8,00 €

Enchanting flower bud Shimmering Bakelite Fir green heart, mint green petals Original vintage, French manufacturing

4,50 €

Superb on a trench coat, jacket, skirt or pants Round ringed in gold metal with a refined white beige resin Nice set of vintage buttons from the 50s At home within 72 hours!

10,00 €

Chic sewing button Gunmetal blue metal heart Encapsulated in a burgundy red shell French sewing button series

7,50 €

Two-color sewing button Taupe gray cabochon center Chanel burgundy streaked crown French and vintage series

4,00 €

Stylish sewing button Apple green and gold Letter H in the center Vintage 70s haute couture series

8,00 €

Subtle garment button sun golden yellow Curved oval shape Vintage and french

12,00 €

Magic button with material effect Semi-translucent orange-yellow Chiseled in the heart with chiseled crimps French production

15,00 €

Beautiful material button Translucent honey yellow resin With a moving central engraving Beautiful French series

8,50 €

Geometric button Soft yellow bakelite Dotted with gray baguettes Vintage, French origin

6,00 €

Sculptural garment button Raspberry red with a curved striped part Good quality plastic resin Vintage and french

7,00 €

Generous button Round shape surrounded by dark blue marbles Series of vintage sewing buttons French made

5,40 €

Sculptural button Slight tapered line on the top Salmon pink plastic resin Superimposition of a three-petalled flower

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