5,50 €

Ladybird style with no dot Visual and attractive button Red and white metal Vintage, made in France

4,50 €

Graphic and rectilinear Button mixing metal and resin Red in the center with two silver edges Made in France and original 70s

5,80 €

Red with a hint of delicate orange Vitamin sewing button Silver borders, vintage French

7,90 €

Superb boater button Poppy red bakelite with cream white stripes French and vintage manufacturing

3,90 €

Brilliant high fashion button Empire green bakelite with pearly and luminous reflections Vintage original series French made

7,10 €

Capsizing button design Black stripes on an intense red background Original vintage series, see also the blue and ocher yellow versions French made

8,30 €

Prodigious jewel button Extraordinary with its deep red pearly reflections Vintage original series French made

8,20 €

Flamboyant jewel button Tapered minimalist style in warm red Vintage original series French made

6,90 €

Intense bright Parisian red Stylish gold curved heart Original vintage series, see also its version in pink French made

7,10 €

Glamorous 70s button Orange-red molded resin Arty-pop style French made

8,20 €

Minimal graphic style Orange-red bakelite and shards of shiny beige plexi Guaranteed vintage series, Original 30s

3,80 €

Curved button between arabesque and mosaic Speckled burgundy red bakelite Jewel of the garment Original vintage, From France

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