Behind the scenes of a NHK show on the theme of the jewel button

Behind or facing the camera, here is the story of a TV show like no other, when Japan comes to meet an original French brand: BUTTONS PARADISE.

So I promise, I’ll tell you all about the behind-the-scenes fashion of a very popular TV show aimed at Japanese people looking for exclusivity and rarity.

But above all, if you are in Japan next April 9 at 10:30 p.m. local time, watch NHK, and the new episode of “Sekai wa Hoshii Mono ni Afureteru”, in English: “The world is full of desirable things.

And if not, I’ll meet you immediately behind the scenes of the show around my buttons and sewing buckles made in France!

behind the seen buttons paradise nhk show
Fitting of the Pirogues necklace made up of giant horn buttons
  • The Sewing Button Call

In early December 2019, while I am in my workshop-showroom, I receive a call from Misa. Japanese in Paris, she is the production coordinator of a Japanese television channel: NHK. I listen to her voice. She is gentle and calm, attentive too. Misa gives me the name of a director: Kazumasa Takigawa-san.

behind the seen buttons paradise nhk show
Making of the shooting – zoom on a rare button bibnecklace

And from the program of this famous director of NHK, she tells me wonders! The NHK program has also a mystery guest. And this guest saw saw my site and my jewelry creations made from rare buttons and buckles. She told the NHK she wants to visit my workshop.
Because yes, BUTTONS PARADISE is all about them! A universe composed of design buttons, haute couture, and colorful buckles. My product offer, button side, is vintage or contemporary. For contemporary models, I design some of them and have them made in France for sewing enthusiasts.

On the jewelry side, I like to create jewelry by diverting sublime vintage buttons and buckles into bracelets, necklaces, brooches and, recently, belts with a very pop arty look! Obviously, the mystery guest of the popular program fell in love with my creations because they are like no other!

  • Welcome to NHK

If I don’t know this director, I know the NHK TV channel. Its professionalism is no longer to be demonstrated as this channel excels by the quality of its programs. Not for nothing either if I always nicknamed it the Japanese BBC!

So I ask my questions. Misa tells me about a filming project in gestation that particularly intrigues me. Indeed, when she announced the title of the show to me, I found it more than promising: “Sekai wa Hoshii Mono ni Afuretery” which means, “the world is full of desirable things”. How not to be seduced by this evocative title, when I also consider that the button is a “POCC” (Smallest Common Cultural Object for Plus Petit Objet Culturel Commun in French) so desirable and unique!

behind the seen buttons paradise nhk show
Zoom on the BUTTONS PARADISE button world

We obviously share the same vision and the same love for buttons and buckles since he wishes to present my creations during his broadcast. More specifically, Kazamasa Takigawa-san and his team wish to arrive on January 7 in France, and this for 3 days, in order to shoot their report.

The proposition is therefore simple. They absolutely want to make a day of shooting in my workshop-showroom in Paris, and that I can present my creations, my artisanal know-how, share my passion for buttons and buckles with my French Touch.

Of course, my answer was not long in coming. It was with great enthusiasm that I accepted. An opportunity for my brand, BUTTONS PARADISE to have caught the eye of the director and his renowned program!

  • Planning question

    behind the seen buttons paradise nhk show
    NHK team set up at the workshop

Because as an entrepreneur and designer, I often have requests but many are flash in the pan. And if I abandoned everything, 5 years ago to create my brand, it is anything but NOT to waste my time.

On the contrary, I look for more meanings in my work, and I need to create with my hands. A vital desire to return to some true sources: the know-how of the button and the sewing buckle. And never, for nothing in the world will I give up my dreams!!!! Like all the craftsmen that we are!

Finally this call came when I am about to be an exhibitor at the Maison & Objet trade fair in January 2020. This means that the timing is tight. But hey, that’s what it means to be an entrepreneur-craftsman. We juggle between all the caps, we run everywhere and that’s what I love!

behind the seen buttons paradise nhk show
The workshop-Showroom at 15 rue Saint Guillaume in Paris

Then, once Misa’s email has been received about the shooting, I contacted Claudia, my agent. Outstanding communicator, Claudia is also a strategy guru, her job. German by birth, French at heart, she always amazes me with her pragmatism and her acute sense of analysis. She exposes you a diagnosis in right words and sentences just like nobody. But above all, Claudia is full of passion … Besides; she is a true lover of design, style and creativity!

