4,00 €

Lovely almond green and gold sewing button Small resin cabochon imitating white mother-of-pearl in the center Exclusive BUTTONS PARADISE

6,50 €

Charming little sewing gem Star shaped metal button With a fake diamond in the center Vintage and French

5,00 €

Chiseled mother-of-pearl with symmetrical effect Satin cream white Vintage and french

2,50 €

Button imitating mother-of-pearl to perfection Pearly beige half-ball Metal tail on the back French and vintage manufacturing

6,00 €

Small accessory that plays with contrasts Button edged in shiny gold Glass base composed of angles and matt pearl gray volumes Certified Vintage Button Series

5,40 €

Sculptural button Slight tapered line on the top Salmon pink plastic resin Superimposition of a three-petalled flower

9,50 €

Vintage Haute Couture Pink mother-of-pearl button with a thousand reflections With a pink glass cabochon set in brass at the heart French origin

4,00 €

Gold and pale green glitter button Circled in golden resin Lightweight and molded tail on the back

8,50 €

Beautiful jewel button Alliance of mother-of-pearl and glass Beige white mother-of-pearl and half ball in central silver gray glass

1,50 €

Pearl button imitating mother-of-pearl Refined creamy white metal tail Vintage and french

4,70 €

Dazzling jewel button of the garment Flower-like glass Lavender blue tinged With gold in the center French manufacturing, vintage

2,50 €

Pretty delicately engraved buttons Crystalline Lucite (Cellulose Acetate Resin) Engravings representing rooster wings Original Vintage

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