Women, I love you

The most beautiful days are those that celebrate women. So here are my favorites in the feminine plural of simple and extraordinary women. I wish you a beautiful women’s day.

The Fashion Designers

Violaine Lablancherie, Au Juste

womens day entrepreneurs made in france
Violaine Lablancherie and her brother, Courtesy of Au Juste

It all started from a meeting with a mutual friend. And hop, love at first sight for Violaine and her brand Au Juste. Aware of the challenges of the planet and graphic designer by training, Violaine launched herself 3 years ago alongside her brother to create the brand Au Juste. A nice and warm brand that gives a second life to used materials but that we can totally reprocess and revive again: wool! First, all Au Juste sweaters are made in France to limit the carbon footprint. Then, Violaine became a talented Artistic Director. Go see the Dean sweater, you’ll love it!

Joëlle Litt, Stylist

womens day fashion designers
Courtesy of Joelle Litt Fashion

Here is an ‘Instagram’ meet as I like when I started on this network… in 2015! Since then, we have been communicating on insta but also through friends whose Joëlle has asked to come and meet me at my showroom. Joëlle is a stylist like no other. She is inspiring. And above all, it’s a tube of vitamins all by herself.

Here is how she defines herself on her website that I invite you to discover: “I come from a town of 500 inhabitants originally. I style a lot of different people and things. And I write about many different people and things. I love perfect imperfections. Sometimes I play the artistic director “ Joëlle Litt,

Charlotte Husson, Mister K

womens day beautiful cause against cancer
Courtesy of Charlotte Husson, Mister K

Committed and responsible because focused on authentic fashion. But above all, Charlotte Husson is one of those young women that cancer shook early. And afterwards, a huge desire to give another meaning to his life. After the event, she put everything together to create the Mister K brand for a committed wardrobe where 5% of sales are donated to the Gustave Roussy Institute.

The Animal lovers

Isabelle Pierard, Maison Soulyé

womens day ethic fashion
Courtesy of Maison Soulyé

Increasingly, the love of animals leads to the choice of the beautiful without animal material. Because finding ultra-feminine vegan shoes is not that easy. But above all, Isabelle is passionate about shoes and loves to taper our legs, she decides to bet on the innovation of alternative materials to leather. It is therefore a beautiful challenge and a daringly loving and ethical fashion!

Frédérique Verley, Sauvade

womens day and animals
Frederique Verley, Founder of the association Sauvade, Courtesy of Grazia

Finally, let me introduce to you Frédérique Verley. Above all, a woman engaged in the rescue of dogs and cats from Reunion Island to the mainland. Thanks to her network and her convictions, Frédérique has created a formidable chain of solidarity in Reunion but also in France. Last but not least, since the creation of the association (to follow on Instagram if not already done: @assosauvade), thousands of animals have been adopted for a new life. Well done !

The Beautiful Souls

As far as beautiful vibes, beautiful souls arrive on the first step! Also, to all my friends, women of heart, women entrepreneurs and courageous: Julie, Claudia, Aude, Isabelle, Aurélie, Véro, Florence, Nathalie, Gaëlle, Pascale, Agnès … But still to all the mothers of the planet who fight and watch over their children.

And then, there are women who carry our voices, echo our desires and relay our struggles: Simone Veil, Benoite Groult, Laetitia Colombani for their love of life and their resilience and their battles.

The absolute romantics

In a word, they are spontaneous, natural, sensitive, funny, talented and terribly women! Juliette Binoche, Sandrine Kiberlain, Laetitia Colombani in particular.

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How to live a sustainable and responsible fashion?

You want to bring something new to your wardrobe but not just how? Do you want to renew all or part of your dressing room while preserving your purchasing power? Here are some tips for sustainable and responsible fashion!

Idea n°1 for inspiration: storage by the classification

sustainable responsible fashion wardrobe
Jaimie Chua on her Instagram in a consumerist wardrobe – Pinterest

I know what you think … Storing your wardrobe is a must before buying new outfits. Except that there are 1001 ways to organize your dressing room to have a global vision; the basic pieces, the stylish favorites that you love but worn little or no at all. There are also your essentials, your it-clothes, because of memories or you feel comfortable with them and they are your second skin.

sustainable responsible fashion ethics wardrobe
Colorful wardrobe classified by color and type of outfits – Pinterest

Then organization side, you can first, classify your outfits by color and by genre. Like black for example and in the black: sweaters, t-shirts, pants, then dresses etc … This will allow you to evaluate your dominant colors. But most importantly you may find that your wardrobe is overloaded in one color rather than another.

