4,60 €

This sewing button sets the scene: pure black horn in which a star-shaped mother-of-pearl inlay shines. The best casual-chic trend for this winter!

5,90 €

Astonishing mother-of-pearl sewing button, which is halfway between a flower and a bird's wing. It has a streamlined and modern style that will be your best fashion ally for your clothing in all...

13,80 €

A lovely and huge sewing button with a very stylized flower design. Its style is halfway between retro chic and contemporary: a timeless fashion basic!

3,20 €

Incredible jewelry button made of mother-of-pearl from Tahiti, so intricately shaped. A classic and modern button and its freestyle design will allow you to easily accessorize your outfits!

5,00 €

This mother-of-pearl sewing button has a unique style that will leave you breathless with its beautiful iridescent greenish/greyish reflections.

5,90 €

Streamlined style sewing button that will bring a one-of-kind panache to your clothing during every season!

11,00 €

Design sewing button resembling a mask made of mother-of-pearl to dress up your most beautiful fashion creations!

6,00 €

Beautiful jewelry button made of brownish Japanese shell fragments. With its warm color this button will be a marvelous addition to your day or evening fashion creations!

3,90 €

This stunning jewelry button is made of silvery-green iridescent fragments of mother-of-pearl from Japan! This discrete and elegant model will light up your wardrobe!

15,80 €

This sewing button will charm you with its cloistered design, so smart!

14,70 €

Gorgeous and unusual design sewing button made of a set of 4 pieces of square shaped mother-of-pearl hand-stitched on a large button base.

4,80 €

Delicately brown, this sewing button is original, chic and ideal to bring a touch of fashion to your outfits this winter.

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