So with Claudia we share the tasks between us to prepare the shooting:

– First make an appointment with Misa for the location
– Imagine also with NHK a discovery scenario of the button and jewelry in Parisian style
– Explain above all the DNA of my brand and my creative profession (natural materials that I work like Galalith or Corozo for my buttons or my jewelry …)
– Finally find three or four exclusively French subjects for the shooting
– My post-broadcast image rights, which I must ensure

  • Backstage in fashion runway mode

    behind the seen buttons paradise nhk show
    Focus on the Georgia cuff bracelet adorned with porcelain buttons

Because contrary to appearances, participating in a TV show requires anticipation.

Besides, I have the impression of seeing myself again at The Royal Shakespeare Company, the day before a general when I was a costume assistant!

Because the staging and the script are loaded ☺

– Present rare, original, unusual and 100% haute couture buttons
– Explain the creation of button and buckle models made in France
– Also create a necklace or bracelet during the shooting
– Staging my jewelry on a Parisian model
– Tell anecdotes but not necessarily my manufacturing secrets…
– And finally, welcome the mystery guest of NHK: THE button specialist in Japan!

In fact, you have to think of EVERYTHING as before a fashion show so that EVERYTHING goes perfectly. And the smallest details make the difference!

behind the seen buttons paradise nhk show
Leather breastplate necklace and Solo sailor button worn by Naoko Kozaka
  • D-Day filming

behind the seen buttons paradise nhk show
Shinta, Parisian model

D-Day: I put on my jacket dress, leggings and … my Georgia cuff. To tell you the truth, Georgia is my lucky bracelet and one of my favorite creations: a grained red leather strap (in recycled leather) adorned with two superb black and silver Sèvres porcelain buttons from the 80s! Then, head to my workshop-showroom by bike …

behind the seen buttons paradise nhk show
Beginning of filming with the mystery guest of the show: Naoko Kozaka Button specialist and founder of Co-

8:00 am: arrival of Claudia, my agent and Shinta, model
9:00 am: reception of the director, the cameraman, the sound engineer, the technicians
10:00 am: Shinta goes to Flore’s cafe for a fashion shoot with some of the staff
11:00 am: Meeting the NHK mystery guest …
4:00 p.m .: end of clap after many interviews

  • The mystery guest, Naoko K.

In summary, what I can say is that I loved this moment. The director and his cameraman’s eye on my buttons and jewelry: their moments of extreme concentration and our giggles too.

behind the seen buttons paradise nhk show
Naoko Kozaka Founder of the Co- brand in Tokyo – Sandrine Mettetal Founder of BUTTONS PARADISE Paris

Particularly with Naoko Kozaka, the mystery guest on the NHK program. Because with Naoko, it was a very nice meeting.

Besides, we have to believe that we both had a lucky star for becoming accomplices as soon as we met! Besides the fact that we both have short hair (!), we really see that Naoko is passionate about the world of buttons. She considers, like me, that this small fashion accessory is a work of art: varied and timeless styles over the years (and centuries!), limitless creativity, past steeped in history, multiple skills, the grail of Arts and crafts.

Naoko created her brand Co- in the early 2000s in Tokyo. She has also written books on the button.

And if I don’t tell you more about her, it’s that I will talk to you about Naoko soon around a BUTTONS PARADISE event in Tokyo. But that’s another story …

In the meantime, NHK’s flagship show, “Sekai wa Hoshii Mono ni Afureteru” in French, “The world is full of desirable things” will air on April 9 at 10:30 p.m. local time.

Singer JuJu, adorned with a bracelet, an exclusive creation from BUTTONS PARADISE, will present it. So if you are in Japan, on your screens for 45 minutes to discover the most beautiful buttons in France!

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Buttoned clothing review

Never has the button of clothing been so successful since the 80s! So for this this winter, here is a fashion review to customize your looks and adopt an ultra feminine style!

buttoned clothing review button details
Mansur Gavriel cashmere coat – FW 18/19 – Courtesy of Mansur Gavriel

Coat dresses

First, why not consider a simple effect with a touch of contrast like the coat dress? Above all, a classic of clothing simply enhanced by two large white buttons.

dress buttons fashion review
Coat dress Mango FW 18/19

First and foremost considered a basic outfit, the coat dress also knows how to be very elegant. Like this sober white dress but which, enhanced by a design button and a pair of high boots has a crazy style.

coat dress with big button
Coat dress Zara Fall 2018

Revisited coats

Because each season has its codes or rather its hobby in terms of overcoats! Because yes, look well these short or long coats, woolly or silky wherever you are! Indeed, there is a constant for a dress code at the top: the buttons of coats.

buttoned clothing fashion review
Dries Van Noten Spring 2019 ©Indigital
button coat fashion review
Coat Mansur Gavriel FW 18/19 – Courtesy of Mansur Gavriel
check coats with buttons
Paco Rabanne Spring 2018 ©Indigital

So if you have just acquired the coat of your dreams, and that for some reason x or y, its buttons seem bland, opt for some original buttons!