Then and during this stage, take the time to try your outfits if you have a doubt. Your goal, our goal is primarily to classify what we wear and to put away what we love less. To live a sustainable and responsible fashion, also consists in rationalizing our choices without constraint!

Idea n°2 to adopt: trendy thrift shops

To do this, sort out your clothes that can be resold or donated. And there, neither one nor two, you are spoiled for choice in donating clothes. Oxfam, charity shops, various associations or, if you live in Great Britain for example, associative shops that sell second hand clothes to support a cause: medical, animal …

sustainable responsible fashion vintage shops
Denim jumpsuit IKKS videdressing.com – Dress Zara patatam.com

Regarding your choice of outfits for resale, here too, the solutions are many: market places online thrift especially if you have luxury parts or beautiful essentials or … young children who grow up quickly!

TOP 6 online second hand clothing platforms

  • www.videdressing.com (luxe)
  • www.vestiairecollective.com (luxe)
  • www.vinted.fr (toutes gammes, tous les prix)
  • www.percentif.fr (toutes gammes, tous les prix)
  • www.onceagain.fr (toutes gammes, petits prix)
  • www.patatam.com (toutes gammes, petits prix)

Idea n°3: the deposit-sale alternative

If you run out of time, you can always opt for the consignment. Be aware that this solution is less advantageous. A deposit-sale applies, on average, a commission of 40 to 50% (VAT included that it supports). An online thrift shop, in general, operates around a commission of 25%. To know also: the deposit-sale is primarily oriented women’s fashion unlike online thrift stores that offers an offer of second-hand clothes for you gentlemen.

Whatever the second-hand sales method you adopt, you’ll do good for the planet! And wait, there are still two tips for living an even more sustainable and responsible fashion 🙂

Question of look, little conclusion for the responsible fashion hardcore you are!

Idea n°4: the vintage fashion accessory

After sorting, ordering and tidying up, you can also relook or customize your outfits. Indeed, you have a Courrèges straight dress style or a ‘Saharienne’ style jacket in the manner of Yves Saint Laurent in the 70s but you want to give them an air of revival? Here again, the field of possibilities is quite wide.

Break the codes of your fashion mix. Wear one of your silk scarves as a belt … Even more radical? Why not shorten the bottom of your overalls by 20 cm to wear it in combi shorts?
And here, bam, two solutions to choose from.
> Purist method: you cut and make a hem in proper form.
> Quick solution and even more stylish: you make a big outside lapel or two backs but very wide in height. It’s original and will give a new line to your outfit.

As for your dress, think of the sewing buttons! Especially since more and more young brands are getting into vintage accessories. So nothing better for a sustainable fashion than to revive beautiful jewelry buttons of the 70s, 90s or even 60s? In the three options: scarf, lapel and / or sewing buttons, you participate in a fashion solidarity and benevolence in the sense of non-polluting.

sustainable responsible fashion vintage buttons
Vintage Lollipop pearl buttons70s Galatée buttons en Galalith resin BUTTONS PARADISE

Especially for beautiful vintage buttons, you can also choose from natural materials such as wood, horn or a beautiful galalith resin made from milk. Galalith was very popular for the design of jewelry, buttons and belt buckles from the 50s to the 90s.

Idea n°5: Be ethical, slow and sustainable fashion

sustainable responsible natural fashion
Frida Westerlund for D magazine – Ecodesigned sneakers Veja V10 suede brown

In other words, there is more and more choice to buy sustainable fashion.
The concept of slow fashion is to buy little and responsible as opposed to the brands that practice the ‘fast fashion’ with more than 6 collections a year and many, many restocking.

sustainable responsible recycled fashion
Necklace Eden Duo ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE – Coat and jacket Kimbo by Lesrécupérables.com

Here again, becoming a responsible consumer is easy. Look for young designers who are experts in sustainable fashion. ‘Les Récupérables’, a French brand that practices a fashion around the up-cycling by transforming curtains in trendy dress. Or Gaëlle Constantini who shapes her models from recycled fabrics. L’ATTELIER (with two T’s) by BUTTONS PARADISE, created in 2015, in Saint Germain des Prés, where the designer transforms belt buckles into designer cuffs or long necklaces like the Eden Duo, fashioned to 100% with components vintage. Bluffing effect guaranteed!

