2,90 €

Original 70s Resin buttons Floral pink summit of the seventies Soft and generous pink flower shape French made

7,00 € 4,90 €

Lovely buttons with graphic volumes Pale pink in color with a central black circle Square but softly rounded on the angles French style and French made

2,60 €

Precious little jewelry buttons Pearl buttons of mother-of-pearl Ruby red with some pink 100% Vintage - Rare and luxurious - Unit Price At home in 72 hours

2,60 €

Illuminated series of buttons Graphic with its square style Tangy and sweet at the same time with its neon pink French made

6,90 €

Charming pinkish beige button With a curved center in gold Original vintage series French made

8,70 €

Charm of delicately tinted mother-of-pearl Convex button in the manner of a dome Lovely pink with a touch of fuchsia in places Vintage and French

2,60 €

Loving Pearl Button In pale pink opaline Metal tail French series of vintage buttons from the 60s At home within 72 hours

8,60 €

Beautiful and large molded resin button Rare series of the 60s Its pink is flesh-colored, very delicate and stylish At home within 72 hours!

11,40 €

Beautiful haute couture buttons Bakelite subtly transparent apricot orange Tunnel tail for perfect support At home within 72 hours!

8,80 €

Stylish buttons like houndstooth Pink Galalith Resin with a mirror metal face Beautiful vintage fashion accessory, from France At your place within 72 hours

7,50 €

Beautiful Italian buttons of the 80s Perfect on a coat or jacket or a denim suit Original vintage to make you stand out At your place within 72 hours

5,50 € 3,85 €

So 70s and vintage Resin buttons of a subtle peach pink Jacket buttons or irresistible dress buttons At your place within 72 hours

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