150,00 € 105,00 €

Beautiful modern bracelet Yet its buckle is Art Deco and in burgundy red Galalith Upholstered in black grained leather lined with leather UNIQUE PIECE, handmade in Paris

90,00 €

Sculptural modernist style Spiral shaped dark gold metal wire Only one pair of earrings in this color Exclusive to BUTTONS PARADISE, handmade in Paris

210,00 €

Tan patent leather ring Black leather imitating the crocodile on the opposite side Accompanied by two green glass cabochons from the 30s UNIQUE PIECE in this color, handmade in Paris

150,00 €

Sublime jewel bracelet With a fine vintage 50's buckle in white mother-of-pearl Upholstered in brown leather lined with leather LIMITED SERIES, handmade in Paris

150,00 €

Luminous jewel bracelet Adorned with a yellow bakelite decorative clip art Upholstered in white grained leather UNIQUE PIECE, handmade in Paris

150,00 €

Unique wrist jewel Bakelite and Rhodoïd buckle black and cream white Shaped like angel wings Mounted on black patent leather UNIQUE PIECE, ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE Handmade in Paris

150,00 €

Design bracelet with its flexible braided metal jewel buckle Mounted on stone gray patent leather UNIQUE PIECE, ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE Handmade in Paris

140,00 €

Straight bracelet 90s buckle in resin with inclusion of materials like a checkerboard with shades of green, orange and brown Mounted on an orange patent leather UNIQUE PIECE, handmade in Paris

65,00 €

Fascinating contemporary design ring in the shape of a cloud UNIQUE PIECE in zamac metal, black enamel and Swarovski rhinestones Handmade in Paris At home within 72 hours!

160,00 € 96,00 €

Design bracelet, one of my favorite creations for a unique styleMounted on yellow grained leather, lined leather Large five-sided acetate loop Exclusive creation and limited edition by...

210,00 €

Bracelet that twists the wrist Adorned with an original gold-tone metal clip from 1937 Mounted on recycled black patent leather lizard style LIMITED EDITION, ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE...

230,00 €

Stylish necklace with round volumes Brown leather ring imitating the autumnal brown crocodile on one side Coffee plum patent leather on the other Adorned with two cabochons in galalith brown...

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