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Fashion accessories: buckle up and go!

No silhouette without a belt? Think again, the belt is more than just your waist. It dresses you and signs your style. So, ready to buckle up your belts for a damn curly fashion trip?

History of belts

fashion accessories design belt styles
From corseted waist to released woman © Pinterest

In the first place, forget the too often cited chastity belt, a trap too obvious. That being said, it is interesting to remember that the women’s belt, before becoming a fashion accessory, had a utilitarian role. Because yes, no drape or dress without belt, without fastener, fibula or button … So we say: before being design and aesthetics, the women’s belt was especially useful and practical.

Now, place to the beauty of the genres!

fashion accessories oversized belts
From left to right: CELINE puffy large buckle belt, wide belt inspiration on Pinterest pleated skirt

TYPES of belts

fashion accessories design 70s belt styles
Fine belts materials on Fractals.it

In the second place, and since it is a matter of deciphering the basis of the art of the belt, the fashion illustrations speak for themselves. In addition, great are the choices of materials to sculpt our waist!

fashion accessories design 70s belt styles
Fine belts types on Fractals.it

First there were the thin belts in fabrics of the roaring twenties, just after the end of the corset achieved by Mademoiselle Chanel. Then the 40’s/50’s leather straps, the metal belts of the psychedelic years from “Twiggy” but also the rope and ‘belted’ scarves.

fashion accessories design 70s belt styles
Jane Birkin belted 70’s – Paco Rabanne RTW 2019 – mythical belt metal


In fact, you have understood, and for those who know me, what I like in the belt is the loop! Design buckles, buckles like meshes as Celine, the variety of possibilities is endless …
fashion accessories design belts
On the left, oversized belt Zana Bayne plexiglass buckle – On the right, Celine black grosgrain belt
Also and for the ideas of look to borrow, the Haute Couture draws in abundance in history: buckle-belt military Ferré, buckles like fibula for Céline or 70s metal buckle in extra-long mode for Adam Selman! …
fashion accessories design original belt styles
From left to right – Gianfranco Ferré dress and belt, Céline dress with pin-loops, Adam Selman outfit and extra long belt

Buckled up silhouettes Haute Couture or New York style

fashion accessories metal ring belts
From left to right: Mango Ring Belt, Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture Metal Ring Belt

In addition to the creativity of women’s belts, it is the boldness and excessiveness that make them fashion accessories. It must be recognized that the border is narrow between the accessory and the jewel!

Once again, the belt shows that THE accessory is essential: simple or sophisticated, primary or complex, the belt guides us!

fashion accessories haute couture belts
Jil Sander Stretch Wide Belt FW18/19, Right, Strap and Button Belt, Giorgio Armani Privé

Wrist or ankle belts

fashion accessories women belts
Elizabeth Hawes Suede Belt 1948 – Eden O-Clock Buckle Bracelet by BUTTONS PARADISE
But the audacity and innovation of today’s belt reside above all in the way of wearing it. You follow me ?
fashion accessories design original belt styles
Satin black wrist bracelet Attico – Eden Design Necklace Duo ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE
More exactly, young fashion brands are free from conventions.
They go from waist and bust to the corseted belts of Azzedine Alaïa and Jean-Paul Gaultier (which we also love!), Ankles and wrists.
Their common denominator? The BUCKLE belt still and always !!!
For example, ATTICO in Italy now has a range of satin anklets inspired by the belt. At the same time, on the French side, the Hermès, Boinet and BUTTONS PARADISE houses break the codes and wear the wrist bracelet.
fashion accessories buckle up cuffs
Left: Hermès black bracelet, bottom, Maison Boinet wrist bracelet, right, satin anklets Attico
Finally, if Hermes and Boinet are very close to the wrist belt (simple metal buckle with smooth or grained leather strap), BUTTONS PARADISE creates very colorful pieces, unique or in very limited series! In addition, the designer of the brand is concerned about sustainable and responsible fashion: recycled leathers adorned with rare vintage buckles from the roaring twenties to the disco 90’s! In summary, it is to see!

