9,00 €

Multicolored striped button Exceptional marquetry work Galalith or milkstone Original vintage, rare and French

6,50 €

Little button wonder Azure blue and gold glass on one side Round with a cant halfway Vintage and French production

7,00 €

Generous button Round shape surrounded by dark blue marbles Series of vintage sewing buttons French made

19,00 €

Rare Original 80s carving button Irregular rectangle in translucent yellow resin With a midnight blue inclusion

9,00 €

Subtle composition of squares and white flowers Glass button Unique style and fashion Vintage series of French origin

5,50 €

Pyramid Resin Button Soft and joyful duck blue Made in France

4,50 €

Nice navy blue model Adorned with two silver semi-circles Typical 70s button Vintage and French production

9,50 €

Beautiful volumes Slightly marbled dark blue Galalith button Metal heart forming a half ball Vintage and French production

8,90 €

Button with plump shapes Oval and domed chic Shimmering blue with its streaks French made

6,90 €

Midnight blue and gold jewel button in the center Molded glass and golden concave heart See also this series in red and pink by clicking here Vintage series, French origin

2,50 €

Hypnotic bright blue button Smooth and soft metal Metal tail on the back French made

3,90 €

Small round glass button Bright Blue Vintage original Series French made

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