11,40 €

Beautiful haute couture buttons Bakelite subtly transparent apricot orange Tunnel tail for perfect support At home within 72 hours!

11,20 €

Straight rectangle buttons Red and white striped bakelite Terribly Art Deco, original vintage At home within 72 hours!

43,00 €

Huge and sumptuous button from the 20s Delicately ribbed imperial green bakelite Like a rectangle with rounded angles Exclusive and rare, there are only two! At home within 72 hours!

63,00 €

Unusual, charming seashell shape button In marbled yellow lucite and seaweed green Bakelite Rare adornment button early 50s Unclassifiable and so fashionable! At home within 72 hours!

44,00 €

Splendid button to adorn a jacket, spencer or coat Oval shape, in black Bakelite with an Art Deco motif in polished chrome on the face Rare and elegant model of the 30s, original vintage At home...

48,00 €

Stunning pair of Art Deco buttons In lucite with a golden parrot in the background Rare 20s button jewelry in sublime condition At home within 72 hours!

10,20 €

Wonder of Haute Couture jewelry button Face in brown and pink mother-of-pearl like a jewel Inlaid on a magic translucent resin and marbled brown base At home within 72 hours!

42,00 €

Singular 50s sewing button Round and conical, dressed in an engraved lucite collar Center in absolute black Bakelite fixed by a brass pin At home within 72 hours!

7,50 €

Sublime jewelry buttons, minimalist design Amber orange Bakélite resin Inclusion of gray mother-of-pearl in the center Very rare series, original vintage 50s At home within 72 hours!

7,80 €

Beautiful designer button In molded black resin, with a delicate dark blue leather design in the center High in style, chic design for this beautiful series of 80s At home within 72 hours!

6,90 €

Button with futuristic and graphic lines but original 70s Vintage Ready-to-Wear Series Black and silver resin At home within 72 hours!

6,80 €

Avant-garde fashion with a luxury style Waffle coat or jacket button Sublime shape effect, superb bluish gray silver metal At your place within 72 hours!

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