If only as Mansur Gavriel, you are faithful to the tone on tone for a soft style in color.

pink coat on pink buttons
Pink cashmere coat Mansur Gavriel FW 18/19 – Courtesy of Mansur Gavriel
coat buttons fashion button review
Dries Van Noten Spring 2019 ©Indigital

Trimmed jackets and clothes

On the contrary and if you prefer an effect of sophistication, Chloe provides us dresses and suits jacket-pants adorned with beautiful shades of blue or brown. And it’s not bad at all I find …

fashion button review dress buttons
dress and suit fashioned with buttons – Chloé Spring 2019 ©Indigital

Because for this review of style, Liu Jo plays the key of personalization in the manner of our favorite clothes. But beware, it’s always done in extreme chic fashion. Because we love this river of rhinestone buttons on tweed with a touch of leather!

skirt buttons jacket buttons button clothing
Suit by Liu Jo FW 18/19 – Courtesy of Liu Jo

Finally, last wink on the jacket adorned with large tortoise shell effect buttons. It is made of shearling that is to say, a great sweetness!

button fashion review jacket button
Big buttons jacket Saks Potts

Shirts or cardigans with buttons

But still no shirt buttons! In reality, it is a question of fashion buttons. In short, I admit that Zara helped me because like Lemaire, Prada or Dolce Gabbana, their autumn-winter collection is adorned with sewing buttons.

shirt buttons
Big button in the manner of horn on a wool shirt ZARA
cardigan fashion buttons
Cardigan FW 18/19 – Dolce
cardigan buttons fashion review
Twinset FW 18/19 Christophe Lemaire – Courtesy of Lemaire
fashion buttons details on shirt buttons
Oversized shirts ZARA – Fall 2018

Outfits playing with buttons

As a conclusion, bold style always pays. All in all, these two examples are very far but preferred. In a word, dare the contrast of colors and transparent buttons on a beautiful pencil skirt.

skirt buttons style
Fluffy sweater and pencil skirt with transparent buttons – Balenciaga on

But also, playing buttons, their color or size is a treat. Photo support to follow!

buttoned fashion review playing buttons
Playing buttons on dress – Zara Fall 2018

In summary, if you love to customize your best outfits like me and benefit from advice to refine your beloved garments, go to BUTTONS PARADISE: e-shop or showroom close to the Bon Marché in Paris!

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Jewelry buttons: best tips for a look at the top!

At BUTTONS PARADISE, nothing is incidental. On the contrary, everything is in the difference and in THE Accessory with a big A. Jewelry buttons with a sense of [haute] couture detail ! Original buttons, design or designer buttons, even the fancy buttons are jewelry and made in France or sometimes come from Japan when mother of pearl becomes queen!

But in fact, what is a jewelry button?

jewelry buttons on magic dress
From left to right: Dior cocktail dress – Marni SS 2018 – Dior material effects – Eyes Diamond buttons Dries Van Noten – Viktor & Rolf shirt neck – Etro button effects 2018

The Jewelry button is primarily a style effect for a sublime look! For example, large round buttons that dress a classic strapless dress like Dior. But it can also be a solo button accessorized pin to adorn a Marni silk dress. I love the iconic button used as adornment …

Otherwise and as a wink, one can wear his eyes small rhinestone buttons like the Paris fashion show Dries Van Noten for Fashion Week 2018. In short, the jewel button is in you! Because it is YOU who decides on his style to affirm your singularity or your humor! And there BUTTONS PARADISE can guide you!

