5,10 €

Nice series of vintage buttons Translucent bakelite marbled with yellow and reddish brown French made At home within 72 hours!

63,00 €

Unusual, charming seashell shape button In marbled yellow lucite and seaweed green Bakelite Rare adornment button early 50s Unclassifiable and so fashionable! At home within 72 hours!

12,40 €

Rare, unique Art Deco prototypes Haute couture jewelry buttons Grooved sunlit yellow lucite surrounded by wooden stick At home within 72 hours!

3,90 €

Charming button with timeless style Vintage series in corozo (palm seed also called vegetable ivory) Delicate shade of orange-yellow At home within 72 hours!

5,40 €

Clear route for an ideal button Sublime orange-brown ocher Galalitic resin Domed on the face At your place within 72 hours!

3,50 €

Charming buttons for shirt, dress or pants Square edges curved with a mustard yellow resin Original vintage 80s At your place within 72 hours

7,00 €

Haute Couture buttons, original luxury style Coated with beige resin and yellow striated daffodil in the center 90s vintage exclusivity, new! At home in 72 hours

4,50 €

Yellow sun buttons of a rare elegance Ideal on black or gray for example Ultra slim for a high fashion hold At your place within 72 hours Minimum number of pieces per order: 2

39,00 €

Delicious set of buttons in harmonious colors. 14 adornment buttons for jacket, pants or shirt! Galalith Resin 2 buttons per color, all beautiful and complementary to each other By color: pink,...

4,80 €

Round and trimmed like diamonds, a series of jacket, dress or glamorous pants buttons for the summer or for your evenings! Translucent molded resin yellow tinted Retro-glam look Exclusivity by...

9,00 €

A big button of adornment, perfect as button of coat, of jacket or to accessorize a hat, a big cushion for example. Molded yellow daffodil resin marbled with white Beautiful design and extra-flat...

8,60 €

Delightful yellow porcelain button in the shape of a hat to embellish your outfit Enamelled porcelain with yellow and pink reflections Elegant & fashion style Only 4 buttons available for sale...

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