7,00 €

Beautiful ceramic button Bright, rounded warm yellow on the face French manufacturing, vintage

7,50 €

Sewing button jewelry Pale yellow mother-of-pearl Round and its turtle-shaped edges French production

5,50 €

Unusual ceramic button Yellow and gold rectangle Card Game Decor Vintage and French

4,00 €

Bouton élégant et coloré Jaune vif bordé d'argent Signé lettre H au centre Série haute couture vintage 70s

12,00 €

Elegant cookie-shaped button Butter yellow ceramic Golden double C in the center French Vintage

8,00 €

Subtle garment button sun golden yellow Curved oval shape Vintage and french

12,00 €

Magic button with material effect Semi-translucent orange-yellow Chiseled in the heart with chiseled crimps French production

15,00 €

Beautiful material button Translucent honey yellow resin With a moving central engraving Beautiful French series

8,50 €

Geometric button Soft yellow bakelite Dotted with gray baguettes Vintage, French origin

9,00 €

Multicolored striped button Exceptional marquetry work Galalith or milkstone Original vintage, rare and French

12,00 €

Funny, round with a central slit Galalith Ball Button Yellow lemon Exclusivity BUTTONS PARADISE PARIS

8,10 €

High fashion button like a talisman Ocher yellow face streaked with black on black base Back mass tail French made

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