13,80 €

Beautiful high fashion buttons Stylish beauty, real jewelry of the garment Exclusive vintage series, made of glass (circa 1920) At home in 72 hours

9,00 €

Nice plump buttons Semi-transparent resin, like tortoiseshell Orange-ocher brown hue Very nice quality, original vintage At home within 72 hours

6,50 €

Delicious buttons with subtle orange red (so called Tokyo red) Vintage original 80s, made in France, rare series of very beautiful quality Exclusivity BUTTONS PARADISE Fast delivery within 72...

6,50 €

Beautiful series of 70s flower buttons Metal and bright orange French made; also available in green and cherry red At your place within 72 hours

2,60 €

Nice series of round buttons Exclusivity BUTTONS PARADISE Original VintageAt your place under 72h - Minimum parts per order: 2

3,60 €

Lovely series of large resin sewing buttons Its resin looks like tortoiseshell with an ethno-chic style Perfect as iconic coat, trench or jacket buttons or to fashion your own creations like a...

2,00 €

Vintage couture buttons circa 1950’s. The series of vintage Graphic Orange buttons  is in resin. Its round shape and graphic face are very original. A dash of sophistication for a great style, the...

3,90 €

Alluring curved inlaid wooden button, made of warm colors thanks to its fine stripes of exotic wood.

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