How to live a sustainable and responsible fashion?

You want to bring something new to your wardrobe but not just how? Do you want to renew all or part of your dressing room while preserving your purchasing power? Here are some tips for sustainable and responsible fashion!

Idea n°1 for inspiration: storage by the classification

sustainable responsible fashion wardrobe
Jaimie Chua on her Instagram in a consumerist wardrobe – Pinterest

I know what you think … Storing your wardrobe is a must before buying new outfits. Except that there are 1001 ways to organize your dressing room to have a global vision; the basic pieces, the stylish favorites that you love but worn little or no at all. There are also your essentials, your it-clothes, because of memories or you feel comfortable with them and they are your second skin.

sustainable responsible fashion ethics wardrobe
Colorful wardrobe classified by color and type of outfits – Pinterest

Then organization side, you can first, classify your outfits by color and by genre. Like black for example and in the black: sweaters, t-shirts, pants, then dresses etc … This will allow you to evaluate your dominant colors. But most importantly you may find that your wardrobe is overloaded in one color rather than another.

Then and during this stage, take the time to try your outfits if you have a doubt. Your goal, our goal is primarily to classify what we wear and to put away what we love less. To live a sustainable and responsible fashion, also consists in rationalizing our choices without constraint!

Idea n°2 to adopt: trendy thrift shops

To do this, sort out your clothes that can be resold or donated. And there, neither one nor two, you are spoiled for choice in donating clothes. Oxfam, charity shops, various associations or, if you live in Great Britain for example, associative shops that sell second hand clothes to support a cause: medical, animal …

sustainable responsible fashion vintage shops
Denim jumpsuit IKKS – Dress Zara

Regarding your choice of outfits for resale, here too, the solutions are many: market places online thrift especially if you have luxury parts or beautiful essentials or … young children who grow up quickly!

TOP 6 online second hand clothing platforms

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  • (toutes gammes, tous les prix)
  • (toutes gammes, tous les prix)
  • (toutes gammes, petits prix)
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Idea n°3: the deposit-sale alternative

If you run out of time, you can always opt for the consignment. Be aware that this solution is less advantageous. A deposit-sale applies, on average, a commission of 40 to 50% (VAT included that it supports). An online thrift shop, in general, operates around a commission of 25%. To know also: the deposit-sale is primarily oriented women’s fashion unlike online thrift stores that offers an offer of second-hand clothes for you gentlemen.

Whatever the second-hand sales method you adopt, you’ll do good for the planet! And wait, there are still two tips for living an even more sustainable and responsible fashion 🙂

Question of look, little conclusion for the responsible fashion hardcore you are!

Idea n°4: the vintage fashion accessory

After sorting, ordering and tidying up, you can also relook or customize your outfits. Indeed, you have a Courrèges straight dress style or a ‘Saharienne’ style jacket in the manner of Yves Saint Laurent in the 70s but you want to give them an air of revival? Here again, the field of possibilities is quite wide.

Break the codes of your fashion mix. Wear one of your silk scarves as a belt … Even more radical? Why not shorten the bottom of your overalls by 20 cm to wear it in combi shorts?
And here, bam, two solutions to choose from.
> Purist method: you cut and make a hem in proper form.
> Quick solution and even more stylish: you make a big outside lapel or two backs but very wide in height. It’s original and will give a new line to your outfit.

As for your dress, think of the sewing buttons! Especially since more and more young brands are getting into vintage accessories. So nothing better for a sustainable fashion than to revive beautiful jewelry buttons of the 70s, 90s or even 60s? In the three options: scarf, lapel and / or sewing buttons, you participate in a fashion solidarity and benevolence in the sense of non-polluting.

sustainable responsible fashion vintage buttons
Vintage Lollipop pearl buttons70s Galatée buttons en Galalith resin BUTTONS PARADISE

Especially for beautiful vintage buttons, you can also choose from natural materials such as wood, horn or a beautiful galalith resin made from milk. Galalith was very popular for the design of jewelry, buttons and belt buckles from the 50s to the 90s.

Idea n°5: Be ethical, slow and sustainable fashion

sustainable responsible natural fashion
Frida Westerlund for D magazine – Ecodesigned sneakers Veja V10 suede brown

In other words, there is more and more choice to buy sustainable fashion.
The concept of slow fashion is to buy little and responsible as opposed to the brands that practice the ‘fast fashion’ with more than 6 collections a year and many, many restocking.

sustainable responsible recycled fashion
Necklace Eden Duo ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE – Coat and jacket Kimbo by Lesrécupé

Here again, becoming a responsible consumer is easy. Look for young designers who are experts in sustainable fashion. ‘Les Récupérables’, a French brand that practices a fashion around the up-cycling by transforming curtains in trendy dress. Or Gaëlle Constantini who shapes her models from recycled fabrics. L’ATTELIER (with two T’s) by BUTTONS PARADISE, created in 2015, in Saint Germain des Prés, where the designer transforms belt buckles into designer cuffs or long necklaces like the Eden Duo, fashioned to 100% with components vintage. Bluffing effect guaranteed!

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