Accessorize a summer coat?

jewelry over coat red buttons
Anya Hindmarch summer coat 2018 – Top coat Resin Buttons BUTTONS PARADISE

We all love light cotton coats in the fresh colors of summer. But here we go, sometimes the buttons or the pressures are not up to par. So to revisit the whole, bet on the shape of your buttons that become jewelry! Round and curved shapes like the Top Coat model! Or more sophisticated and seductive, opt for a square button made of Galalith resin.

jewelry buttons summer coat
Playing with buttons – Cos summer coat – Square Galalith buttons – Prototypes BUTTONS PARADISE

How to wear jewelry buttons on a dress?

jewelry buttons on chic dress
Marie Katranzou 2018 spring dress – Silver metal buttons Flo BUTTONS PARADISE

First, play with your dress fabric, from the simplest to the most sought after. Feel free to add a touch of glamor to a new-age metal effect like this beautiful fabric by Marie Katranzou. It perfectly mimics metal buttons in beautiful silver. So why not go all the way? Personalize your black or black and blue dress with beautiful striking buttons!

Buttons adornment: alloy of materials and luminous colors

jewelry button green anise
Prada dress summer 2018 – Jewelry buttons Mother of Pearl green anise BUTTONS PARADISE

Here, it is question of audacity! The trick is to rely on a bright color and bold materials: a marriage of buttons and explosive materials for a contemporary look even futuristic. A beautiful mother-of-pearl tinted green anise for these jewelry buttons associated with a fringed dress of green spring PVC!

Dare the fancy chic buttons!

Jewelry buttons on blade skirt
Calvin Klein 2018 spring skirt – Léa Flower Buttons BUTTONS PARADISE

Have you ever thought that some flower-shaped designer buttons will turn into jewelry? Here, the magic of the beautiful fantasy button operates a dream contrast! What is clever with the original sewing buttons is their design … Specifically, you cracked for a soft denim wallet dress? Its worn is soft to the touch but you just want to accentuate its chic neo-romantic look? Ride on a farandole of conic buttons painted by hand with the decor of birds worthy of a Matisse!

jewelry design buttons
Carolina Herrera denim dress SS18 – Conical resin button Swallow BUTTONS PARADISE

Illuminate your chest!

jewelry trendy buttons for dress
Long dress Anya Hindmarch Summer 2018 – Galalith resin buttons Bee by BUTTONS PARADISE

So here, I am smitten! This dress is sublime. Thank you Anya Hindmarch. I do not know about you, but me, even to play in the MadMen series for one night, as much aimed at the total look 70s buttons included! So, I’m voting for an “original seventies” accessory with an ethno-chic look: the Bee button, my heart of hearts !!! Because the Bee is made of Galalith resin, a natural creamy white like its resin that comes from milk!

Statement buttons for a lamé embroidered suit

jewelry buttons on woman smoking
Tailored lamé Christian Siriano RTW 2018 – Faceted jewelry blue buttons BUTTONS PARADISE

In summary, the sewing button is a Single Accessory. It claims its place as an iconic jewel but without ostentation! A safe technique that makes all your difference. Never has the art of the faceted glass button been so beautiful, simple and effective. QED don’t you think?

Good to know: BUTTONS PARADISE designs and sells contemporary and vintage jewelry couture buttons. Our limit is your imagination! So, stand for it: I love you just as much as these beautiful buttons!

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Here comes the couture button!

From all smart fashion accessories, the couture button is my favorite … !

For once, this week, there is no question of women’s cloakroom! Because of all the subjects, it’s the button that I prefer (my nod to a French singer, Caroline Loeb)

So this is it. I decided, if you will, to take you on a journey to discover the 1001 materials of the button. But above all, little glossary on THE button!

gem couture buttons pimp outfit
Gem couture buttons by BUTTONS PARADISE

Are you ‘PPOC*’??! (to be pronounced “POK”)

It is used daily. And yet, the couture button is probably from all our accessories, the one that has a thousand and one tricks and secrets. Do not sociologists call it the ‘PPOC’? Because yes, the PPOC qualifies the couture button of the *Smallest Cultural Object, the S.C.O.! In French: ‘Plus Petit Objet Culturel‘.  Simply because the sewing button is one of our most common clothing uses.

And I do not resist sharing this quote from an Austrian architect, keen on fashion and style.

If nothing else survives of a vanished people but a single button, it would be possible for me, from the form of this button, to deduce the dress and customs of this people, their habits, their art and his intellectual life. So big is the importance of this button. I wanted to underline the relationship between the inner culture and the external culture. The way is as follows: God creates the artist, the artist creates the time, the time creates the craftsman, the craftsman creates the button.