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Haute Couture Accessories: 5 ideas that change everything

Contrary to popular belief, the very first buttons for clothing were jewels and not fasteners. A cult accessory and a symbol that makes sense especially when its style resonates with haute couture

Idea n°1 to borrow: Bib Buttons

haute couture accessories bib buttons
Viktor & Rolf jackets highly buttoned up

In the first place, there are surprising accessories that bring a touch of chic poetry to the seam. Like the very buttoned effect imagined by the house Viktor and Rolf which is bluffing. How to accessorize a super classic blazer jacket? Simply by covering it with monochrome buttons in three colors: black, blue, white for a dark blue or beige jacket, cream, green and turquoise for a khaki blazer. Having said so, the ultimate effect lies above all in the choice of pieces that are adorned with buttons: the sleeves … a sweater or jeans!

haute couture accessories plastron buttons
Viktor & Rolf tops and pants buttoned up

Idea n°2 to borrow: The paper clip

After the luxury bohemian style, here is the haute couture ‘business’ look.

haute couture accessories original brooch
Paper clip and jacket VERSACE FW 2019-2020 – Design 80s buttons circle black gold silver BUTTONS PARADISE

And there, Versace in his autumn-winter pre-collection is of a malicious inventiveness. Moreover, it is a luxury trick made of a singular detail. So do not hesitate to clip the paper clip of your office on your jacket pocket! Donatella will forgive me and Miss Chanel even more! Above all, have fun with accessorizing your black outfit with stylized metallic jewels: original design buttons for example or oversize paperclips!

Idea n°3 to borrow: The paintbrush effect

Contrary to what one might believe, there is no question of canvas or painting but embroidery and buttons effects matter!

haute couture accessories embroidery paintbrush effect
YOHJI YAMAMOTO FW 2019-2020 – BUTTONS PARADISE Design Buttons Gouache

So that elegance is absolute, here is a couture design inspiration. An outfit that speaks for itself! It’s beautiful, sober and explosive. So here too. Do not wait or rather, give free rein to your inspiration! Accessorize your black coat with beautiful beige white buttons and ultra modern minimalist embroidery.

Idea n°4 to borrow: Luxury silver detail

haute couture accessories silver detail
BALMAIN SS19 – BUTTONS PARADISE Silver glass buttons

Often, we do not dare to adopt enough small details that are the singularity of Haute Couture. And one of the most talented of all the great couturiers and the most disco-pop is certainly Olivier Rousteing for BALMAIN.

Idea n°5 to borrow: Contrasted black look

haute couture accessories black look
Yohji Yamamoto FW 2019-2020 – Set of buttons in symmetrical & asymmetric pose

Similarly, the frock coat or the military imper affirm with a subtle game of buttons … So there, to say that I am totally a fan of this accessory and this style minimalist luxury! Moreover, there is a rare address in terms of haute couture buttons to shopper style haberdashery online or at a parlor like BUTTONS PARADISE installed in Paris.

haute couture accessories embroidery black and white
BALMAIN FW19/20 – Silver glass jewelry buttons BUTTONS PARADISE

In short, fashion accessories surprise us! Not necessarily ostentatious, they are the delicate and original detail that marks a style. Whether they are jewelry buttons or designer buttons, cultural objects that make our everyday life like a paper clip or a contemporary pen, they shape and guide our look!

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Contemporary wrist jewelry

Surprising, big, sometimes square, fringed, curved or graphic, contemporary wrist jewelry is of all trends! Warning: if you like classic style, this post is not for you!

Fringed metallic cuffs

contemporary wrist bracelet fringe
From left to right: Chloé 2019, Charleston fringed bracelet for Nina Ricci

Why a bracelet? Because he dresses the most classic of your outfits. Like these stylish wrists on bottom of tailors skirts pencils!

Geometric precious bracelets

And then there is this I do not know what affirmation and fantasy also in the bracelet. When for example Goossens revisits the rush in white gold or yellow in the manner of the trombone, it is superb and minimalist.

contemporary wrist jewelry metal
Cuff bracelet ethic gold Jem Paris – Bracelet Trombone Goossens

On the other hand, the pearl-perforated effect of Jem Paris’s ethical gold jewelry collection is more sophisticated.

Fashion chic wrist sets

contemporary wrist jewelry
From left to right: Bracelet 1967 Collection MET NY collection – Bracelets Eden O Tawny ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE

But the ultimate creator’s favorite material remains resin! Also, we can like an acetate jewel made in France as the top trendy Eden O Fauve bracelet.

