5,50 €

Ladybird style with no dot Visual and attractive button Red and white metal Vintage, made in France

7,50 €

Little gem of clothing Fresh green sewing button with a hint of gold Round with a slope in the middle, great charm Vintage and French production

4,50 €

Graphic and rectilinear Button mixing metal and resin Red in the center with two silver edges Made in France and original 70s

4,60 €

Soft and luminous gray Gray mother-of-pearl with light green reflections Light cuff on the edges with 4 central holes Vintage and certified French production

4,50 €

Nice navy blue model Adorned with two silver semi-circles Typical 70s button Vintage and French production

7,90 €

Bakelite button archetype Star buttons for coats or jackets Very couture button in warm ocher brown Vintage, rare, and French

5,80 €

Red with a hint of delicate orange Vitamin sewing button Silver borders, vintage French

6,50 €

Sculptural jewel button Harmonious black and mouse gray Vintage and French production

9,00 €

Beautiful volumes Slightly marbled dark blue Galalith button Metal heart forming a half ball Vintage and French production

7,90 €

Between sculpture and design Fawn brown faux tortoiseshell button with central spiral Plastic resin with slight transparency Vintage and French production

6,90 €

Jewelery and design at the same time Warm brown button with gold center Molded glass French origin, vintage

8,90 €

Button with plump shapes Oval and domed chic Shimmering blue with its streaks French made

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