Adolf Loos, Words in the Void, 1897-1900, Ivrea, 1994

Nice introduction, isn’t it?

tawny couture buttons pimp outfit
Tawny resin couture buttons to pimp a coat by BUTTONS PARADISE

P as polyester or R as resin?

Here, I grant you: I love all these divine resins!

Personalize outfit couture button
Rond large design resin button Silk by BUTTONS PARADISE

Polyester is, of all the resins, the most widespread in couture buttons since the second half of the 20th century with a peak in the 70’s.

fashion button couture
Galalith ribbon couture buttons by BUTTONS PARADISE

But there is resin and resin! Because while polyester is a commonly used plastic resin, there are many more sophisticated ones; including a beautiful resin from milk, more unknown: Galalith or mineral ivory. And I am passionate about Galalith! It is refined, white in the natural (that is to say before being tinted). It is especially as hard and resistant as ivory and of course, it has nothing to do with real ivory. (Wink to Stella ™)

Galalith is milk-white because it comes from a protein with the nice name of casein. And we consume a lot of it without knowing it because it comes from milk!

The mother of pearl

In the 19th century, France is the cradle of mother-of-pearl in the world. The city of Meru was the fief of all manufactures!

pearl couture buttons pimp outfit
Sweet mother of pearl couture buttons by BUTTONS PARADISE

Mother-of-pearl is the star of couture buttons and jewels. It’s actually an amazing combination of carbon and calcium! And contrary to what we can believe, mother of pearl is organic and non-mineral. And when you caress her … what an intimate sweetness!

What is also fascinating with the mother of pearl, besides its beautiful iridescent reflections, is that there are all kinds! These couture buttons are perfect to fashion a dress or, as for coat buttons, the icons of your outfit!

couture button to pimp your outfit
Original couture buttons Spinning by BUTTONS PARADISE

Gray mother-of-pearl, from pearl oyster but also abalone, a seashell found on our atlantic beaches, there are many sorts and all of them make statement

White mother-of-pearl is often considered the purest and most expensive.

My mother of pearl couture buttons but also my original design buckles that fashion my bracelets and leather cuffs are 90% of French origin: mainly Tahiti and also some gray nacres from Japan.

Precious wood

Or less precious … ! All the wood species are the muses of the couture button, object of sculpture! I get carried away for the good cause …

wood couture buttons pimp outfit
Wood raffia couture buttons spiral by BUTTONS PARADISE

The wood inspires and it imposes itself as master! Master of the couture knob in raffia, cedar, olive, beech or walnut from our French countries. Only the oak resists him because too hard considering the size of his friend button.

All the woods are beautiful! And the button is KING. If it is rosewood, ebony or Macassar, then you are adorned with subtle jewelry.

And anyway …

This is the button I prefer! And if you like this piece of jewelry like me, then go here! The glossary of the button and its materials: plural resins, horn, rock crystal, Sèvres porcelain …

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Customize a black coat: 5 ideas that change everything!

Want to blow a breath of fresh air on your black coat? Want to bring him the magic touch, the big shot of brilliance it deserves? Why not customize it to make it unique and irresistible?

To offer originality, elegance and good mood to your garment, here are 5 ideas to customize your black coat with sewing or trendy buttons, fabric, embroidery or sequins.

It’s up to you to choose the perfect accessory, the one that will give back to your trusty coat your warmth all winter long. So here is a little overview of the possibilities available to you!

Customize a black coat by embroidering mother of pearl buttons

The advantage with the black is that it marries almost everything. However, do not go in all directions. So opt for a chic and luminous touch, personalize your black coat with pearl or white buttons, real must have of the season. Stars, clovers, big round buttons or sparkling sequins, do not be afraid, dare. And be baroque and chic!

Customize black coat
Black coat Jil Sander – White buttons Nosta BallBee ButtonsEugenia Buttons by BUTTONS PARADISE

Customize a black coat with disco or hype metal buttons

Here, to bring a note of gaiety! Counterbalance the sometimes excessive sobriety of your black overcoat. And why not sew some fun and hype sewing buttons? Again, play the chic trendy card. Also, take inspiration from the colors of the moment: a deep blue and light gray pulling or an electric blue for these black coats from the super successful brand. Simple, effective and design!

And for a more disco note, choose a silver colored button series with blue sequins. You can also opt for pretty sewing buttons in shades of old bronze or old silver tone with an ethnic style to give e perfect contrast!

