3,60 €

Jewel design button Architectonic chic in silver metal Also available in Gold, Bronze and Blue Made in France

5,60 €

Jewel button in denim blue Murano glass Small chic country flower Exclusive to BUTTONS PARADISE Original Vintage 20's, see also the other colors here

2,00 € 1,40 €

Charming romantic and sunny button Clear glass with hand painted decoration Green and yellow cactus floral theme Original vintage 20s

2,30 €

Delicious sewing buttons Transparent molded glass of a daisy with white, green and yellow petals Original vintage 30s

3,80 €

Radiant series of buttons Faceted in glass with imperial green reflections Original vintage and French manufacture

3,80 €

Small buttons like diamonds Glass button rings with a scintillating embossed shine Original vintage 30s

5,40 €

Splendid jewel button Looks like an ice cream cone, in beige and silver glass Original vintage 30s, still new and perfect quality

6,90 €

Charming pinkish beige button With a curved center in gold Original vintage series French made

3,90 €

Jewel for your casual chic outfits, superb look Glass button Subtle silver gray tint Like a pearl French made

2,60 €

The holy grail of the wedding dress or blouse button Pearl button in pearly beige opaline Beautiful vintage series, French origin At home within 72 hours

2,60 €

Loving Pearl Button In pale pink opaline Metal tail French series of vintage buttons from the 60s At home within 72 hours

2,60 €

Beautiful pearl button series Pale blue pearl opaline button Metal tail Vintage series from the 60s, French origin At home within 72 hours

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