11,20 €

Straight rectangle buttons Red and white striped bakelite Terribly Art Deco, original vintage At home within 72 hours!

7,50 €

Translucent bakelite jacket or coat buttons Top fashion avant-garde Original vintage 70s At your place within 72 hours

7,50 €

Luxurious generous coat or jacket button Purple red galalith resin with golden reflections Rare series of French haute couture buttons At your home in 72 hours

3,20 €

Pop and happy style Bright cherry red resin, made in France Also available in glossy black At your place within 72 hours!

5,60 €

Between jewel button and design button Marble intense red Galalith resin Original Vintage 50s At your place within 72 hours

9,00 €

Beautiful buttons with bright red Chic graphic, contemporary design Resin mixed with silver white tips At home in 72 hours

6,50 €

Sewing buttons like a lipstick Design, true basic of the women's wardrobe Marble red Galalithe resin marbled with burgundy tips At home in 72 hours

15,00 €

Beautiful haute couture buttons Chic graphic alluring look Red Galalith Resin with Marbled Bordeaux tips At home in 72 hours

12,70 €

Beautiful high fashion buttons Refined style, red garnet jewelry Exclusive vintage series, made of glass (circa 1920) At home in 72 hours

3,80 €

Twiggy or MadMen buttons Classic red with 70s curves Pure vintage, very good quality At your place within 72 hours

2,10 €

Precious little jewelry buttons Pearl buttons of mother-of-pearl Ruby red with some pink 100% Vintage - Rare and luxurious - Unit Price At home in 72 hours

6,80 €

Pretty set of 70s original flower buttons Beautiful petals in metal and cherry red resin heart French made; Also available in green or orange series At your place within 72 hours

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