9,00 €

Multicolored striped button Exceptional marquetry work Galalith or milkstone Original vintage, rare and French

6,00 €

Sculptural garment button Raspberry red with a curved striped part Good quality plastic resin Vintage and french

6,50 €

Little button wonder Azure blue and gold glass on one side Round with a cant halfway Vintage and French production

7,00 €

Generous button Round shape surrounded by dark blue marbles Series of vintage sewing buttons French made

5,40 €

Sculptural button Slight tapered line on the top Salmon pink plastic resin Superimposition of a three-petalled flower

7,50 €

High fashion button Black with a gold net in the shape of a bow Exclusive to BUTTONS PARADISE French made

4,50 €

Fashion-forward silhouette button White off-white plastic resin with a central rectangle A button in the button, very modern French vintage series

4,50 €

Button with futuristic lines Off-white plastic with a beige insert in the center Fashion and timeless French and vintage manufacturing

8,00 €

Surprisingly shaped sewing button Extreme curves surrounded by beige pearls On pale pink round base French and vintage manufacturing

7,00 €

High fancy button Round and plump surrounded by beige pearls On a pearl gray spherical base French made

9,50 €

Vintage Haute Couture Pink mother-of-pearl button with a thousand reflections With a pink glass cabochon set in brass at the heart French origin

4,50 €

Delightful soft pink Round button, curved in two levels Single rhinestone in the center French made

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