3,60 €

Stylish button Golden metal, cylindrical shape Also available in Gold, Silver, Bronze French made

3,60 €

Modernist cylindrical knob Bronzed metal See also the other colors gold, blue and silver French made

5,50 €

Sublime button of the garment Bakelite in duo of fir green and celadon green Vintage original from the 60's French made

5,60 €

Button like a jewel Matte mouse gray with a contrasting gray mother-of-pearl effect Original Vintage late 60's French made

5,40 €

Refined sewing button Translucent bottle green S-shaped relief effect on the face French made

5,40 €

60's Round Button in resin Magnificent olive green French made

3,60 €

Minimalist modern button Gunmetal blue metal Also available in Gold, Silver, Bronze Made in France

5,50 €

Timeless chic button Absolute black gloss Contrasting golden metal links French made

5,00 €

Beautiful sewing button with warm horn effects Rectangle with soft borders Resin with beige, brown and silver reflections French made

7,60 € 5,32 €

Round shape with kinetic effect Beautiful black and white circled button French made

5,20 €

Button like a carved jewel Translucent yellow with a hint of green Material effect like bee jelly French made

6,40 €

Elegant black button with bronze metal dome Vintage original from the 50s French made

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