In addition, what is chic with the resin is its brilliance and creativity of shape. So, your bracelet is a fashion accessory day and turns into a jewel of the evening because it adapts to ALL your outfits or almost.

Large leather bracelets

contemporary wrist jewelry
Bracelet Parme Marin ©Courtesy of Vogue UK – Cuff and suitcase Hermès Resort 2019

There is also the nomadic atmosphere and the natural style of the leather bracelet. Totally timeless and yet full of modernity, I have a real crush on the refined look of Parma Marin and its oversize leather strap.

Loop bracelets

In contrast to the ring, the loop bracelet type brings a touch of originality. Especially when the buckle is horn or carved mother-of-pearl, natural and noble materials for a femininity at the top!

contemporary wrist jewelry
Bracelets and dress Acne – Cuffs Eden Go ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE

Industrial style cuffs

Even more fun is the industrial look. Here, everything is allowed like a bracelet that mimics the end of a shirt sleeve!

contemporary wrist jewelry industrial style
Design jewelry industrial style ©Pinterest

70s inspiration pop jewelry

contemporary wrist jewelry plexiglas
Leather metal Bracelet Eden M ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE – Plexiglas bracelets Paco Rabanne

Pop jewels that bring pep and elegance. Thanks to their acidulous colors. Even more for their daring shapes and sizes.

Bunk bracelets

contemporary wrist jewelry pearl

There are also naturally generous and oversized jewels. We must recognize that Monies is one of them. Yet here is a more moderate example. In this example, generosity and sliced style go through the superposition of multiple rows of pearls. Ethno Indian inspiration guaranteed.

Graphic bracelets

contemporary wrist design bracelet
Silver and plexiglas bracelet Dries Van Noten – Leather and glass bracelet Eden UV ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE

Finally, we also love this graphic look! Especially for mixing materials such as metal and plexiglass (Dries!) or leather and chopped glass (ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE).
In short, THE bracelet becomes a jewel of the wrist when it takes on a touch of sophistication of form and timelessness of material.

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Vinyl fashion with style

More than ever, vinyl is back (not to be confused with vinyl records that are also back!). Long associated with bad life and bad taste, the ‘vinyl fashion’ style is THE chic variant of all our dressings.

From 70s to ‘vinyl addicts’

audrey hepburn monica bellucci trench vinyl
Audrey Hepburn – Short trench with buttons Monica Bellucci ©regram Pinterest

Who was not entitled in his early childhood to the famous black or yellow waxed raincoat or the French so called Ciré jaune?

The only difference today is that it is no longer reserved for the girls of the seventies but the fashionistas we are! Proof of it is …

Timeless vinyl, boots or impers

But why have this material associated with the perfect shine to the so-called slight women? We all remember Julia Roberts’ tight high boots in Pretty Woman. Gianvito Rossi and Moschino dedicate them this year with elegance.

vinyl thigh high boots
Julia Roberts Pretty Woman – thigh-high boots Gianvito Rossi – Boots and coat Moschino FW1819 ©Imaxtree

Unless you are more classic in black vinyl trench in the manner of Romy Schneider in Max or the scrapers by Claude Sautet or more joyful in yellow mac in Caesar and Rosalie?

Little black dress and PVC suit

black vinyl leather
Paco Rabanne ©Imaxtree – Boots Roger Vivier – Design Necklace BUTTONS PARADISE

Besides the famous shiny PVC raincoat, the vinyl look is very surprising, super elegant and sexy when he invites himself in a very short black dress. Here too, a matching accessory like ankle boots will complete your look. But most importantly, a chic necklace mounted on canary yellow leather brings THE personal touch for a unique style, right?

Cherry red vinyl

Red vinyl outfits
Pierre Cardin 1970 coat – Slim vinyl pants Mango – Pair of red shorts Valentino – Contemporary leather bracelet Eden Lola by BUTTONS PARADISE

Contrary to popular belief, the kind of vinyl leather or bright red PVC has a crazy chic. And if you like bright red, wear it in slim pants on a black tee shirt. Otherwise, accessorize your look with a beautiful colorful designer bracelet. Because nothing is more original than a touch of bright color on black to highlight your style.

