7,10 €

Sculptural and opulent volumes Beautiful button in silk and cotton trimmings Elegant Sepia Beige French made

8,50 €

Futuristic pop lines à la Paco Rabanne Haute couture button from the 70s Beige marbled galalith with inlay of gold metal pellets See also the black version

6,90 €

Charming pinkish beige button With a curved center in gold Original vintage series French made

6,90 €

50s jewel button archetype Golden metal flower with its central beige dome Original vintage series French made

8,70 €

Large natural jewelry button Beautiful mother-of-pearl of density and curves Beige and satin white tint Small and rare original vintage series

6,80 €

Stylish touch pop in beige Button in silver resin and sand color Original vintage early 70s series French made

0,50 €

Cotton button beads Dark green fir color Original vintage series French made See also the other colors available here

6,70 €

High fashion button all in relief Hyper chic in marbled beige white Bakelite See also the version in blue white French made Original vintage series, never used

5,20 €

Precious union of resin and mother-of-pearl Pure 68s early 70s fashion buttons BUTTONS PARADISE exclusivity, original vintage series Fast delivery

4,50 €

Button with perfect design couture architecture In beige Bakelite marbled with brown veins Its roundness is balanced by its caramel-style squares

5,00 €

Ultra graphic garment jewel Very couture-style button in bakelite Chic beige brown neutral tones Baguette-shaped (length 35mm, width 10mm) with bevelled faces

6,20 €

Small sculptural button, minimalist chic Haute couture button in Bakelite Original 30s with a trio of black, brown and beige At home within 72 hours!

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