Women, I love you

The most beautiful days are those that celebrate women. So here are my favorites in the feminine plural of simple and extraordinary women. I wish you a beautiful women’s day.

The Fashion Designers

Violaine Lablancherie, Au Juste

womens day entrepreneurs made in france
Violaine Lablancherie and her brother, Courtesy of Au Juste

It all started from a meeting with a mutual friend. And hop, love at first sight for Violaine and her brand Au Juste. Aware of the challenges of the planet and graphic designer by training, Violaine launched herself 3 years ago alongside her brother to create the brand Au Juste. A nice and warm brand that gives a second life to used materials but that we can totally reprocess and revive again: wool! First, all Au Juste sweaters are made in France to limit the carbon footprint. Then, Violaine became a talented Artistic Director. Go see the Dean sweater, you’ll love it!

Joëlle Litt, Stylist

womens day fashion designers
Courtesy of Joelle Litt Fashion

Here is an ‘Instagram’ meet as I like when I started on this network… in 2015! Since then, we have been communicating on insta but also through friends whose Joëlle has asked to come and meet me at my showroom. Joëlle is a stylist like no other. She is inspiring. And above all, it’s a tube of vitamins all by herself.

Here is how she defines herself on her website that I invite you to discover: “I come from a town of 500 inhabitants originally. I style a lot of different people and things. And I write about many different people and things. I love perfect imperfections. Sometimes I play the artistic director “ Joëlle Litt,

Charlotte Husson, Mister K

womens day beautiful cause against cancer
Courtesy of Charlotte Husson, Mister K

Committed and responsible because focused on authentic fashion. But above all, Charlotte Husson is one of those young women that cancer shook early. And afterwards, a huge desire to give another meaning to his life. After the event, she put everything together to create the Mister K brand for a committed wardrobe where 5% of sales are donated to the Gustave Roussy Institute.

The Animal lovers

Isabelle Pierard, Maison Soulyé

womens day ethic fashion
Courtesy of Maison Soulyé

Increasingly, the love of animals leads to the choice of the beautiful without animal material. Because finding ultra-feminine vegan shoes is not that easy. But above all, Isabelle is passionate about shoes and loves to taper our legs, she decides to bet on the innovation of alternative materials to leather. It is therefore a beautiful challenge and a daringly loving and ethical fashion!

Frédérique Verley, Sauvade

womens day and animals
Frederique Verley, Founder of the association Sauvade, Courtesy of Grazia

Finally, let me introduce to you Frédérique Verley. Above all, a woman engaged in the rescue of dogs and cats from Reunion Island to the mainland. Thanks to her network and her convictions, Frédérique has created a formidable chain of solidarity in Reunion but also in France. Last but not least, since the creation of the association (to follow on Instagram if not already done: @assosauvade), thousands of animals have been adopted for a new life. Well done !

The Beautiful Souls

As far as beautiful vibes, beautiful souls arrive on the first step! Also, to all my friends, women of heart, women entrepreneurs and courageous: Julie, Claudia, Aude, Isabelle, Aurélie, Véro, Florence, Nathalie, Gaëlle, Pascale, Agnès … But still to all the mothers of the planet who fight and watch over their children.

And then, there are women who carry our voices, echo our desires and relay our struggles: Simone Veil, Benoite Groult, Laetitia Colombani for their love of life and their resilience and their battles.

The absolute romantics

In a word, they are spontaneous, natural, sensitive, funny, talented and terribly women! Juliette Binoche, Sandrine Kiberlain, Laetitia Colombani in particular.

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