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Fashion accessories: buckle up and go!

No silhouette without a belt? Think again, the belt is more than just your waist. It dresses you and signs your style. So, ready to buckle up your belts for a damn curly fashion trip?

History of belts

fashion accessories design belt styles
From corseted waist to released woman © Pinterest

In the first place, forget the too often cited chastity belt, a trap too obvious. That being said, it is interesting to remember that the women’s belt, before becoming a fashion accessory, had a utilitarian role. Because yes, no drape or dress without belt, without fastener, fibula or button … So we say: before being design and aesthetics, the women’s belt was especially useful and practical.

Now, place to the beauty of the genres!

fashion accessories oversized belts
From left to right: CELINE puffy large buckle belt, wide belt inspiration on Pinterest pleated skirt

TYPES of belts

fashion accessories design 70s belt styles
Fine belts materials on

In the second place, and since it is a matter of deciphering the basis of the art of the belt, the fashion illustrations speak for themselves. In addition, great are the choices of materials to sculpt our waist!

fashion accessories design 70s belt styles
Fine belts types on

First there were the thin belts in fabrics of the roaring twenties, just after the end of the corset achieved by Mademoiselle Chanel. Then the 40’s/50’s leather straps, the metal belts of the psychedelic years from “Twiggy” but also the rope and ‘belted’ scarves.

fashion accessories design 70s belt styles
Jane Birkin belted 70’s – Paco Rabanne RTW 2019 – mythical belt metal


In fact, you have understood, and for those who know me, what I like in the belt is the loop! Design buckles, buckles like meshes as Celine, the variety of possibilities is endless …
fashion accessories design belts
On the left, oversized belt Zana Bayne plexiglass buckle – On the right, Celine black grosgrain belt
Also and for the ideas of look to borrow, the Haute Couture draws in abundance in history: buckle-belt military Ferré, buckles like fibula for Céline or 70s metal buckle in extra-long mode for Adam Selman! …
fashion accessories design original belt styles
From left to right – Gianfranco Ferré dress and belt, Céline dress with pin-loops, Adam Selman outfit and extra long belt

Buckled up silhouettes Haute Couture or New York style

fashion accessories metal ring belts
From left to right: Mango Ring Belt, Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture Metal Ring Belt

In addition to the creativity of women’s belts, it is the boldness and excessiveness that make them fashion accessories. It must be recognized that the border is narrow between the accessory and the jewel!

Once again, the belt shows that THE accessory is essential: simple or sophisticated, primary or complex, the belt guides us!

fashion accessories haute couture belts
Jil Sander Stretch Wide Belt FW18/19, Right, Strap and Button Belt, Giorgio Armani Privé

Wrist or ankle belts

fashion accessories women belts
Elizabeth Hawes Suede Belt 1948 – Eden O-Clock Buckle Bracelet by BUTTONS PARADISE
But the audacity and innovation of today’s belt reside above all in the way of wearing it. You follow me ?
fashion accessories design original belt styles
Satin black wrist bracelet Attico – Eden Design Necklace Duo ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE
More exactly, young fashion brands are free from conventions.
They go from waist and bust to the corseted belts of Azzedine Alaïa and Jean-Paul Gaultier (which we also love!), Ankles and wrists.
Their common denominator? The BUCKLE belt still and always !!!
For example, ATTICO in Italy now has a range of satin anklets inspired by the belt. At the same time, on the French side, the Hermès, Boinet and BUTTONS PARADISE houses break the codes and wear the wrist bracelet.
fashion accessories buckle up cuffs
Left: Hermès black bracelet, bottom, Maison Boinet wrist bracelet, right, satin anklets Attico
Finally, if Hermes and Boinet are very close to the wrist belt (simple metal buckle with smooth or grained leather strap), BUTTONS PARADISE creates very colorful pieces, unique or in very limited series! In addition, the designer of the brand is concerned about sustainable and responsible fashion: recycled leathers adorned with rare vintage buckles from the roaring twenties to the disco 90’s! In summary, it is to see!

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