When hats take the lead!

You will have, for the beginning of the spring, the clear but well framed face! And what is also top is that the hat takes the lead of next spring-summer trends!

So, to your hats and accessories for a terribly feminine fashion, so beautiful beautiful beautiful!

capelin oversize jacquemus ss18
Oversize capelin Jacquemus SS18
design women hats
White disk-shaped hat with black beads Florencia Tellado – Pompom hat on Pinterest

Above all, how to choose your hat?

trendy women hats
oversize hat XUAN and disk-shaped silk hat Alexandre Vauthier

To choose your hat, you have different options! Do you have a small head or a long face? So you can afford almost all of the capelin through the panama fashionistas and people.

Do you have a round head like an orange? Try hats with structured shapes and bold curves! They should make you happy and especially the trilby or the fedora!

Finally, if your face morphology is more square, you hats bells, berets and other pretty round shapes like a melon.

woman fashion hats
Left, design straw and leather hat by Florencia Tellado – Fedora with pompoms Mango – straw boater hat with denim – Chanel Panama
design woman hats
Multicolored headband hat Florencia Tellado – Giant capelin Jacquemus – Capelin embroidered with flowers

We love all hats!

Because it’s an accessory straight from the men’s wardrobe! Because it gives a charm to our outfits. A hat is like a cuff. It has this unique twist that asserts a look and gives a style in almost any situation.

Large women hats
De gauche à droite : chapeau feutre et corde Alaska Accessoires, Capeline beige ceinturée Alaska, capeline noire futuriste Prado
Women looks with hat
Between Borsalino and felt capelin Zara – Cloche hat with buttons Pinterest – Tweed boater hat Chanel – Red fake fur woolen hat Florencia Tellado

In addition to asserting a style, the hat is customizable in a snap: a few buttons or a nice design solo button: it will be unique! Or if you’re a fan of scarves, you can match your capeline or panama to your outfit of the day!

fashion cap women hats
Tweed black cap Chanel – Mallow cap hat and yellow orange cap and coat in fake fur MiuMiu – Lemon yellow trench Mango – Woolen cap with a yellow pompom Florencia Tellado

And then, if you opt for a practical fashion, you can always bet on a cap for a look androgynous or ‘cozy teddy’ in the manner of MiuMiu.

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My loves, Italian style!

Like you, after the snow, I want colors and sunshine. But do not believe that I do not like white! White is the new black and Colors are my Crayola felt-tip pens!!! So this week, to bring spring, I invite you to discover my Italian loves, MY Italy: its treasures, its secret addresses, its fashion or jewelry designers, and above all, its colors! Perché si, amo l’Italia!

Secret love? Here is Apulia

Even more beautiful than northern Apulia, those of the South are secret and wild. Do you like baroque style and when the walls speak to you?!! See you in Lecce.

fashion design italy lecce
Lecce, Duomo piazza and streets – Showroom l’jo Design – Dolce Gabana

In addition, you will find in Lecce an amazing fashion designer … Antonio Franco (Atika, Via Rubichi 13). Antonio creates beautiful clothes inspired from the 1920s to 1960s. His fabrics and couture are sublime. Not to mention his vintage accessories: jewels, necklaces and bracelets! And if you are a fan of Italian designers, Lecce organizes itsFashion Week every year!

italian secret destination gallipoli
Gallipoli, small streets, palazzo and beach – Kaftan by Tulsi

Otherwise, if you are more interested by the big blue, then head to Gallipoli! It is a surprising little La Rochelle (a famous French walled city surrounded by the sea): turquoise water, small beaches, terraces galore as simple as nice for a morning ristreto coffee or a Spritz while admiring the sunset on the sea!

City love? Weekend in Rome

Because Rome is THE Dolce Vita, Fellini, romance and Italian love!

italian loves fashion rome
Rome atmopsheres – La Dolce Vita by Fellini – Fendi Fondation – Audrey Hepburn Vogue Italia – Castel Saint Angelo – Fountain of Trévise – Street Style – Piazza di Santa Maria, Trastevere

And then, there are two things I suggest you do in Rome.

