6,50 €

Sewing button combining transparency and shape Translucent plastic resin and beige gold center Sublime series of coat or jacket buttons from the 70s

6,00 €

Delicious buttons to sew Pink beige mother-of-pearl Chiseled bubble pattern Made in France

4,50 €

Superb on a trench coat, jacket, skirt or pants Round ringed in gold metal with a refined white beige resin Nice set of vintage buttons from the 50s At home within 72 hours!

5,00 €

Chiseled mother-of-pearl with symmetrical effect Satin cream white Vintage and french

2,50 €

Button imitating mother-of-pearl to perfection Pearly beige half-ball Metal tail on the back French and vintage manufacturing

6,00 €

Button with an assertive style Beige and a brown S-shaped engraving Round with a generous thickness French made

4,50 €

Button with futuristic lines Off-white plastic with a beige insert in the center Fashion and timeless French and vintage manufacturing

8,00 €

Surprisingly shaped sewing button Extreme curves surrounded by beige pearls On pale pink round base French and vintage manufacturing

7,00 €

High fancy button Round and plump surrounded by beige pearls On a pearl gray spherical base French made

8,50 €

Beautiful jewel button Alliance of mother-of-pearl and glass Beige white mother-of-pearl and half ball in central silver gray glass

7,50 €

Generous French mother-of-pearl button Cream color and iridescent texture Lapel border with 4 central holes Vintage and French production from the beginning of the 20th century

5,90 €

Beautiful curved button Bakelite ocher beige marbled with black French made

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