5,60 €

Beautiful shirt or dress button White Galalith Resin Rounded squared style of the 70s At your place within 72 hours

9,50 €

Striking set of glam buttons Egg shell white Galalithe resin with a shiny silver metal addition Awesome 90s vintage series At home in 72 hours

4,50 €

Vintage fantasy button series A classic for your all-season outfits Molded resin like pearl with subtle gray reflections At home in 72 hours

4,80 €

Sewing button as a breastplate White resin with two molded pellets velvet paste in the center Original vintage 60's At your place within 72 hours

4,80 €

Pretty set of jacket or coat buttons Resin imitating the white pearl milk Original vintage 60s, never worn At home in 72 hours

12,80 €

Jewelry buttons, all in volume and sculpture Drafts made for Haute Couture Off-White Galalith resin, sustainable fashion At home in 72 hours

8,10 €

Divine design buttons made of galalith, creamy white Graceful, minimalist curves of the eighties Glamorous and terribly elegant At home in 72 hours

3,90 €

Jewelry design button, ethno-chic style In matte resin with honey beige white color effect Sublime movement of color and genre At your place within 72 hours

3,90 €

Arty button twisting the garment Matte resin with shades of black, white and gray Beautiful brush effect and color movement At your place within 72 hours

2,20 €

Delicious little jewelry buttons White mother-of-pearl like bead buttons Pure Vintage - Rare Series - Unit Price At your place within 72 hours

5,40 €

Very nice series of French sewing buttons for coat, jacket or a dress Slightly transparent white molded resin Conical round shape with three central rosettes in the style of stucco Vintage fancy...

3,90 €

Couture jewel button, ethnic chic, artistic look Made of slightly translucent beige honey resin With a sublime effect of cream white satin gouache At your place within 72 hours

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