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Contemporary wrist jewelry

Surprising, big, sometimes square, fringed, curved or graphic, contemporary wrist jewelry is of all trends! Warning: if you like classic style, this post is not for you!

Fringed metallic cuffs

contemporary wrist bracelet fringe
From left to right: Chloé 2019, Charleston fringed bracelet for Nina Ricci

Why a bracelet? Because he dresses the most classic of your outfits. Like these stylish wrists on bottom of tailors skirts pencils!

Geometric precious bracelets

And then there is this I do not know what affirmation and fantasy also in the bracelet. When for example Goossens revisits the rush in white gold or yellow in the manner of the trombone, it is superb and minimalist.

contemporary wrist jewelry metal
Cuff bracelet ethic gold Jem Paris – Bracelet Trombone Goossens

On the other hand, the pearl-perforated effect of Jem Paris’s ethical gold jewelry collection is more sophisticated.

Fashion chic wrist sets

contemporary wrist jewelry
From left to right: Bracelet 1967 Collection MET NY collection – Bracelets Eden O Tawny ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE

But the ultimate creator’s favorite material remains resin! Also, we can like an acetate jewel made in France as the top trendy Eden O Fauve bracelet.

In addition, what is chic with the resin is its brilliance and creativity of shape. So, your bracelet is a fashion accessory day and turns into a jewel of the evening because it adapts to ALL your outfits or almost.

Large leather bracelets

contemporary wrist jewelry
Bracelet Parme Marin ©Courtesy of Vogue UK – Cuff and suitcase Hermès Resort 2019

There is also the nomadic atmosphere and the natural style of the leather bracelet. Totally timeless and yet full of modernity, I have a real crush on the refined look of Parma Marin and its oversize leather strap.

Loop bracelets

In contrast to the ring, the loop bracelet type brings a touch of originality. Especially when the buckle is horn or carved mother-of-pearl, natural and noble materials for a femininity at the top!

contemporary wrist jewelry
Bracelets and dress Acne – Cuffs Eden Go ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE

Industrial style cuffs

Even more fun is the industrial look. Here, everything is allowed like a bracelet that mimics the end of a shirt sleeve!

contemporary wrist jewelry industrial style
Design jewelry industrial style ©Pinterest

70s inspiration pop jewelry

contemporary wrist jewelry plexiglas
Leather metal Bracelet Eden M ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE – Plexiglas bracelets Paco Rabanne

Pop jewels that bring pep and elegance. Thanks to their acidulous colors. Even more for their daring shapes and sizes.

Bunk bracelets

contemporary wrist jewelry pearl

There are also naturally generous and oversized jewels. We must recognize that Monies is one of them. Yet here is a more moderate example. In this example, generosity and sliced style go through the superposition of multiple rows of pearls. Ethno Indian inspiration guaranteed.

Graphic bracelets

contemporary wrist design bracelet
Silver and plexiglas bracelet Dries Van Noten – Leather and glass bracelet Eden UV ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE

Finally, we also love this graphic look! Especially for mixing materials such as metal and plexiglass (Dries!) or leather and chopped glass (ATTELIER by BUTTONS PARADISE).
In short, THE bracelet becomes a jewel of the wrist when it takes on a touch of sophistication of form and timelessness of material.

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