7,60 €

Round shape with kinetic effect Beautiful black and white circled button French made

2,90 €

Pretty contemporary log button Shiny black resin See also the model in pale pink here French made

2,60 €

In ABS resin 70s button archetype Generous lines, so chic French and vintage manufacturing

2,40 €

Nice galalith heart button style Metal tail on the back Vintage exclusivity

9,10 €

Architectural high fashion button Black resin, central edge with two pearly gray panels Exclusivity by BUTTONS PARADISE Original Vintage

8,90 €

Design Haute Couture buttons of the 80s Rectangular with irregular angles With a beautiful black inclusion in the center French made

6,50 €

Natural black and brown tones Shirt, dress, jacket or coat buttons Resin and plexiglass with inclusion of barley grains Vintage high fashion

5,50 €

Timeless chic button Absolute black gloss Contrasting golden metal links French made

4,80 €

Stylish precious black button Round with a discreetly ridged face Beautiful and chic Made in France

6,50 €

Superb series of buttons in Galalith  Beautiful model from the 90s in absolute shiny black  See other colors available  French made

7,20 €

Beautiful series of buttons in Galalith or Milk stone Adorned with a Makassar ebony inclusion Parisian haute-couture French made

7,60 €

Technicolor resin buttons Square, slightly rounded on the sides Magnificent duo of black and white colors French made

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