6,00 €

Charming sewing button Light blue central rhinestone edged with frosted effect resin Small series of vintage buttons from the 90s

6,00 €

Exceptional small sewing button Elegantly curved square shape In blue and gray glass with tiger patterns

6,50 €

Charming chiseled mother-of-pearl button Discreet shiny midnight blue Original French vintage series

8,00 €

Artist-style button Cracked mother-of-pearl on the front, sea blue on the edge Series of vintage buttons from the 50s

7,50 €

Amazing mother-of-pearl button in the shape of a triangle Soft blue with shiny silver facing edge Vintage 30s and French

5,50 €

Beautiful little embossed golden brass button Glazed in soft blue French vintage series from dormant stocks

4,00 €

Flower-shaped sewing button White plastic petals with a dark blue center See other colors available here Vintage original 60s

4,00 €

Joyful and pop flower sewing button Large white petals, pale blue in the center French manufacturing 60s

3,50 €

Small feminine button Turquoise blue with a pearly pearl in the center French manufacturing, Original 60s

14,00 €

Beautiful haute couture button Petrol Blue Galalith light alliance of steel gray metal mesh French manufacturing, vintage and new

6,00 €

Sublime oval button Two-tone with gold curved center, mineral blue on the edges Vintage 1930 and French

6,00 €

Small and cute sewing button Coffee bean shape In shades of blue and warm brown Vintage French production

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