Black coat customization
Black coats by Designersoutfits – Square Disco Golden Buttons – Square Silver Disco Eighties Button seriesAfrican Mask Buttons seriesSilver Metal Jewel Buttons by BUTTONS PARADISE

Create a game of stripes at the bottom of the coat

How to bring a graphic touch to your coat? By making online embroidery at the bottom of the garment or by sewing ribbons or strips of white fabric alternating with the black of the coat.

customise black coat
Black coats with white straps – Black Border Couture Buttons by BUTTONS PARADISE

Very trendy this season, the black & white has the advantage to marry with different looks. And for an equally graphic result, use vintage and geometric buttons as shown below with the black and white stitch button pattern.

Replace the coat buttons by focusing on the contrast

Besides, if you want to change the buttons of your coat, choose, as indicated above, for graphic models. Play the black and white card! And to stay trendy, choose geometric buttons with bright colors! Look at these conical bleu and grey buttons looking like a Matisse painting! So original to look your black coat!

black coat look
Celine Black coatsLarge Red Gleam ButtonsRound Blue Pansy ButtonsConical Swallow ButtonsRed Stuco Couture Buttons, All by BUTTONS PARADISE

Create an Arty coat with an array of fabric or a cascade of mismatched buttons

black coat relooking
Black large coat Zadig & Voltaire – Mother of Pearl round Buttons, Dice and Flake seriesHorn Attitude Button seriesEbony Wood Hat Buttons series, all by BUTTONS PARADISE

Finally, play here the card of originality. Customize your black coat by letting the artist in you express yourself. And why not sew on the sleeve of the coat a fabric representing a work of your favorite painter? Or, add touches of color by sewing buttons of different shades and shapes. Above all break the codes and dare!

In brief, why not discover our couture buttons on the Buttons Paradise e-store!

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Are you ready to make a wish?

Since May the new models are preparing. Sleepless nights, but above all beautiful encounters! There you go! The new collection is online. And as with any novelty, it is time to make a vow, right?

So close your eyes! And think very hard about beautiful sewing buttons or beautiful jewelry and feminine accessories. And by the way, our new line of accessories, ATTELIER PARADISE, you remember? Otherwise, go to my blog here!

New trend, cool chic buttons

Why not affirm your style with trendy buttons? Because YES, THE buttons are definitely HYPE this winter! And the tweeds and plaid wool are from all the women’s cloakrooms. Here is a little secret just for YOU. If you want to enhance your coat and highlight the squares of its beautiful fabric: head on the horn! It is a sure value and a noble material.

Horn couture buttons
Mirage couture buttons in horn – BUTTONS PARADISE

And if you surf on shimmering colors like red, then bet on the effects of materials and the color of your buttons. And here, I let you admire the curves of the red couture button Wavy, so chic!

Red resin couture button WAVY
Red resin couture buttons BUTTONS PARADISE

Otherwise, for a sophisticated retro-folk look, here is THE top model of the chic button: Silk.

Rare round couture buttons silk
Large rhodoid resin buttons Silk – BUTTONS PARADISE

It is sublime, it affirms you and arises where you want. But beware: it is a chic and rare button to affirm a style just to you. The Silk series is vintage, with different tones of rhodoid resin and silk colors please, but mostly passionately button jewelry!

New trend, unique jewels


The arrival of the first cold is sometimes synonymous with being in the dumps (one of my favorite expressions like ‘to be in your own shell’).

Design leather cuff bracelet Dolce Vita
Design leather cuff bracelet Dolce Vita – ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE

So, for this winter, ATTELIER PARADISE gets under way in Italy! Long live the Dolce Vita. A duo leather-made cuff, made in Paris. An ultra-feminine bracelet feast inspired by Neapolitan headlines! J’adore … Even though I’m not very objective?! But I am a cuff nut!

Luxury leather cuff bracelets Eden
Luxury vinyl leather cuff bracelet Eden – ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE

Dolce Vita leather bracelets like Eden cuffs are real jewelry accessories that dress you in a flash. The Dolce Vita is refined, stylish and especially it marries the wrist. And if you’re a fan, ATTELIER PARADISE will shape your custom-made cuff on request … But please do not tell your friends too soon, just to give us the time to create yours!
The new collection is being put online gradually. And I am preparing you a host of other new products for the next few days! So, stay connected and be in touch soon – 🙂

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Colored and pop buttons: wake up your look

Does not your coat, your jacket, your favorite shirt do the same? It’s time for you to wake up your look with pretty little colored and sparkling touches! Simply choose brightly colored buttons, and why not fluorescent sewing buttons, to replace the original buttons of your favorite clothes. To help you choose the most fashionable models and awaken your style with class and daring, here are some sources of inspiration straight from fashion podiums and the most trendy designers!

