2,90 €

Original 70s Resin buttons Floral pink summit of the seventies Soft and generous pink flower shape French made

7,00 €

Square buttons Graphic style Beige brown with an ivory resin in the center in the manner of mother-of-pearl French made

7,60 €

Technicolor resin buttons Square, slightly rounded on the sides Magnificent duo of black and white colors French made

7,00 €

Lovely buttons with graphic volumes Pale pink in color with a central black circle Square but softly rounded on the angles French style and French made

7,00 €

Charming sewing buttons with optical effect Square but rounded, opulent in thickness Duo of indigo blue and a black circle to give it relief French made

7,20 €

Elegant sewing buttons Shiny black Galalith also called milk stone or casein With a mouse gray striped dome resin at the heart French made

7,00 €

Nice set of graphic buttons Square shape with rounded corners, thick on the edge Duo of orange red and a black circle to give it relief French made

3,90 €

Pretty round button with a contemporary look Cognac brown polyester material OEKO-TEX Original model thanks to its design clip Certified French manufacturing

6,75 €

Beautiful haute couture button Mix of Resin, gold metal chain and black trimmings Original vintage and made in France

2,90 €

Nice little series of fancy buttons Green resin with a touch of white Original vintage and French manufacture

2,90 €

Color scheme Khaki green button with a hint of yellow and white Round with a waved face Original vintage and French manufacture

3,80 €

Beautiful fancy button model Dark green resin with bright yellow hints Square button with gently curved face French manufacture

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