5,90 €

Charming pinkish beige button With a curved center in gold Original vintage series French made

7,10 €

Glamorous 70s button Orange-red molded resin Arty-pop style French made

8,20 €

Minimal graphic style Orange-red bakelite and shards of shiny beige plexi Guaranteed vintage series, Original 30s

6,70 €

Beautiful haute couture buttons Bakelite subtly transparent apricot orange Tunnel tail for perfect support At home within 72 hours!

2,90 €

Charming cylindrical button Pale pink resin See also the model in glossy black here French made

2,90 €

Pretty contemporary log button Shiny black resin See also the model in pale pink here French made

2,60 €

In ABS resin 70s button archetype Generous lines, so chic French and vintage manufacturing

3,30 €

Bright orange-beige stylish square shape Made of polyester resin, tunnel tail Original vintage from the 80s Exclusive to BUTTONS PARADISE

6,60 €

Chic basic with its beautiful resin imitating the horn Slightly curved button Exclusive series BUTTONS PARADISE French manufacturing Tail Glued to the back At home within 72 hours!

2,00 €

Pretty delicately engraved buttons Crystalline Lucite (Cellulose Acetate Resin) Engravings representing rooster wings Original Vintage

2,00 €

Charming little buttons Lucite (cellulose acetate resin) transparent With engravings in the shape of grains of white rice Original Vintage

6,80 €

Gorgeous high fashion button style Rosewood base With resin hazelnut brown checkerboard French made

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