1. Eat a Tartuffo Pizza Navonna, if you are greedy like me … I love the chocolate of this frozen truffle!!!

2. Have a picnic on the outskirts of the Castel Sant’Angelo with a Ciabatta e prosciutto crudo sandwich. Also, if you want to combine fashion and design, go to the Fendi Foundation: a temple of fashion and neoclassical architecture!

Fashionista? My love of fashion designers

italian haute couture
From left to right, top to down: Armani SS18 – Marni RTW 2018 – Dolce Gabbana – Scarf Versace SS 2018 – Pink coat Prada Spring 2018

What I love above all in the Italian style is this love for excess! But it is not counting also on the detail of the fashion accessories: oversize bags, big sequins on pink summer coat for Prada or the red hearts of Dolce Gabbana. In Italy, one dares the color and the contrast and I adore it! A true Dolce Vita love!

italian style napolitean fashion dolce vita
Dolce Vita leather cuff ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE

And for a touch of ultimate refinement, here is THE Dolce Vita. A two-tone leather cuff closed with two collar buttons. Some discreet and elegant collar buttons and soft leathers. But why the Dolce Vita? Simply because this limited edition is inspired by the Neapolitan cuff! Look at a James Bond movie and you will understand that 007 is wearing Neapolitan cuff shirts like this picture, in the bottom left, in Dr. No’s famous James Bond.

In short, I hope you have guessed that my heart beats for Italy!

Above all, feel free to share this post if you liked it with your friends! And if you write to me, I will gladly give you all my addresses and tips on my loves in Italian style! And also, I will tell you about my passion for fashion accessories!

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Women jewelry: No limit!

Street style, haute couture, ready-to-wear: in terms of jewelry and feminine accessories, the field of creativity is unlimited!

But by the way, if everything is allowed, where to start? Original necklaces, bracelets or designer cuffs? Trendy bags, oversized belts or atypical hats? Make your own choice!

So, welcome to a jumble of design to inspire, adapt, personalize and feel beautiful and stylish everyday.

Unusual design necklaces

First, the necklace. Here, it is unusual and above all functional. Necklace bag in the manner of Hermes or Tods or keychain, there is something for all genres! We also notice the original necklace effect adorned with a bakelite buckle the baggycol because it looks like a bag except that he is not!

fashion jewelry design necklaces
From left to right and top to down
Necklace Margiela for Hermès – Design necklace Margiela – Long necklace Baggycol ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE – Collier Sac Hermès & Tods

Pearl cuffs

As much as the necklace, there is an accessory that dresses all by itself: the jewel cuff. And Chanel to give the tempo is never wrong. But I admit to having a weakness for a stylish jewel such as a black pearl cuff or an end of the sleeve with beautiful black buttons.

fashion jewelry design bracelets
From left to right and top to down
Cuff bracelet style in the manner of Iris Apfel – Design white cuff – Pearl cuff Dries Van Noten – Pearl bracelet Chanel – Shirt Lemaire

Original jewelry loops

So here, look good! I love these fashion looks, street style trends. Headlines loops. Denim jeans, a jacket and a cuff on the wrist or ankle? You are dressed in every sense of the word!

Fashion design creative woman accessories
From left to right and top to down
Leather cuff ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE – Buckle coat Jacquemus – Street style bandana cuff and buckle slippers – cuffs Prada

Belts: they are anything but accessory!

But yes, there is beauty accessory sometimes underrated: the belt. It structures your line. In addition, the belt is a jewel! Although oversized, she can be more discreet and ultra-feminine! In summary, the women’s belt is all outfits!

fashion jewelry design belts
From left to right and top to down
Oversized belt Gianfranco Ferré – Cuff Céline – Giant belt Balmain – Resin buckle belt Ellery – Street style white coat and belt

At last I forgot! For hats, it’s promised, I’ll tell you about it next time! See you soon !

