6,90 €

Its pink is graceful like candy Curved center in high fashion gold Vintage original series French made

4,00 €

Crazy style and real gem button Hat shape and minimalist conical look Original vintage 30s, new and sublime quality

8,20 €

Stylish, graceful and elegant button Dark chocolate brown bakelite with shards of beige glittering plexi Vintage and French series, Original 30s

4,70 €

Pretty contemporary log button Shiny black resin See also the model in pale pink here French made

6,00 €

Delicate sewing button Domed oval semi-translucent orange pink glass  Guaranteed vintage series

4,60 €

Beautiful sewing button Domed oval shape Semi-transparent glass Dark gray French vintage series

2,60 €

In white opaline, tunnel tail Exclusive to BUTTONS PARADISE Original Vintage

5,60 €

Jewelry buttons in translucent blue Murano glass Very good quality, stunning style, metal handle Exclusive to BUTTONS PARADISE Original Vintage

3,60 €

Jewel design button Architectonic chic in silver metal Also available in Gold, Bronze and Blue Made in France

5,60 €

Jewel button in denim blue Murano glass Small chic country flower Exclusive to BUTTONS PARADISE Original Vintage 20's, see also the other colors here

2,30 €

Delicious sewing buttons Transparent molded glass of a daisy with white, green and yellow petals Original vintage 30s

3,80 €

Radiant series of buttons Faceted in glass with imperial green reflections Original vintage and French manufacture

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