4,60 €

Soft and luminous gray Gray mother-of-pearl with light green reflections Light cuff on the edges with 4 central holes Vintage and certified French production

6,50 €

Sculptural jewel button Harmonious black and mouse gray Vintage and French production

5,50 €

Lovely slender button Bakelite in black gray green duo on beveled faces French vintage haute couture series

4,60 €

Beautiful sewing button Domed oval shape Semi-transparent glass Dark gray French vintage series

2,70 €

Typical 50's button In dark gray Galalith tunnel tail

9,10 €

Architectural high fashion button Black resin, central edge with two pearly gray panels Exclusivity by BUTTONS PARADISE Original Vintage

7,50 €

Grey-blue glazed porcelain Button with aesthetic lines French made

8,90 €

Majestic button in shades of green, brown and gold Games of satin and matte contrasts Rare vintage 40's series

12,40 €

Magistral slightly domed face button Flat and tail tunnel on the back Beautiful marbled dark gray resin Vintage 60s exclusivity

8,00 €

Fresco button like a painting painted with a knife Structured resin blue gray tropical yellow Rare vintage 60s exclusive

7,00 €

Series of beautiful buttons in curved and streaked resin Circled in glossy beige and gray mouse grooved in the heart Refined luxury, style of elegance At your place within 72 hours

3,80 €

Sublime Art Deco sewing button Blue and gray speckled bakelite Highly crafted round nugget Original vintage French made

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