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Dress code 2018: personalize your shoes!

[BREAKING NEWS] In 2018, designers excel at creativity to dress our feet. And that gave me a lot of ideas to personalize our shoes!

In addition, I offer a mini to do it yourself (DIY) with tutorial photos! But just before, discover all the trends of next spring to be at the top of your shoes!

Shoe personalization
Balenciaga Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear Accessories – Tweed and golden buttons

Transparency of small steps 

First, here is the spring style that reveals the femininity of our feet: stilettos or derbies with heels like Armani. Our extreme part of the body reveals itself subtly!

Fashion customize shoes
From left to right and top to down: Stilettos Alexander Wang – Giorgio Armani – Boots Balmain – Prabal Gurum


Allure Delicate Shoes 

Then, and more surprising: alluring shoes that affirm your look with originality and audacity! I love these unprecedented details of Dolce & Gabana’s pendulum sandal.

Shoes dress code 2018
Clock sandals Dolce Gabana – Denim slippers Philip Lim

Oversized pompoms

Woman shoe personalization
From left to right and top to down: London Street style – Raoulle leather fringes – Marc Jacobs Spring 2018 – Céline mocassins – Dolce Gabana SS 18 – Street style pink derbies

And then the spring is sensual in leather pompoms or soft faux fur. Again, almost everything is allowed! It’s fun and stylish, from the shoe to the sneakers! Also, do not hesitate to accessorize your shoes in hype or vintage charms! We all have a designer soul, right?

Buckles on the feet or strapped shoes? 

Shoes Customization
From left to right and top to down: Miu Miu Spring resort 2018 – Jil Sander – Prada

Undoubtedly, a real favorite. I am a stylist and craftsman in buckles and sewing buttons. And I like to diversify their use … So when it comes to transforming the use of a buckle, I always say YES. And frankly, it’s an unstoppable fashion trick. This style is casual chic to the tips of the nails (or toes!)

Very buttoned shoes 

Customize shoes
From left to right and top to down: Fendi – Miu Miu – Prada – Boots and shoes Miu Miu

At the same time, designing a women’s shoe model is not easy. It requires as much technique as excellence in the materials used … for perfect comfort. But here, I crack! A little detail like a jewel sewing button sewn over linen and voila: the shoe is unique! 

Beautiful buttons, pretty stylish feet 

customize pimp fashion shoes
Miu Miu shoes – Buttons by BUTTONS PARADISE

So get started! Because it’s really easy to personalize your own shoes. Yes really! A customer brought me her Miu Miu shoes. One of his big leather knots that dressed his shoes is gone. She chose two big vintage sewing buttons to replace them! But why not you?

Once again, it is an easy job of one hour maximum. And a great result! The three pre-requisites?

1. Have a large needle with a sturdy but thin tip to pierce the leather (or a cookie cutter for less than 15 euros)

2. A linen thread also called Chinese thread or else a thick nylon and silk thread that will be very chic and satiny

3. Finally, sew your button with a point without the need of a knot. Only two or three points are enough! A knotless sewing will be just as strong or more. And especially it will be more comfortable to wear (zero gene because no knot on the back of your shoe!)

And if you have a doubt, I will advise you with pleasure!

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Here comes the couture button!

From all smart fashion accessories, the couture button is my favorite … !

For once, this week, there is no question of women’s cloakroom! Because of all the subjects, it’s the button that I prefer (my nod to a French singer, Caroline Loeb)

So this is it. I decided, if you will, to take you on a journey to discover the 1001 materials of the button. But above all, little glossary on THE button!

gem couture buttons pimp outfit
Gem couture buttons by BUTTONS PARADISE

Are you ‘PPOC*’??! (to be pronounced “POK”)

It is used daily. And yet, the couture button is probably from all our accessories, the one that has a thousand and one tricks and secrets. Do not sociologists call it the ‘PPOC’? Because yes, the PPOC qualifies the couture button of the *Smallest Cultural Object, the S.C.O.! In French: ‘Plus Petit Objet Culturel‘.  Simply because the sewing button is one of our most common clothing uses.

