5,50 €

Lovely slender button Bakelite in black gray green duo on beveled faces French vintage haute couture series

6,70 €

Beautiful haute couture buttons Bakelite subtly transparent apricot orange Tunnel tail for perfect support At home within 72 hours!

6,60 €

Chic basic with its beautiful resin imitating the horn Slightly curved button Exclusive series BUTTONS PARADISE French manufacturing Tail Glued to the back At home within 72 hours!

6,10 €

Beautiful basic model in frost white resin Button with a minimalist and modern look Small silver point in the chic center At home within 72 hours!

5,90 €

Divine style with a certain refinement Embossed silver-tone metal button Beautiful shape effect with its mouse gray tint French vintage series

8,80 €

Large zamak metal button in the shape of a gold star Beautiful series of contemporary PAP buttons Made in France At home within 72 hours!

4,20 €

Pure design inspired by the 80s 4-hole stamped brass button Plastic shell on the back, Made in France See also the jewel version without hole At home within 72 hours!

4,20 €

80s disco chic mix Jewelry button in gold stamped brass French made Available diameters: 14,18, 23, 26, 28, 35, 40, 45mm Also available in a 4-hole button version At home within 72 hours!

4,50 €

Button with perfect design couture architecture In beige Bakelite marbled with brown veins Its roundness is balanced by its caramel-style squares

4,50 €

Neoclassical style Bakelite graphic button Round and a thickness that densifies it with beauty At home within 72 hours!

5,90 €

Vintage Bakelite buttons Chic gray and brown color trio Three-dimensional volumes

5,00 €

Slender seam attachment Haute couture button in Bakelite Its black is absolute with its bevelled faces

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