6,00 €

Beautiful sewing buttons in Galalithe resin Each model has a different openwork pattern To pimp a coat or jacket Original vintage - Only 4 pieces available At your place under 72h

3,90 €

Seventies look for this contemporary button series Made in France, so fashion Dress, jacket or coat buttons Domed round buttons At your place within 72 hours

4,50 €

Round and conical as it should Pretty set of shirt or dress buttons Red and white stained glass French made At your place within 72 hours

25,00 €

Pop style! Jewelry buttons; design made for Pierre Cardin To wear all together on a dress or jacket Silver and enamel metal, cherry red and charcoal black French made, original vintage, SO SPECIAL...

12,00 €

Set of 3 round fashion buttons Perfect adornment buttons for coat or jacket Pale yellow resin and a red rectangle in the center Price for the set; unique and unusual French made Home delivery...

39,00 €

Delicious set of buttons in harmonious colors. 14 adornment buttons for jacket, pants or shirt! Galalith Resin 2 buttons per color, all beautiful and complementary to each other By color: pink,...

4,50 €

Unique prototype series of buttons shaped with red corrugations Translucent Lucite wavy resin Sublime, chic, stylish Only one piece per size; ideal to play with sizes on a coat or a top Home...

11,40 €

Sewing button size XXL, design with a red velvet marbled reflections. Made of carmine red molded resin Allure glam-chic Perfect for a star button or on a tunic, coat Home delivered within 72 hours

2,40 €

Perfect jacket, dress or coat button with a lovely 70's style. In red molded galalite resin Pop-chic Timeless to sublimate your cloakroom Home delivered within 72h

18,00 €

Rare and stylish red button resin, atypical to bring originality and pep's to your look! Large resin round button Haute couture and very original Rare and quality sewing piece Only 4 buttons...

2,30 €

Original round resin button to add a little more to your look! Transparent yellow resin and red crescent moon Good quality Available in 3 sizes: 32mm, 28mm and 22mm Only 3 buttons available for...

1,90 €

Very nice red resin button from the seventies, simple but effective, to add a little more to your outfit. Ideal on a sweater or a jacket Good quality Button in perfect condition French made Also...

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