And I do not resist sharing this quote from an Austrian architect, keen on fashion and style.

If nothing else survives of a vanished people but a single button, it would be possible for me, from the form of this button, to deduce the dress and customs of this people, their habits, their art and his intellectual life. So big is the importance of this button. I wanted to underline the relationship between the inner culture and the external culture. The way is as follows: God creates the artist, the artist creates the time, the time creates the craftsman, the craftsman creates the button.

Adolf Loos, Words in the Void, 1897-1900, Ivrea, 1994

Nice introduction, isn’t it?

tawny couture buttons pimp outfit
Tawny resin couture buttons to pimp a coat by BUTTONS PARADISE

P as polyester or R as resin?

Here, I grant you: I love all these divine resins!

Personalize outfit couture button
Rond large design resin button Silk by BUTTONS PARADISE

Polyester is, of all the resins, the most widespread in couture buttons since the second half of the 20th century with a peak in the 70’s.

fashion button couture
Galalith ribbon couture buttons by BUTTONS PARADISE

But there is resin and resin! Because while polyester is a commonly used plastic resin, there are many more sophisticated ones; including a beautiful resin from milk, more unknown: Galalith or mineral ivory. And I am passionate about Galalith! It is refined, white in the natural (that is to say before being tinted). It is especially as hard and resistant as ivory and of course, it has nothing to do with real ivory. (Wink to Stella ™)

Galalith is milk-white because it comes from a protein with the nice name of casein. And we consume a lot of it without knowing it because it comes from milk!

The mother of pearl

In the 19th century, France is the cradle of mother-of-pearl in the world. The city of Meru was the fief of all manufactures!

pearl couture buttons pimp outfit
Sweet mother of pearl couture buttons by BUTTONS PARADISE

Mother-of-pearl is the star of couture buttons and jewels. It’s actually an amazing combination of carbon and calcium! And contrary to what we can believe, mother of pearl is organic and non-mineral. And when you caress her … what an intimate sweetness!

What is also fascinating with the mother of pearl, besides its beautiful iridescent reflections, is that there are all kinds! These couture buttons are perfect to fashion a dress or, as for coat buttons, the icons of your outfit!

couture button to pimp your outfit
Original couture buttons Spinning by BUTTONS PARADISE

Gray mother-of-pearl, from pearl oyster but also abalone, a seashell found on our atlantic beaches, there are many sorts and all of them make statement

White mother-of-pearl is often considered the purest and most expensive.

My mother of pearl couture buttons but also my original design buckles that fashion my bracelets and leather cuffs are 90% of French origin: mainly Tahiti and also some gray nacres from Japan.

Precious wood

Or less precious … ! All the wood species are the muses of the couture button, object of sculpture! I get carried away for the good cause …

wood couture buttons pimp outfit
Wood raffia couture buttons spiral by BUTTONS PARADISE

The wood inspires and it imposes itself as master! Master of the couture knob in raffia, cedar, olive, beech or walnut from our French countries. Only the oak resists him because too hard considering the size of his friend button.

All the woods are beautiful! And the button is KING. If it is rosewood, ebony or Macassar, then you are adorned with subtle jewelry.

And anyway …

This is the button I prefer! And if you like this piece of jewelry like me, then go here! The glossary of the button and its materials: plural resins, horn, rock crystal, Sèvres porcelain …

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Customize a black coat: 5 ideas that change everything!

Want to blow a breath of fresh air on your black coat? Want to bring him the magic touch, the big shot of brilliance it deserves? Why not customize it to make it unique and irresistible?

To offer originality, elegance and good mood to your garment, here are 5 ideas to customize your black coat with sewing or trendy buttons, fabric, embroidery or sequins.

It’s up to you to choose the perfect accessory, the one that will give back to your trusty coat your warmth all winter long. So here is a little overview of the possibilities available to you!

