3,90 €

Cute 70s button In warm brown Galalith Molded tail at the back French made

5,40 €

Pointed button in JPG style Intense black Metal tail on the back French made

5,40 €

Chic graphic design button In Galalith with a sweet apricot orange Metal tail on the back French made

8,20 €

Flamboyant jewel button Tapered minimalist style in warm red Vintage original series French made

7,60 €

Round shape with kinetic effect Beautiful black and white circled button French made

3,30 €

Superb and iconic of the 50's In brown Galalith Beautiful set of vintage sewing buttons

3,30 €

Very special button for 50's fans Purple galalith imitating fabric tunnel tail

2,70 €

Typical 50's button In dark gray Galalith tunnel tail

2,40 €

Nice galalith heart button style Metal tail on the back Vintage exclusivity

5,60 €

Beautiful shirt or dress button White Galalith Resin Rounded squared style of the 70s At your place within 72 hours

7,80 €

Outstanding contemporary style knob Sunshine yellow in Galalith with stunning effects of white Rare vintage 30s exclusive, and new!

4,80 €

Stylish precious black button Round with a discreetly ridged face Beautiful and chic Made in France

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