12,00 €

Large sailor button Fir green bakelite with emerald green stripes Timeless sailor look French and vintage manufacturing

5,50 €

Lovely slender button Bakelite in black gray green duo on beveled faces French vintage haute couture series

8,90 €

Brilliant high fashion button Empire green bakelite with pearly and luminous reflections Vintage original series French made

4,00 €

Crazy style and real gem button Hat shape and minimalist conical look Original vintage 30s, new and sublime quality

7,00 €

Superb jewel button Gold-tone metal paired with a luminous prairie green enamel Exclusive to BUTTONS PARADISE

8,90 €

Large illuminated button Green and tawny brown tones like a crazy jungle Beautiful vintage 40's series

8,90 €

Majestic button in shades of green, brown and gold Games of satin and matte contrasts Rare vintage 40's series

2,80 €

Fashion button Original 70's ABS resin Tangy apple green surrounded by a silver border

3,30 €

Beautiful model 1970 Almond Shape Button Series Brilliant apple green Vintage and French original

4,70 €

Pop with its bright green color 70's clothing button Domed rosette flower French origin

5,50 €

Sublime button of the garment Bakelite in duo of fir green and celadon green Vintage original from the 60's French made

5,40 €

Refined sewing button Translucent bottle green S-shaped relief effect on the face French made

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