8,10 €

High fashion button like a talisman Ocher yellow face streaked with black on black base Back mass tail French made

7,90 €

Jewel of clothing in an urban chic style Black bakelite dome on translucent golden yellow crown With an aesthetic crackle effect French-made vintage series

6,00 €

Charming pinkish beige button With a curved center in gold Original vintage series French made

8,50 €

Superb series of square buttons Striped daffodil yellow bakelite Interspersed with transparent borders Beautiful elegant curves

7,80 €

Outstanding contemporary style knob Sunshine yellow in Galalith with stunning effects of white Rare vintage 30s exclusive, and new!

12,40 €

Magistral slightly domed face button Flat and tail tunnel on the back Beautiful marbled dark gray resin Vintage 60s exclusivity

8,00 €

Fresco button like a painting painted with a knife Structured resin blue gray tropical yellow Rare vintage 60s exclusive

7,00 €

Haute Couture buttons, original luxury style Coated with beige resin and yellow striated daffodil in the center 90s vintage exclusivity, new! At home in 72 hours

5,50 €

Button like a carved jewel Translucent yellow with a hint of green Material effect like bee jelly French made

5,90 €

Pop and graphic style Joyful yellow and white button  Original geometry shape French made

4,00 €

Nice series of sewing buttons from the 60s Pale yellow with a hint of silver Contemporary plastic resin French made

5,50 €

A button treat in the style of Courrèges Original 70s Yellow and white plastic resin French made

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