5,60 €

Jewelry buttons in translucent blue Murano glass Very good quality, stunning style, metal handle Exclusive to BUTTONS PARADISE Original Vintage

6,60 €

Design and jewel button Petrol blue and cream white Generous curve with its thick and soft edges French made

9,75 €

Majestic jewel button Wide domed shape Blue metal rimmed with gold Exclusive to BUTTONS PARADISE

7,00 €

Casual chic style in beige pearly resin Ribbed denim blue central heart Vintage 90s exclusivity See the other colors available

3,80 €

Sublime Art Deco sewing button Blue and gray speckled bakelite Highly crafted round nugget Original vintage French made

5,60 €

Jewel button in denim blue Murano glass Small chic country flower Exclusive to BUTTONS PARADISE Original Vintage 20's, see also the other colors here

3,60 €

Minimalist modern button Gunmetal blue metal Also available in Gold, Silver, Bronze Made in France

6,70 €

Surprising and chic series of haute couture buttons Cobalt blue round resin hull The heart of the button made of micro fake feathers of extreme softness Exclusivity BUTTONS PARADISE, original...

7,00 €

Charming sewing buttons with optical effect Square but rounded, opulent in thickness Duo of indigo blue and a black circle to give it relief French made

5,90 €

Divine style with a certain refinement Embossed silver-tone metal button Beautiful shape effect with its mouse gray tint French vintage series

6,80 €

Designed like diamonds, a button series to pimp your summer or evening outfits!Rond molded resin blue translucent Chic and glam style, a real jewelry button! Exclusivity by BUTTONS PARADISE,...

5,60 €

Very original with its golden metal corners Beautiful button in molded blue marbled resin with a zest of white Original vintage series French made

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