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4,40 €

Beautiful series of contemporary sewing buttons inspired from the fifties Molded resin Curved shape with at the top, an inlay looking like mother of pearl Very fashionable to wear on a coat, a top...

5,80 €

Gorgeous sewing button with a design which is inspired by the Japanese waves called 'Seigaiha’.

3,90 €

This delicate and chic sewing button is crafted with a harmonious blend of simplicity and luxurious style!

3,90 €

Originally shaped sewing button in the shape of a flower: a button that will steal your heart away and create a mix and match spin on your clothing!

3,90 €

This stunning jewelry button is made of silvery-green iridescent fragments of mother-of-pearl from Japan! This discrete and elegant model will light up your wardrobe!

6,20 €

Unusual sewing button made of 'Troca' shell. It has a lovely beige color and a very contemporary design. Originality and high quality standards guaranteed!

4,50 €

Lovely sewing button made of ebony with a hint of resin on the side giving it a modern bohemian tone.

3,90 €

Beautiful jewelry button made of brownish Japanese shell fragments. With its warm color this button will be a marvelous addition to your day or evening fashion creations!

3,90 €

Splendid sewing button that resembles a domino made of coconut wood and mother-of-pearl - a perfect fashion match. 

3,84 €

Gorgeous plexiglas sewing button with a brown marbled heart in resin to customize your outfits. Elegant and modern with a beautiful marble effect Stylish and rare haute couture button series...

4,80 €

Pure black, this elegant sewing button is a true basic fashion accessory that will embellish your wardrobe!

14,50 €

Lovely series of haute couture buttons. The Cameo Eugenia button is made of translucent resin adorned with a female profile in the centre in the manner of a cameo; a stunning effect for this button...

Showing 1 - 12 of 115 items