Bag or jewel to shine

vinyl fashion looks
Balmain FW 18/19 – Jil Sander bag – Birdy necklace BUTTONS PARADISE – Sweater Sonia Rykiel

When you wear two-tone PVC pants like the one from Balmain this winter, do not hesitate to accessorize it with a large balloon sweater and statement necklace. Why ? Simply because the mat of the mesh brings out the brilliance of the vinyl! Ditto when you add your personal touch to a jewel such as a necklace that you adjust to the right height. The necklaces of ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE have almost all a tip of vinyl leather with acid colors.

Customize your look with an oversized accessory

vinyl fashion raincoat looks
Trench Marni FW 18/19 avec ceintures oversize ©Imaxtree

Finally, when vinyl, pvc or plastic invites itself in royal blue or tropical green colored trench at Marni this winter, we can not not be a fan of the eighties! Especially when combined with an oversize belt to mark our figure! In fact, there is in this minimalist vinyl style a zest of Parisian look …

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The coat: a garment like no other

Caban, trench coat, overcoat, frock coat, duffle coat, bathrobe … More than an accessory, the coat hides and protects us. So this winter, do you wear a coat or is it the coat that carries you?

Coat styles

two tones coat style
Two tones Erma coat Fall Winter 18/ 19 – Courtesy of Vogue

If the peacoat or duffle coat is your second skin, there is a good chance that you like the classic, the order (because of the double buttoning of the pea coats and the Brandenburg duffle-coat!) Or that you are a girl sailor or descendant of pirates. Do you know that the pirates borrowed this term from the Arabs who called Qabà the garment above? But perhaps your leitmotiv is above all to be comfortable in a straight cut?

Caban coat style
Zara caban coat with red buttonholes and metal buttons

In contrast to straight cuts, you lean more for a ‘soft envelope’ way frocking? ‘Cintré‘ meaning waisted ‘par excellence‘ and long, even very long, the frock coat is a link between sophistication and enhancement of our feminine forms. The frock coat also evokes a pretty propensity for nostalgia and an ode to femininity. Star of the 80s, she is back in great shape sculptural coat!

frock coat style
Fendi Fall Winter 18/19 – Frock back coat back with metal buttons – Courtesy of Pinterest

For the sake of convenience and because you are an earthling, the Canadian (French Canadian naming!) or Duvet is your favorite overcoat? Never mind ! She is warm and comfortable. And you are certainly more pragmatic, a true epicurean in the sense of enjoying the warmth and well-being of the long version down jacket!

duvet coat style
Duvet coats Fendi and Kenzo
bathrobe coat style
Blue sky Burberry – Grey La Redoute

Finally, do you wear the bathrobe coat? Indispensable, timeless, it embodies fluidity. Moreover, I call it agile clothing and I am a fan of this look. With him, you live as you are! The bathrobe style is for all occasions: in evening version dressed on tuxedo or little black dress, or in office mode or to take out your dog adored in the early morning!

Black, beige or colored coat?

oversize coat style with colored buttons
Marc Jacobs large coat Fall Winter 18/19 ©Imaxtree

Besides the cut, the color matters. A good basic is also our three-quarter black or camel. We all have one! And what’s fun with a black overcoat in particular is to accessorize it or personalize it with buttons of bright clothing.

It is quite possible also for a more sophisticated way Like Boys or minimalist fashion, to associate mother-of-pearl buttons that will be real jewels on the black or plain of your dress. Conversely, if your fetish coat is yellow or blue, play this year especially haute couture buttons or black design buttons for a unique look like Marc Jacobs.

United or patterned?

plaid coat street style
Plaid coat street style – Regram Pinterest
plaid coat style
Plaid coat street style – Regram Pinterest

So this winter, all styles are allowed: tweed coats and big tiles like Sherlock Homes or Mango! But also, floral caban if you want to get closer to Italy or Brazil and create a virtual heat effect in the cold.

To wear long or short?

As you like! If you are rather consensual, the three-quarter is also a good must. But if you prefer elegance and you are big (!), Then do not hesitate to wear your coat at mid-calf even just above the ankle.

two tones coat style
Two tones Erma coat Fall Winter 18/ 19 – Courtesy of Vogue

Natural or synthetic fibers?

faux fur coat style
Rouge faux fur – Courtesy of Marie-Claire

In cold weather, wool is de rigueur! Or, fashionista or fan of daily cocooning? Straight on the faux fur as soft as cashmere! And do not deprive yourself of patterns imitating the coat of our friends the felines and our friends the animals in general for an ethical and responsible fashion!

New or vintage?

