Design Button French Blue Sailor 26-35mm

7,90 €
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This series is called the Marinière button (marinière means sailor in French) because of these lines which are reminiscent of the famous long-sleeved polo shirt of French sailors! It exists in other colors but here, with these two tones of blue, it embodies a little more of a French symbol and above all a beach-sailing atmosphere. There are a lot of these buttons available. They are perfect over a trench, coat, jacket or denim bridge pants!

I love them with their mixture of Galalith (noble material from milk protein) and Bakelite for the light blue bars which form their lines and contrast with their intense and luminous blue.

And otherwise, I especially appreciate its three-level face which brings a crazy charm of elegance to this button!

Materials :Bakelite
Themes :Fashion
Shapes :Round
Care :Washing

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