6,80 €

Round and trimmed like diamonds, a series of jacket, dress or glamorous pants buttons for the summer or for your evenings!Translucent molded resin yellow tinted Retro-glam look Exclusivity by...

50,00 €

Rare set of 6 art deco buttons with stylized flower decor Galalith button (also called Casein, made from milk) Beautiful shades of yellow, orange and semi-translucent pastel green Price for the...

70,00 €

Set of 10 rare vintage buttons from the 30s Galalith with pastel shades of peach pink and orange and honey yellow Sublime original gift idea Price for the set of 10 buttons At home within 72...

5,10 €

Nice series of vintage buttons Translucent bakelite marbled with yellow and reddish brown French made At home within 72 hours!

63,00 € 37,80 €

Unusual, charming seashell shape button In marbled yellow lucite and seaweed green Bakelite Rare adornment button early 50s Unclassifiable and so fashionable! At home within 72 hours!

12,40 €

Rare, unique Art Deco prototypes Haute couture jewelry buttons Grooved sunlit yellow lucite surrounded by wooden stick At home within 72 hours!

3,90 €

Charming button with timeless style Vintage series in corozo (palm seed also called vegetable ivory) Delicate shade of orange-yellow At home within 72 hours!

3,50 €

Charming buttons for shirt, dress or pants Square edges curved with a mustard yellow resin Original vintage 80s At your place within 72 hours

7,00 €

Haute Couture buttons, original luxury style Coated with beige resin and yellow striated daffodil in the center 90s vintage exclusivity, new! At home in 72 hours

4,50 €

Yellow sun buttons of a rare elegance Ideal on black or gray for example Ultra slim for a high fashion hold At your place within 72 hours Minimum number of pieces per order: 2

39,00 €

Delicious set of buttons in harmonious colors.14 adornment buttons for jacket, pants or shirt! Galalith Resin 2 buttons per color, all beautiful and complementary to each other By color:...

12,00 €

A big button of adornment, perfect as button of coat, of jacket or to accessorize a hat, a big cushion for example.Molded yellow daffodil resin marbled with white Beautiful design and...

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