Fashion buttons from the Fashion Weeks

gros boutons iconiques lors des fashion weeks
firstVIEW © Victoria Beckham, Fendi, OSMAN

Fashion Weeks are gone for this season. It is now time to pay tribute to the designers who love buttons! Haute couture button trends to catch up with are just beginning and fashion designers are becoming more and more keen to play around the smallest yet the most ‘stratéchic’ fashion accessory.

During the fall 2015-2016 fashion shows, JW Anderson, the young Irish designer, gifted darling of England’s Haute Couture, highlights giant buttons at the heart of his creations:

– A long tunic plays around giant horn buttons, each of them in a different size; a stylish and fancy feast that makes all the difference!

tunique noire avec des boutons corne géants
J.W. Anderson © Farfecht

– A beautiful leather skirt adorns a huge fake vintage-loop style button, pizzazz!

jupe portefeuille en cuir beige avec boucle-bouton géante
J.W. Anderson © The Guardian

– Glamorous metal and shiny buttons on a man’s coat; again, a true boldness and creativity that depict the button like no one.

manteau velour homme avec boutons en métal
J.W. Anderson © Becauselondon

Then comes Marc Jacobs who mixes styles by combining chic and luxurious big buttons on a safari jacket made of superb pure black woolen fabric. Marc Jacobs magnificently overacts to impress us and delight us. Bravo!

saharienne noir avec de gros boutons assortis
Marc Jacobs © Mailonline

Finally, haute couture button trends from highly esteemed fashion designers, Victoria Beckham and Derek Lam that give us a top show:
– Two large horn buttons accessorize a stylish winter culotte-skirt
– Long and lean funnel-neck dress with two big silver-grey buttons, like two pretty brooches!
Again, the surprise is absolute and gives haute couture buttons a central role!

robe noir avec deux gros boutons blancs à la taille
Derek Lam © Trend Council
jupe culotte moutarde avec boutons en corne
Victoria Beckham © AP / Mailonline

In short, you have understood that this winter is all about buttons and this is welcome news indeed!


Haute couture buttons dress code

If we had to tell sewing buttons tales, we would need to praise men as they button up significantly more than the fairer sex! Does this mean there is a dress code for traditional sewing buttons? These illustrations are primarily intended to guide you through the various possibilities in the art of the fashion buttons! And we, BUTTONS PARADISE, we simply adore it!

drawing of a women with sewing button indications

In the first instance let’s celebrate women who wear haute couture buttons in many ways: original iconic single buttons, fancy buttons or why not love and sensual buttons. Indeed what man has not dreamed of unbuttoning the dress or the top of his beloved girlfriend? To do so, it is not more seductive if your buttons are charming, plump to perfection and soft to touch and thus ultra-feminine!

To better guide us, a woman will have on average:
– From 6 to 12 haute couture buttons on a coat
– From 4 to 13 design buttons on a jacket or cardigan
– From 3 to 8 fashion buttons on trousers, on a skirt or a tunic,
– From 6 to 9 high fashion buttons on a blouse or a top.

Regarding men, the average number of sewing buttons tends to increase:
– From 10 to 21 fashion buttons on a coat
– From 6 to 9 fashion buttons on a jacket
– From 1 to 5 sewing buttons on trousers depending on whether or not the pants has back pockets
– For a shirt: from 6 to 12 mother-of-pearl buttons.

drawing of a man with sewing button marks

Finally and for babies or young children, the number of sewing buttons to consider will be:
10 buttons on average for pajamas
– For a sleeping baby bag, 2 sewing buttons
– For a coat, an overcoat, a layette, from 5 to 9 lovely buttons
– For baby pants, 7 to 8 buttons on average.

drawing of a baby with sewing buttons

Fashion buttons in auction!

Someone was bound to think of it: last September, two artists actively participated in an auction sale designed to fund the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and guess what? Some of the works of art that were for sale came from the Loubouton Collection: the ultimate in the art of ‘sewing buttons’…

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