4,50 €

Fashion-forward silhouette button White off-white plastic resin with a central rectangle A button in the button, very modern French vintage series

8,50 €

Beautiful jewel button Alliance of mother-of-pearl and glass Beige white mother-of-pearl and half ball in central silver gray glass

1,50 €

Pearl button imitating mother-of-pearl Refined creamy white metal tail Vintage and french

4,00 €

Retro-chic style White and in Galalith also called milk stone Floral or round pattern according to your interpretation French made

5,00 €

Stylish geometric lines White galalith Superb series of timeless buttons French made

7,50 €

White and black with refined lines Round and flat button in Galalith Generous oblique lines French haute couture manufacturing

7,50 €

Sublime French fashion design Galalith extra flat round button Large black and white oblique lines Made in France

7,50 €

Elegant straight button Flat and square in matt Galalith Drawing wide white and black lines Made in France

7,50 €

Graphic look Integral Galalith Button Outline white and black Made in France

5,50 €

Stunning high fashion button Frost white with a golden thread that traces a knot Design and exclusivity BUTTONS PARADISE French made

7,60 €

Round shape with kinetic effect Beautiful black and white circled button French made

2,60 €

Oval and soft shape In white opaline, tunnel tail Exclusive to BUTTONS PARADISE Original Vintage

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