5,00 €

Beautiful sewing button with warm horn effects Rectangle with soft borders Resin with beige, brown and silver reflections French made

4,90 €

Beautiful set of Original 70s buttons Minimalist flower design Large dark brown petals with golden outlines French made

4,00 €

Charming series of buttons in ABS resin Brown and silver Original vintage 70s French made

7,00 € 4,90 €

Charming sewing buttons with optical effect Square but rounded, opulent in thickness Duo of indigo blue and a black circle to give it relief French made

7,20 €

Haute Couture buttons with a sensational look Hull of Galalith Red Bordeaux also called milk stone or casein With in the center, a tan brown streaked dome resin French made

3,90 €

Pretty round button with a contemporary look Cognac brown polyester material OEKO-TEX Original model thanks to its design clip Certified French manufacturing

8,60 €

Very nice sewing button with generous shapes In shiny dark chocolate brown ceramic because it is patinated Original 90s, French manufacture

6,40 €

An astonishing and very original shaped sewing button  - it is halfway between a leaf and a puzzle.

6,40 €

Surprising in shape and lovely with its iridescent colors, this sewing button will give your outfits a unique style! 

4,50 €

Gorgeous sewing button with a design which is inspired by the Japanese waves called 'Seigaiha’.

3,90 €

With its pure and clear lines, this sewing button with a contemporary design has just the right touch of elegance.

0,50 €

Precious union of resin and mother-of-pearl Pure 68s early 70s fashion buttons BUTTONS PARADISE exclusivity, original vintage series Fast delivery

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