7,00 €

Shiny pink style sewing button With a central rhinestone surrounded by pink frosted effect resin Small series of vintage buttons from the 90s

6,00 €

Mother-of-pearl chiseled in symmetry Soft old pink French sewing button

6,00 €

Exceptional little sewing button Square shape curved like a wave In black and pink tiger glass

7,50 €

Beautiful mother-of-pearl button chiseled on the edge Beautiful shade of pink with beige highlights Series of vintage buttons from the 70s

4,50 €

Button wonder Like a transparent pink diamond Vintage and beautiful

5,50 €

Pink mother-of-pearl like candy Old but new button series beautiful and magical reflections  French and vintage

5,40 €

Sculptural button Slight tapered line on the top Salmon pink plastic resin Superimposition of a three-petalled flower

9,50 €

Vintage Haute Couture Pink mother-of-pearl button with a thousand reflections With a pink glass cabochon set in brass at the heart French origin

5,00 €

Delightful soft pink Round button, curved in two levels Single rhinestone in the center French made

6,90 €

Its pink is graceful like candy Curved center in high fashion gold Vintage original series French made

6,70 €

Beautiful haute couture buttons Bakelite subtly transparent apricot orange Tunnel tail for perfect support At home within 72 hours!

2,90 €

Charming cylindrical button Pale pink resin See also the model in glossy black here French made

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