The coat: a garment like no other

Caban, trench coat, overcoat, frock coat, duffle coat, bathrobe … More than an accessory, the coat hides and protects us. So this winter, do you wear a coat or is it the coat that carries you?

Coat styles

two tones coat style
Two tones Erma coat Fall Winter 18/ 19 – Courtesy of Vogue

If the peacoat or duffle coat is your second skin, there is a good chance that you like the classic, the order (because of the double buttoning of the pea coats and the Brandenburg duffle-coat!) Or that you are a girl sailor or descendant of pirates. Do you know that the pirates borrowed this term from the Arabs who called Qabà the garment above? But perhaps your leitmotiv is above all to be comfortable in a straight cut?

Caban coat style
Zara caban coat with red buttonholes and metal buttons

In contrast to straight cuts, you lean more for a ‘soft envelope’ way frocking? ‘Cintré‘ meaning waisted ‘par excellence‘ and long, even very long, the frock coat is a link between sophistication and enhancement of our feminine forms. The frock coat also evokes a pretty propensity for nostalgia and an ode to femininity. Star of the 80s, she is back in great shape sculptural coat!

frock coat style
Fendi Fall Winter 18/19 – Frock back coat back with metal buttons – Courtesy of Pinterest

For the sake of convenience and because you are an earthling, the Canadian (French Canadian naming!) or Duvet is your favorite overcoat? Never mind ! She is warm and comfortable. And you are certainly more pragmatic, a true epicurean in the sense of enjoying the warmth and well-being of the long version down jacket!

duvet coat style
Duvet coats Fendi and Kenzo
bathrobe coat style
Blue sky Burberry – Grey La Redoute

Finally, do you wear the bathrobe coat? Indispensable, timeless, it embodies fluidity. Moreover, I call it agile clothing and I am a fan of this look. With him, you live as you are! The bathrobe style is for all occasions: in evening version dressed on tuxedo or little black dress, or in office mode or to take out your dog adored in the early morning!

Black, beige or colored coat?

oversize coat style with colored buttons
Marc Jacobs large coat Fall Winter 18/19 ©Imaxtree

Besides the cut, the color matters. A good basic is also our three-quarter black or camel. We all have one! And what’s fun with a black overcoat in particular is to accessorize it or personalize it with buttons of bright clothing.

It is quite possible also for a more sophisticated way Like Boys or minimalist fashion, to associate mother-of-pearl buttons that will be real jewels on the black or plain of your dress. Conversely, if your fetish coat is yellow or blue, play this year especially haute couture buttons or black design buttons for a unique look like Marc Jacobs.

United or patterned?

plaid coat street style
Plaid coat street style – Regram Pinterest
plaid coat style
Plaid coat street style – Regram Pinterest

So this winter, all styles are allowed: tweed coats and big tiles like Sherlock Homes or Mango! But also, floral caban if you want to get closer to Italy or Brazil and create a virtual heat effect in the cold.

To wear long or short?

As you like! If you are rather consensual, the three-quarter is also a good must. But if you prefer elegance and you are big (!), Then do not hesitate to wear your coat at mid-calf even just above the ankle.

two tones coat style
Two tones Erma coat Fall Winter 18/ 19 – Courtesy of Vogue

Natural or synthetic fibers?

faux fur coat style
Rouge faux fur – Courtesy of Marie-Claire

In cold weather, wool is de rigueur! Or, fashionista or fan of daily cocooning? Straight on the faux fur as soft as cashmere! And do not deprive yourself of patterns imitating the coat of our friends the felines and our friends the animals in general for an ethical and responsible fashion!

New or vintage?

Because we are all faithful to one or two overcoats that we want to wear at any price from year to year! But what if his fabric or seams become fragile with the seasons? Appointment in second hand shops that are more and more numerous and selective in their choice of clothing. And if you prefer a coat firsthand without making the choice of haute couture or a designer coat, plan a quick shopping session on Google and then shop!

short coat vintage style
New with a vintage look – Miu Miu 18/19

Coat buttons … Essential jewelry!

But above all, always make sure that the accessories of your coat are beautiful and unique. It is not a question of brand but of quality for a style just for you. In addition, whether it’s the buttons on your coat or the jewelry you’ll wear to give it depth, it’s a whole. In summary, designer jewelry or haute couture buttons or why not vintage buttons will be your best allies! That is said!

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Original jackets with large ‘haute couture’ black buttons

Not always easy to know how to dress in autumn or spring or even in winter! That’s the snag with in-between seasons. However a jacket will always remain your best ally, the ideal piece of clothing. If you want to refresh its look and avoid monotony why not accessorize it?

The trapeze shape jacket, cape, blazer, bolero or jacket choose the one that you feel is right for you and then change all the buttons with a more original shape. Look at the panorama of ‘haute couture’ buttons. There is a whole range of sizes, fabric, shapes and styles all very different. Refashion your jacket with large black ‘haute couture’ buttons, you won’t regret it!

Always in tune, in any circumstances, the mid-season jacket is your best friend when temperatures keep changing. It can be worn under your coat in winter. Frankly it is the best garment in your wardrobe. Add a broach, a necklace, long or short or simply a few tassels and your jacket is totally revived. However since you do not always have the time to choose the accessories to remodel your jacket then why not make the change once and for all? That’s where original buttons are simply a must.

A cape with 2 black ‘haute couture’ buttons

If you choose large size massive buttons, make sure you avoid adding any extra accessories such as a scarf or small chain. Keep your look simple and put all the effect on the choice of the buttons. A pretty cuff can be an option but do not emphasize on the jewelry.

On a magnificent white cape in a pale color, pick a massive button, either black or very dark. The impact will be greater and your jacket will benefit from a feminine touch and outline your silhouette.

A cape with 2 black ‘haute couture’ buttons
Dress and coat by Fath, Paris Hat by Schiaparelli, Paris Evening dress by Fontana, Rome. © Regina Relang1951/1952 – Terra Horn Couture button by BUTTONS PARADISE

White winter jacket with black buttons: for the seventies look

The seventies coats and jackets are still very fashionable. The Emanuel Ungaro 1968 coat below is a close fit and the waistline is underlined with a dark leather belt. The double row of vintage black buttons can be replaced by bone buttons or bohemian style buttons for a glamorous effect.

White winter jacket with black buttons: for the seventies look
© Emanuel Ungaro Outfit, 1968 – Glams Pompadour button by BUTTONS PARADISE – Horn Drive button by BUTTONS PARADISE

The fifties cape with large size buttons

On this very chic cape choose precious buttons or fancy buttons to break the plainness and add a touch of crispness and originality to your look. Plain and pure, mother of pearl will bring light and brilliance to your jacket or coat.

The fifties cape with large size buttons
© Balenciaga sheath, tunic & cape, photographed by Georges Saad – © Balenciaga, 1956 – Shell Momentum Button by BUTTONS PARADISE – Black Happy Clover Button by BUTTONS PARADISE

Jackets with a row of asymmetric buttons

On the bell shaped jacket below, choose decorative buttons and draw a separation that will underline your waist and the roundness of your hips and restore a feminine look. Here too you can add more charm and refinement to your outerwear !

Take a look at our collection of black buttons in the Buttons Paradise catalogue. Design or vintage, fancy or ‘haute couture’ you will find a wide choice to revamp your outerwear.

Jackets with a row of asymmetric buttons
Photo : Livemaster – handmade, DIY & tutorials – Photo : – Horn Heart button by BUTTONS PARADISE
Jackets with a row of asymmetric buttons
Photo: – Mother-of-pearl Beach Rock button by BUTTONS PARADISE