3,80 €

Curved button between arabesque and mosaic Speckled burgundy red bakelite Jewel of the garment Original vintage, From France

3,40 €

Nice series of buttons Resin in the manner of metal, silver and satin red Made in France, to see also in black and white At your place within 72 hours

7,00 €

Nice set of graphic buttons Square shape with rounded corners, thick on the edge Duo of orange red and a black circle to give it relief French made

7,20 €

Haute Couture buttons with a sensational look Hull of Galalith Red Bordeaux also called milk stone or casein With in the center, a tan brown streaked dome resin French made

5,90 €

Beautiful almandine red ball button Translucent resin just the right amount Beautiful line and proportion Original vintage late 60s and French manufacture

2,60 €

Precious little jewelry buttons Pearl buttons of mother-of-pearl Ruby red with some pink 100% Vintage - Rare and luxurious - Unit Price At home in 72 hours

6,50 €

Sewing buttons like a lipstick Design, true basic of the women's wardrobe Marble red Galalithe resin marbled with burgundy tips At home in 72 hours

3,90 €

Seventies look for this contemporary button series Made in France, so fashion Dress, jacket or coat buttons Domed round buttons At your place within 72 hours

11,70 €

THE button that signs your style Haute couture style in Galalith Two-tone and original with its medallion and orange-red base French Made At home within 72 hours!

9,90 €

Sublime clothing accessory Marbled garnet red Galalith button Beautiful volume while roundness French made At home within 72 hours!

11,20 €

Straight rectangle buttons Red and white striped bakelite Terribly Art Deco, original vintage At home within 72 hours!

7,50 €

Translucent bakelite jacket or coat buttons Top fashion avant-garde Original vintage 70s At your place within 72 hours

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