2,60 €

In white opaline, tunnel tail Exclusive to BUTTONS PARADISE Original Vintage

2,00 €

Pretty delicately engraved buttons Crystalline Lucite (Cellulose Acetate Resin) Engravings representing rooster wings Original Vintage

2,00 €

Charming little buttons Lucite (cellulose acetate resin) transparent With engravings in the shape of grains of white rice Original Vintage

9,10 €

Architectural high fashion button Black resin, central edge with two pearly gray panels Exclusivity by BUTTONS PARADISE Original Vintage

5,60 €

Jewelry buttons in translucent blue Murano glass Very good quality, stunning style, metal handle Exclusive to BUTTONS PARADISE Original Vintage

5,60 €

Beautiful shirt or dress button White Galalith Resin Rounded squared style of the 70s At your place within 72 hours

8,90 €

Design Haute Couture buttons of the 80s Rectangular with irregular angles With a beautiful black inclusion in the center French made

7,10 €

Sweet and Cheerful Sewing Button Pearl effect pale pink resin With an inclusion of black openwork circle in the heart French made, French style

3,80 €

19th century French mother-of-pearl With creamy white reflections Timeless retro-chic style Perfect for sublimating a blouse, a dress, a jacket

2,90 €

Original 70s Resin buttons Floral pink summit of the seventies Soft and generous pink flower shape French made

7,00 €

Superb jewel button Gold-tone metal paired with a luminous prairie green enamel Exclusive to BUTTONS PARADISE

4,00 €

Floral Chic button Black and white red flowers On transparent plastic shell Exclusive to BUTTONS PARADISE

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