Because we are all faithful to one or two overcoats that we want to wear at any price from year to year! But what if his fabric or seams become fragile with the seasons? Appointment in second hand shops that are more and more numerous and selective in their choice of clothing. And if you prefer a coat firsthand without making the choice of haute couture or a designer coat, plan a quick shopping session on Google and then shop!

short coat vintage style
New with a vintage look – Miu Miu 18/19

Coat buttons … Essential jewelry!

But above all, always make sure that the accessories of your coat are beautiful and unique. It is not a question of brand but of quality for a style just for you. In addition, whether it’s the buttons on your coat or the jewelry you’ll wear to give it depth, it’s a whole. In summary, designer jewelry or haute couture buttons or why not vintage buttons will be your best allies! That is said!

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Best of avant garde fashion

I like the way I dress. Pretentious? No! It is true that as a designer of fashion accessories (sewing buttons and original jewelry), I enjoy it and let myself be carried by my inspiration to wear what I LOVE or what suits me! So today I take you in MY world of avant-garde fashion and its cutting-edge designers!

Stella McCartney, authentic style

avant garde fashion Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney FW 2018/2019

Because it’s never easy to be the girl of … I’m pushing an open door (French expression that speaks for itself) but it is so true. Especially when you’re a vegetarian and being a vegetarian 20 years ago was so ‘unfashionable’, she stood up. Already in 1998, despite taunts, she assumed her position! Stella IS herself. In addition to her beliefs about the animal world (which I share at 300%) and a responsible human behavior, she has this talent of pure forms, feminine curves. Try a trench or sweater, you will see. In fact, it’s a perfection to any test!

avant garde fashion stella mccartney blue style
Stella McCartney Resort 2018

With BUTTONS PARADISE, innovation rhymes with preservation. If you mix high quality recycled leather and stylish vintage buckles, then the bracelet you wear is Highly Fashionable. And if even though the road is still long to reach with a faux leather the quality of a real leather with the perfect softness with the conditions of 100% eco-responsible manufacturing, my objective is there and the work is work.

Delpozo, a Balenciaga of lyric poetry

Avant garde fashion Delpozo suit
Collection FW 19 – Delpozo

Never has the color been so important with Delpozo. No doubt this approach is meant to better remember THE Spanish beauty. Form-wise, we could think of Courrèges or Cardin. But again, nothing matches the style of Josef Fonc who orchestrates the design of the brand for almost five years. He cares about the primary colors as no one else in addition to the art of carving our ultra-feminine forms for our greatest pleasure!

avant garde fashion delpozo dress
Delpozo – Dresses fashioned with 70’s silver buckles

In addition, he diverts the accessory jewelry. Like BUTTONS PARADISE, the belt buckle becomes a necklace adornment!

Finally and by far, what I like in the spirit of this style is respect for the cut. It is natural and flatters the silhouette like nobody.

Marni, thoughtful fashion excess

avant garde fashion marni
Marni – FW 19/19 ©Imaxtree

For me, Marni is the realm of sophistication. A paradox however when you know the minimalist fashion style of this Italian brand. I like this oversized look, this eccentric style to the extreme. Marni is this kind of happy fashion that we love or hate. Because the brand does not do by half measures.

But above all, with Marni, there is always a respect for THE manufacturing: the garment, in addition to be cutting-edge is robust. Unlike others (I will not name anyone !!!!), Marni voluntarily makes ostentatious excess. I like the excess when it is is crazy, funky and elegant. So long live the style with a big S.

Vanda Jacintho, fashion with sculpted accents

avant garde fashion vanda jacintho style
Vanda Jacintho dress and earrings

No, Vanda Jacintho has nothing to do with Marni, even though its design is ultra-minimalist. With this Brazilian designer, it is all about smoothed lines. Initially, the brand launched with a line of Bauhaus new style jewelry made of noble materials such as horn and mother-of-pearl.

avant garde fashion vanda jacintho look
Vanda Jacintho wearing one of her dress

Then, Vanda Jacintho quickly asserted itself in the avant-garde ready-to-wear. With its flamboyant colors, its contrasts and its soberly carved lines, it affirms a free and current fashion.

avant garde style vanda jacintho
Vanda Jacintho dress and design necklace from her collection

A pure delight where the button and the fashion accessory are transcended into extraordinary jewelry.