Fluo buttons: for a look inspired by Jacquemus

And why not some eighties mood, stripes, colors and ultra minimalist cuts? This is the style and signature of the Jacquemus brand. To find on your coat navy blue or emerald green, go for the ultra trend note launched by Simon Porte, the talented French couturier who hides behind Jacquemus! Opt for some XXL fluo buttons and flashy colors as here with this beautiful yellow spring color . The idea is to wake up your clothes and offer a touch of happiness, light and beautiful vibes.

large yellow buttons
Défilé Jacquemus prêt-à-porter FW 2016-2017 Paris © – Yellow mop buttons

Brightly colored buttons on striped prints

Inspired by the Spring 2017 fashion shows of the famous New York-based women’s ready-to-wear brand Proenza Schouler! And this time it turns to a white vintage button model or an ultra-bright blue resin stitching button both edited by BUTTONS PARADISE. And to slice, break the regular rhythm of stripes and awaken the classic and sometimes wise side of a sailing jacket? Nothing beats buttons with primary colors and vivid or bright white. They bring fantasy and chic sublimating the outfit totally timeless. This is a great way to make your favorite jacket go through the seasons while varying the pleasures one year on the other.

Bright Blue Buttons
Proenza Schouler Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection – Bouton bleu résine
Proenza Schouler Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show Détails – Bouton blanc vintage
Proenza Schouler Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show Détails – Bouton blanc vintage

Pop buttons for an arty look

These ones are inspired by the superb designs of Irish fashion designer J.W Anderson! Especially its superb oversized seam and seam buttons! Opt for a resolutely arty look. And why not choosing one of our three models of brightly colored sewing buttons? The red button for a note full of pep’s and originality, the large blue fancy button, white and gray stitch with art deco accents while being ultra contemporary and finally, the jewel button in gray, blue and silver glass to give your Jacket a unique touch and very couture.

bright coloured buttons
Grand bouton couture bleuGrand bouton résine rouge
Beige pop buttons
JW ANDERSON PRE FALL 2015 des boutons au magnifique design pop – Bouton verre teinté

So in short, to make your coat, jacket and even your favorite blouse more dynamic, do not hesitate! Choose a superb pattern of brightly colored buttons or even fluo stitching buttons, to be found among the many models present in the BUTTONS PARADISE e-boutique.


Original jackets with large ‘haute couture’ black buttons

Not always easy to know how to dress in autumn or spring or even in winter! That’s the snag with in-between seasons. However a jacket will always remain your best ally, the ideal piece of clothing. If you want to refresh its look and avoid monotony why not accessorize it?

The trapeze shape jacket, cape, blazer, bolero or jacket choose the one that you feel is right for you and then change all the buttons with a more original shape. Look at the panorama of ‘haute couture’ buttons. There is a whole range of sizes, fabric, shapes and styles all very different. Refashion your jacket with large black ‘haute couture’ buttons, you won’t regret it!

Always in tune, in any circumstances, the mid-season jacket is your best friend when temperatures keep changing. It can be worn under your coat in winter. Frankly it is the best garment in your wardrobe. Add a broach, a necklace, long or short or simply a few tassels and your jacket is totally revived. However since you do not always have the time to choose the accessories to remodel your jacket then why not make the change once and for all? That’s where original buttons are simply a must.

A cape with 2 black ‘haute couture’ buttons

If you choose large size massive buttons, make sure you avoid adding any extra accessories such as a scarf or small chain. Keep your look simple and put all the effect on the choice of the buttons. A pretty cuff can be an option but do not emphasize on the jewelry.

On a magnificent white cape in a pale color, pick a massive button, either black or very dark. The impact will be greater and your jacket will benefit from a feminine touch and outline your silhouette.

A cape with 2 black ‘haute couture’ buttons
Dress and coat by Fath, Paris Hat by Schiaparelli, Paris Evening dress by Fontana, Rome. © Regina Relang1951/1952 – Terra Horn Couture button by BUTTONS PARADISE

White winter jacket with black buttons: for the seventies look

The seventies coats and jackets are still very fashionable. The Emanuel Ungaro 1968 coat below is a close fit and the waistline is underlined with a dark leather belt. The double row of vintage black buttons can be replaced by bone buttons or bohemian style buttons for a glamorous effect.

