3,30 €

Very special button for 50's fans Purple galalith imitating fabric tunnel tail

3,80 €

Bohemian retro style Mottled purple and beige bakelite High-end button, original vintage

11,70 €

Archetype of the jewelry button In Galalith, duo of plum mauve and shiny black Only 4 buttons available At home within 72 hours!

9,90 €

Seductive purple marbled with black veins Design button in Galalith, the material of the jewel Volumes and curves close to perfection See also the plum, green or black versions At home within...

9,90 €

Jewel button par excellence in Galalith Round shape with a very nice volume Bright purple plum medallion on black base At home within 72 hours!

7,30 €

Sublime marbled purple mauve button series Galalith resin with an original tie Beautiful vintage series, France origin At your place within 72 hours

7,50 €

Luxurious generous coat or jacket button Purple red galalith resin with golden reflections Rare series of French haute couture buttons At your home in 72 hours

1,75 €

Charming jewelry buttons Natural material: in Corozo also called vegetable ivory Tinted purple aubergine and delicately grooved Original Vintage - Rare Series - Unit Price At home in 72 hours

8,40 €

Original sewing button series in resin In the style of Line Vautrin (Talosel matter) Graphic and ultra fashion Ideal coat button or jacket button in 32mm or a 20mm couture button for a top A...

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