Customize a black coat by embroidering mother of pearl buttons

The advantage with the black is that it marries almost everything. However, do not go in all directions. So opt for a chic and luminous touch, personalize your black coat with pearl or white buttons, real must have of the season. Stars, clovers, big round buttons or sparkling sequins, do not be afraid, dare. And be baroque and chic!

Customize black coat
Black coat Jil Sander – White buttons Nosta BallBee ButtonsEugenia Buttons by BUTTONS PARADISE

Customize a black coat with disco or hype metal buttons

Here, to bring a note of gaiety! Counterbalance the sometimes excessive sobriety of your black overcoat. And why not sew some fun and hype sewing buttons? Again, play the chic trendy card. Also, take inspiration from the colors of the moment: a deep blue and light gray pulling or an electric blue for these black coats from the super successful brand. Simple, effective and design!

And for a more disco note, choose a silver colored button series with blue sequins. You can also opt for pretty sewing buttons in shades of old bronze or old silver tone with an ethnic style to give e perfect contrast!

Black coat customization
Black coats by Designersoutfits – Square Disco Golden Buttons – Square Silver Disco Eighties Button seriesAfrican Mask Buttons seriesSilver Metal Jewel Buttons by BUTTONS PARADISE

Create a game of stripes at the bottom of the coat

How to bring a graphic touch to your coat? By making online embroidery at the bottom of the garment or by sewing ribbons or strips of white fabric alternating with the black of the coat.

customise black coat
Black coats with white straps – Black Border Couture Buttons by BUTTONS PARADISE

Very trendy this season, the black & white has the advantage to marry with different looks. And for an equally graphic result, use vintage and geometric buttons as shown below with the black and white stitch button pattern.

Replace the coat buttons by focusing on the contrast

Besides, if you want to change the buttons of your coat, choose, as indicated above, for graphic models. Play the black and white card! And to stay trendy, choose geometric buttons with bright colors! Look at these conical bleu and grey buttons looking like a Matisse painting! So original to look your black coat!

black coat look
Celine Black coatsLarge Red Gleam ButtonsRound Blue Pansy ButtonsConical Swallow ButtonsRed Stuco Couture Buttons, All by BUTTONS PARADISE

Create an Arty coat with an array of fabric or a cascade of mismatched buttons

black coat relooking
Black large coat Zadig & Voltaire – Mother of Pearl round Buttons, Dice and Flake seriesHorn Attitude Button seriesEbony Wood Hat Buttons series, all by BUTTONS PARADISE

Finally, play here the card of originality. Customize your black coat by letting the artist in you express yourself. And why not sew on the sleeve of the coat a fabric representing a work of your favorite painter? Or, add touches of color by sewing buttons of different shades and shapes. Above all break the codes and dare!

In brief, why not discover our couture buttons on the Buttons Paradise e-store!

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Enhance your look with a pretty Parisian choker! 

If every morning you’re in a hurry and get ready in a hurry, this article is for you! Here is the essential fashion accessory that dresses you in a second and distinguishes your style. So let’s dress our necks!

Short design collars for radiant women

No doubt because a necklace is a way of seeing and seeing each other. It’s my vision of the accessory. But above all, the necklace reveals a lot of us…

Short design necklace
Short necklace styles: Jane Birkin 70s – Jean Seberg 60s ©Ministère de la Culture – Lauren Bacall 50s

It is like the saying: “tell me what necklace you wear, I will tell who you are !” Because there is one for every taste and every style: necklaces, scarves as necklaces, short necklaces, designer necklaces, chokers, neckties… So, faced to all these options, how to choose?