White winter jacket with black buttons: for the seventies look
© Emanuel Ungaro Outfit, 1968 – Glams Pompadour button by BUTTONS PARADISE – Horn Drive button by BUTTONS PARADISE

The fifties cape with large size buttons

On this very chic cape choose precious buttons or fancy buttons to break the plainness and add a touch of crispness and originality to your look. Plain and pure, mother of pearl will bring light and brilliance to your jacket or coat.

The fifties cape with large size buttons
© Balenciaga sheath, tunic & cape, photographed by Georges Saad – © Balenciaga, 1956 – Shell Momentum Button by BUTTONS PARADISE – Black Happy Clover Button by BUTTONS PARADISE

Jackets with a row of asymmetric buttons

On the bell shaped jacket below, choose decorative buttons and draw a separation that will underline your waist and the roundness of your hips and restore a feminine look. Here too you can add more charm and refinement to your outerwear !

Take a look at our collection of black buttons in the Buttons Paradise catalogue. Design or vintage, fancy or ‘haute couture’ you will find a wide choice to revamp your outerwear.

Jackets with a row of asymmetric buttons
Photo : Livemaster – handmade, DIY & tutorials – Photo : – Horn Heart button by BUTTONS PARADISE
Jackets with a row of asymmetric buttons
Photo: – Mother-of-pearl Beach Rock button by BUTTONS PARADISE

Customize your white shirts with original buttons

For anyone who often finds herself sporting a white shirt, the question of how to personalize the look is certainly a crucial one! So to really bring out the best in your top, and add a note of freshness, why not attach some original buttons? With this one trick, you can personalize your basics by giving them a touch of originality. And you don’t even need to be an expert in couture to give your outfits a makeover. Once you’ve chosen your buttons, simply stitch them onto your shirt. So here’s a quick run through of what this ‘makeover’ actually consists of, and how to choose your model and totally transform your white shirt into an item that’s one of a kind.


Choose your piece of clothing wisely

The white shirt featured above is by Caroll, in lightly striped, cotton voile. The two large patch pockets, in the style of Maison Margiela, give it that added charm. This shirt was bought in the sales for 40 €. When it comes to transforming a shirt, there are a few important rules to follow in terms of style and dimensions.

  • Measure the buttonholes carefully before purchasing the model of your dreams. For a 10mm button, the buttonhole must be at least 12mm, i.e. 2mm more than the button – and ideally, 4mm. In general though, this will depend on the shape of the button and how bulky it is.
  • If you choose a shank button, make sure that it is lightweight and also that the material to which you are attaching it is fairly thick. Avoid putting a nickel button on a silk shirt for example: the button may well pull on the shirt fabric and undermine the look.
  • You don’t need to worry about the previous point for a sew-through button or a moulded-shank button, though. Once these buttons are stitched on, the thread will marry perfectly with the fabric.
  • As for colour, prioritize contrasts. Avoid putting orange buttons on a red shirt, for example: as a general rule, try not to choose your buttons in a similar shade to that of the clothing.
  • On the other hand, a white shirt will work well with any shade. The bolder the colour and style of the buttons, the more stylish your shirt will end up looking! So go ahead and be daring!

Glitz up your shirts with stylish and original buttons

Buttons Paradise has a large choice of sewing buttons in pearl, resin, metal, wood, glass, horn and ebony. There are graphic design styles, puzzle pieces and disco, 80s, ethnic, vintage or modern pieces. Here’s a selection of some of the buttons currently available:

French Code Button by Buttons Paradise


Opt for this model if you want to give your blouse a dressy look. The ebony button, with its Swarovski rhinestone (10mm), is the perfect way to add an element of sophistication to your white shirt.

Taupe Mother-of-pearl Puzzle Button by Buttons Paradise


For a unique shirt that is right on trend, opt for this taupe mother-of-pearl button in the shape of a puzzle piece (13mm). It is available in taupe or white.

Green Gray Square Shell Button by Buttons Paradise


To customize your blouse, you can also go for this model in pearl (generally 10-12mm diameter), the Binocular Ebony button or the Mother-of-pearl Sweetie button. Whatever the case, and whichever style you go for, don’t hesitate for a second longer! Go ahead and personalize all your white shirts and your plain basics. Take a few risks in your customizations, and really affirm your style and identity!