Dries Van Noten, ode to the eclectic woman

avant garde fashion dries van noten
Pink trench Dries Van Noten

With Dries, I do not know about you, but I’m flying…! Everything Dries does and touches is an alchemy of materials and magic to celebrate femininity. Ditto for his masculine line I also love. And here too, the button is displayed at the jewel rank!

Finally, there is a talented French designer that I cannot fail to mention for his genius and his passion: Jean-Paul Gautier! JPG is a sweet blend of high fantasy and haute couture geometry. He creates and transcends fashion in a world apart. A joyful, elegant style with a refinement constantly renewed. Besides, I cannot wait to discover his freak show at the Folies Bergères! This will be interesting to watch…

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Buttoned clothing review

Never has the button of clothing been so successful since the 80s! So for this this winter, here is a fashion review to customize your looks and adopt an ultra feminine style!

buttoned clothing review button details
Mansur Gavriel cashmere coat – FW 18/19 – Courtesy of Mansur Gavriel

Coat dresses

First, why not consider a simple effect with a touch of contrast like the coat dress? Above all, a classic of clothing simply enhanced by two large white buttons.

dress buttons fashion review
Coat dress Mango FW 18/19

First and foremost considered a basic outfit, the coat dress also knows how to be very elegant. Like this sober white dress but which, enhanced by a design button and a pair of high boots has a crazy style.

coat dress with big button
Coat dress Zara Fall 2018

Revisited coats

Because each season has its codes or rather its hobby in terms of overcoats! Because yes, look well these short or long coats, woolly or silky wherever you are! Indeed, there is a constant for a dress code at the top: the buttons of coats.

buttoned clothing fashion review
Dries Van Noten Spring 2019 ©Indigital
button coat fashion review
Coat Mansur Gavriel FW 18/19 – Courtesy of Mansur Gavriel
check coats with buttons
Paco Rabanne Spring 2018 ©Indigital

So if you have just acquired the coat of your dreams, and that for some reason x or y, its buttons seem bland, opt for some original buttons!

If only as Mansur Gavriel, you are faithful to the tone on tone for a soft style in color.

pink coat on pink buttons
Pink cashmere coat Mansur Gavriel FW 18/19 – Courtesy of Mansur Gavriel
coat buttons fashion button review
Dries Van Noten Spring 2019 ©Indigital

Trimmed jackets and clothes

On the contrary and if you prefer an effect of sophistication, Chloe provides us dresses and suits jacket-pants adorned with beautiful shades of blue or brown. And it’s not bad at all I find …

fashion button review dress buttons
dress and suit fashioned with buttons – Chloé Spring 2019 ©Indigital

Because for this review of style, Liu Jo plays the key of personalization in the manner of our favorite clothes. But beware, it’s always done in extreme chic fashion. Because we love this river of rhinestone buttons on tweed with a touch of leather!

skirt buttons jacket buttons button clothing
Suit by Liu Jo FW 18/19 – Courtesy of Liu Jo

Finally, last wink on the jacket adorned with large tortoise shell effect buttons. It is made of shearling that is to say, a great sweetness!

button fashion review jacket button
Big buttons jacket Saks Potts -Matchesfashion.com

Shirts or cardigans with buttons

But still no shirt buttons! In reality, it is a question of fashion buttons. In short, I admit that Zara helped me because like Lemaire, Prada or Dolce Gabbana, their autumn-winter collection is adorned with sewing buttons.

shirt buttons
Big button in the manner of horn on a wool shirt ZARA
cardigan fashion buttons
Cardigan FW 18/19 – Dolce Gabbana.com
cardigan buttons fashion review
Twinset FW 18/19 Christophe Lemaire – Courtesy of Lemaire
fashion buttons details on shirt buttons
Oversized shirts ZARA – Fall 2018

Outfits playing with buttons

As a conclusion, bold style always pays. All in all, these two examples are very far but preferred. In a word, dare the contrast of colors and transparent buttons on a beautiful pencil skirt.

skirt buttons style
Fluffy sweater and pencil skirt with transparent buttons – Balenciaga on matchesfashion.com

But also, playing buttons, their color or size is a treat. Photo support to follow!

buttoned fashion review playing buttons
Playing buttons on dress – Zara Fall 2018

In summary, if you love to customize your best outfits like me and benefit from advice to refine your beloved garments, go to BUTTONS PARADISE: e-shop or showroom close to the Bon Marché in Paris!

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