Short design necklace
Kitsch, fashion, arty : Statement necklace Cleopatra, Elisabeth Taylor – Short necklace Marion Vidal – Statement necklace – Calder Fundation 1948
Short Design Necklace
Simple, design or hype: silver choker on Léna Headey, long necktie Monies, scraf necklace or statement necklace, Lily-rose Depp, Vanessa Paradis

THE fashion accessory that awakens your look: the cravateen

Cravateen: n.f. designates a necklace choker, mounted on leather tape and adorned with a jewel-loop created by the ATTELIER BUTTONS PARADISE. Examples: “I never go out without a Cravateen (tie)”, “She no longer wears necklaces; she swears by the cravateen (tie), “My daughter likes to steal my cravateen” …

design choker
Cate Blanchett, Armani jacket – Photo ©Tom Munro – Cravateen necklace ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE
design fashion choker
Jacquemus FW 2017-2018 Photo ©Imaxtree

From now on, you will never go out without a cravateen!

On a sweater, a crew neck … Or why not, for an evening, on the skin, in black dress and large neckline of rigor! But it’s also a designer necklace to wear on a white blouse (closed collar as below or open neck in glamorous fashion).

In short, the cravateen is THE necklace-tie for women!

short statement necklace
Vintage coat Dries Van Noten – EmeraudevCravateen Limited Edition ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE

Even more to see on

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Awaken the charm in you!

Why not give yourself 5 minutes break to discover or rediscover 3 tips of elegance, presence, even charm! A nice introduction to soft skills, to be yourself, before your holidays, to better savor your friends, your loves and your life!

marilyn monroe style
Irresistible charm – Marilyn Monroe

What about walking harmoniously?

First, here’s what NOT to do:
– Try anyone’s approach. Your bones are yours. Your approach must match your personality.
– Walk with your shoulders.
– Walking by pressing the heel before pressing the tip of your foot (you know the expression: to walk on the feet? Well, just stop, step on you will see, it changes your life!).
– Knit knees.
– Make steps too big or too small (see Olive in Popeye!)
– Roll your hips (it’s overused you can not find? Except on catwalk shows and if you’re a model … and still !!!)

Charm elegance
Left, too fast walk – Centre, elegant walk – right, relaxed walk – Flashmode trends

And to walk with charm, here is what to do:

– Practice daily five minutes walking along a straight line like a tightrope dancer, ensuring your balance with your arms.
– Place each foot straight in front of the other and turn around by turning on your feet, turning your entire body just a second before turning your feet.
– After three minutes: walk more freely along two parallel bars (on subway travelators or in a corridor, yes, in a hallway at home or elsewhere!).
But be careful: do it by touching the walls or ramps with your hands, holding your feet straight in front of you and putting a book on your head (very important!).
– To avoid rolling your hips, practice moving your weight from the back foot to the front foot, relaxing your knees and without pressing on the hip joint.
– Learn how to keep your bust stretched, neck up, your chest raised above the rib cage (= back straight), as if your legs were hooked!
– Also, take care of the swinging of your arms. It is rhythmic: the right arm advances at the same time as the left foot. The left with the right foot.

Above all, get off well!

You may remember that famous phrase of Cécile Sorel by the famous French novelist Stendhal: “Did I have it down well?” When she arrived at the bottom of the monumental staircase of the Casino de Paris? So, if you follow my advice, then you will not have to worry about going down or climbing stairs! But above all, you will have the expected charm!

charme elegance
Target Store – Photo ©AlanPeters

To go down stairs, what NOT to do:
1. Walk your knees apart.
2. Tap heels.
3. Tilt the bust forward.

What has to be done:
1. Turn slightly to the side to see the steps without being forced to bend over.
2. Stand upright, bending the back knee, until the front foot touches the step!

Make the stairs rise!

To climb a staircase, what NOT to do:
1. Climb up the ramp.
2. Bend and drag along the steps. Especially not to do!

What has to be done:
1. Tilt your body slightly forward while carrying the weight higher than your hips.
2. Place one foot firmly and push up with the other, lifting the knees just enough to ride smoothly.

Charm elegance style look
Target Store – Photo ©AlanPeters

Sit down with grace

What you should NOT do :
1. Falling down on his chair.
2. Sit on his backbone (!).
3. Wiggle or lay your legs apart, feet turned inward.
4. Lay his legs like snakes.
5. Have a round back or sit up and bring out your posterior!
6. Put your hands on your thighs.

