original vintage Home delivery within 72...

39,00 €

Delicious set of buttons in harmonious colors. 14 adornment buttons for jacket, pants or shirt! Galalith Resin 2 buttons per color, all beautiful and complementary to each other By color: pink,...

11,00 €

Button jewel carving in rough style, modern art Perfect coat or jacket button Duo of resin, one black enveloping the button, the other imitating the horn Only 4 pieces left, totally unique and...

3,50 €

My coup de coeur! Original round design button series from the 70s with a great psychedelic style In off-white galalite resin Also available in very pale green For jacket or coat or trench...or...

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