39,00 €

Set of pretty two-tone buttons in the shape of a pocket Perfect and rare cardigan buttons or pants or skirt buttons Resin of Galalith, Made in France Price for the set of 6 buttons At your place...

52,00 €

Luxury design button set Statement buttons in Galalith Resin Perfect look for coat buttons or three-quarter length jacket At your place under 72 hours; Price for the set of 5 buttons

5,00 €

Ball buttons in silk and cotton trimmings Stunning night blue Made in France At your place within 72 hours

46,00 €

Sublime coat buttons to play with style and colors Outstanding look; also available in beige / brown version Original vintage 1950, Made in France At your place under 72 hours; Price for the set of...

36,00 €

Dazzling set of rare and stylish buttons Prototypes in assembled galalith  Green shades, red, blue, black, pink, brown ... At your place within 72 hours Price of the set of 8 buttons

3,60 €

Nice mini series of couture buttons Dark blue jewelry buttons with a touch of bright blue Exclusivity BUTTONS PARADISE At your place under 72h - Minimum parts per order: 2

3,90 €

Beautiful series of jewelry buttons made in France dress, jacket or blouse buttons faceted glass with blue reflections night and green very beautiful quality, original vintage At your place within...

4,50 €

Charming series of round and conical buttons Shirt, dress, cardigan, twinset buttons Sky blue glass grooved with white French made At your place within 72 hours

6,50 €

Series of rare buttons, to play with colors on a coat! Coat or jacket button Light yellow / beige resin, decorative handle on the face Sold by 2 at least, price indicated per unit See product...

39,00 €

Delicious set of buttons in harmonious colors. 14 adornment buttons for jacket, pants or shirt! Galalith Resin 2 buttons per color, all beautiful and complementary to each other By color: pink,...

29,00 €

Beautiful volumes for a rare jewel button so trendy ... Original 1980s Haute Couture vintage Rectangular shape in translucent yellow resin and midnight blue Only piece available and another gray...

14,00 €

A stunning couture button. Beautiful and vintage series. To wear on a leather trench or coat. Guaranteed effect ... Round and curved shape as needed Rhodoïd resin with gold, yellow, blue and green...

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