Charm elegance
How to be elegant all all situations – Courrèges 1960 – Woman in bathing suit Galerie Léadouze

While to sit down with charm, here’s what to do:

1. Take a chair with a straight back. Place it at one end of the room.
2. Then, about 30cm from the seat, look at the backrest quickly, turn, slide one foot behind the other, under the edge of the chair, bend your knees and lower your hips keeping your back straight. Sit down straight away, without crossing your legs, with your knees together.
3. Once installed on the chair, push the tailbone against the backrest.
4. Stand straight, head up, ribs raised above waist, neck up.
5. Keep shoulders back, low and flexible.
6. Finally, if you cross your legs (for those with long legs especially), cross them very high, on the thighs, so that they remain parallel from the knees.

In summary, with these few tips, your charm and your elegance will be great (i.e. at the top of your femininity). But above all, never forget that you are beautiful!!!

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Christmas or the list of all our desires

Let’s go crazy, Christmas is coming! I do not know about you, but I’m waiting for the snow (and not the deluge!). So let’s have fun: let’s go out, let’s move and let’s all take advantage of the cold weather to be beautiful!

And with this white come all the colors of which we dream and which marry so well. Let’s go for the list of all our desires and whishes: white is colorful!

Christmas landmark

Every year, Christmas is THE time of all landmarks. So, forget our ‘every day’ because desire is selfish. And to have fun is often to please others. For the holidays, be unique! #lovechristmasforever

‘Coup de coeur’ gifts

Often, as you most certainly, I act by heart stroke. It’s like a desire! And there, without hesitation, I tend to favor handmade and exceptional craftsmanship. Unusual decorative objects, astute or daring fashion accessories, vintage or contemporary. I do not care as long as they touch me!!!
Like the cushions of Maison Popineau, a brand Made in France and eco-friendly … like BUTTONS PARADISE. Thank you Dear Aurore for this original palette. I love your cushions, and your alphabet. And I can not resist thinking BUTTONS when I see them! A treat buttons design or jewelry to give them an exquisite personal touch! Besides, why not give yourself original buttons or to your loved ones?
Christmas shopping and all our desires
Hat, Zara – Removable Leather Franges, Raoulle
Other gift ideas winks with Zara and his special hat for rebel head! Do not hesitate, for your Christmas meal, to adopt a casual chic look with the fringes of Raoulle, a brand from the Western part of France called Nantes that climbs and pimps your pumps. Trivially, yes, but so funny. And above all, it’s their signature! But above all, it is a genius idea to dress your tennis shoes! A gift that will be noticed suddenly and very much appreciated because so much hype!

More reasonable are the candles like those at Casa. Sweet price but “this candle lights up your day”! But if you are looking for the rare and the new, then vote for the candles of my friend Christelle with the subtle scents of the vineyards. A great vintage made in France. And its homemade candles compete resolutely scents with those of Dyptique, another sure value if you like the fig tree and sun!

Party accessories

At Christmas, shine colors to dazzle the white or on the contrary, accessorize the black of your dress! And to pimp your look, a trendy accessory or a few buttons are enough!

Best List of christmas shopping and desires
Removable leather franges, Raoulle – Red Vinyle Leather Cuff Eden, ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE
A red vinyl Eden leather cuff with a metal buckle, “original seventies”. Or why not a Cravate, this necklace short to wear like a Lavallière, the hit of this winter?
Christmas shopping and all our desires 2
Cravateen Choker, ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE – IPhone6 Shell Yazbukeyland
And for the list of all your desires and because at Christmas everything is allowed or almost …, the ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE allows you to customize your accessory with the dedication of your choice. It’s easy: a name, a heart, a word just for you on the back of your bracelet or necklace for YOU or TO OFFER! 
As the free shipping costs from November 23 to December 21, 2017.
Top list of christmas shopping

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