5,50 €

Sublime button of the garment Bakelite in duo of fir green and celadon green Vintage original from the 60's French made

5,40 €

Refined sewing button Translucent bottle green S-shaped relief effect on the face French made

5,40 €

60's Round Button in resin Magnificent olive green French made

5,00 €

Beautiful sewing button with warm horn effects Rectangle with soft borders Resin with beige, brown and silver reflections French made

7,60 € 5,32 €

Round shape with kinetic effect Beautiful black and white circled button French made

5,20 €

Button like a carved jewel Translucent yellow with a hint of green Material effect like bee jelly French made

4,90 €

Beautiful set of Original 70s buttons Minimalist flower design Large dark brown petals with golden outlines French made

3,40 €

Nice series of buttons Resin in the manner of metal, silver and satin red Made in France, to see also in black and white At your place within 72 hours

6,70 €

Surprising and chic series of haute couture buttons Cobalt blue round resin hull The heart of the button made of micro fake feathers of extreme softness Exclusivity BUTTONS PARADISE, original...

5,90 €

Pop and graphic style Joyful yellow and white button  Original geometry shape French made

6,60 € 4,62 €

Design and jewel button Petrol blue and cream white Generous curve with its thick and soft edges French made

4,60 €

Sophisticated trendy sewing button Shimmering silver metal Encircled with imperial green marbled resin French manufacturing, original 70s

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